We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

@libreoffice Welcome! Really happy to see you guys on here. My organisation is switching completely to and Libreoffice Online, so far we're impressed!

@libreoffice Welcome aboard! We're thrilled to have you here!

@libreoffice Welcome! I am so excited to see you here. Long time user of LibreOffice here.

@libreoffice Welcome! Happy to see the team and project here <3

@libreoffice Cool to see this awesome project in Mastodon. I don't use LibreOffice (LaTex masterrace), but still follow regularly the updates (6.2 with KDE VCL is awesome) and recommend it to all my non-tech friends and family.

:drake_dislike: Corporate brands on Twitter
:drake_like: Open Source projects on Mastodon

@libreoffice I noticed that several speakers at Libreplanet opened their slides with LibreOffice5, though 6 has been out a while. But what I want to know is When will the database be free of Java?

@libreoffice Great to have you here! Perhaps consider joining if you want to contribute to other emerging communities :)

@libreoffice welcome to fediverse! It is a delight to see you here :)

@libreoffice Welcome aboard.

Great to see Free Software projects participating in the Fediverse!

Hey losers good to see you're finally on the same level as me, an anonymous random

Srsly tho, Hello There!

@libreoffice From Mexico I welcome you to @Mastodon . I am a #LibreOffice user and I have gladly helped, and will continue to do so, in spreading the benefits of using #LibreOffice.



Thank you for making FLOSS office

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