I am starting to wonder if most of these marketing related services aren''t just scams. SEO services that can "change users' mindsets", and "drastically increase sales" of products on your website.. what would such a service even offer basic seo optimization that yields such dramatic results?

Someone looks hungry ^^ he was ready to get out the moment we came home from vacation, after two weeks of being taken care of by the neighbours, they deserve a treat :D

Heh, I've only just noticed that @lunduke is the writer of the "which boots faster" blog on puri.sm, which reminds me how much i miss more devkit related news.
I've already checked which network bands are suppported by the device, now i have to check the state of the software that will run on it on github,and hopefully confirm that q3 2019 is still a realistic release date... I finally saved up enough to buy and support the !

We did it ^^ drove almost 2500km, through germany and danmark, to arrive in sweden where we had a great time. But after two weeks we arrived back home again. Both of our pets seem healthy and all of our plants are still alive. A good ending of a great holiday.

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Drinking a great craft beer, local to møn, danmark, in Danmark. Also visited the white cliffs of møns klint today, and the view was spectacular.

Alright :D new footage, gameplay this time! It's fun to see they chose some familiar elements from bloodlines 1 locations as the setting for the demo. In part it made me remember the warehouse, and the "atrium"? Very curious to see what the inside of that club looks like.

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Over the past 6 months or so, a few members have asked us if we accept donations via .

We moved away from them because they were having issues; it looks like those issues are now fixed (we hope). So we’re happy to announce that Fosstodon is now accepting Liberapay donations again. 😁


Accidentally set my pixelfed account to be private, images should be visible now ^^

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Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:

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These guys are worst, when they see you they play dead, but when you pick then up they got all smelly and wild. #watersnake #sweden
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Left our pets at home.. only reason to be a little homesick to be honest. I wonder how they are doing 😞

Second stop, malmö! Beautiful view of the city from one of the small beaches of malmö. I didn't know it could get 30 degrees in sweden 😅

View of the lake where we set up our campsite in sweden, drinking some cheap . What mkre could anyone wish for? :P

Alright time for bed, in only a few hours I'll have to be up and ready to leave for sweden. Will probably upload the pictures i take to pixelfed.

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Wow, this guy wants me to make a site for him for 6000 euro's if only I make a small donation in advance to prove I'm serious.. it's like an online scam, but in real life :D
He couldn't understand why I wouldn't make time for that 😂

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