Translated another application to the language. I have to find a way to get more people to help out. This is a *lot* of work :P

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Here's a demo of the sign-up process in the Mastodon for iOS app, recorded by @DavidBlue :thinkhappy:

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"Flater: Jo hawwe gjin Linux parkytsjes". automatic suggestion for some translations I'm working on. Translated to english it means:
"Error: you don't have any Linux parakeets".
I thought this was hilarious :P

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Just discovered and fixed a (potentially serious) bug in Dolphin, KDE's file manager and generic file model:

Sorting by size would cause an unstable sort order under certain circumstances.

This sounds innocent at first, until you realize this also causes it to expand a folder's content into the wrong view parent: you expand folder A, but all its files show up below folder B.

You may think you're deleting an empty folder, but it's not actually empty 😟

Fix here:

Crime, shooting 

Apparently a famous crime reporter in the netherla ds has just been shot today :o I hope he'll recover and they catch the guy that did it :(

Hm.. watching a video with gameplay of and some developer commentary, but it gets deleted 20 minutes after being uploaded. Weird :o

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So @frederic is doing some UX research and would like to gather user feedback.

Unfortunately it's a Google Form, but if you want to take part, link is below.

Frederic reassures me that no sensitive data is collected.

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Fragments will get a big V2 update soon! 😎

Completely rewritten from scratch to make use of GTK4, libadwaita - and of course Rust!

A small sneak peek...

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CONTROL is free on the Epic Games Store until the 17th of June apparently. I'm guessing it should probably work through the Heroic Launcher on Linux: #linux #linuxgaming #proton #steamplay #control #egs

Just watching a conference through and i have to say I'm impressed. The experience has been more flawless than what i've been used to with teams.

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Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

Something really broke my fresh fedora 34 installation, which is interesting because it's relatively clean. Extensions are currently disabled, and I'm using the open source GPU drivers. I don't think i can diagnose my way out of it, so i'll see if a reinstall fixes things. If it returns again though, I'll try and find out what may cause it. This might be the first actual problem I've ever had with this os thus far.

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@Archivist @Linux4Everyone @vancha GNOME was never a GNU project, developed using GNU infrastructure or managed by GNU. It was an independent project from the start.

The G in the name was cause GNOME was/is ideologically aligned to some degree with GNU and the GPL. Nothing more.

GNOME stopped being refereed to as an acronym in its first years shortly after.

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Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman (RMS):

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xHatch-0x05 -

After some consideration I'll be joining other artists on @hicetnunc2000 for the foreseeable future while waiting for ETH to go Proof of Stake and reduce it's carbon footprint.

#b3d #geometrynodes #CleanNFT #nft #cryptoart #digitalart #cryptoartist #foss

Aaah >:( just worked almost half a day on replacing one wordpress site with one some third party made for us. They zipped the site and it's sql in an invalid container format first, I had to fix 5(!) invalid collation types for the sql database because it wouldn't import, it was 154569 lines long btw, only to find out at the end that they sent an entirely wrong version. It's password locked. I forgot I had the day off because of easter yesterday, I should have known that makes today monday -.-

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