What a day, most of it spent implementing the code for an api into an application I'm developing.
I've written enough PHP for the rest of the week -.-

hah, this is great ^ ^

- "If some one desires expert view on the topic of blogging afterward
i propose him/her to pay a visit this blog, Keep up the nice

- "Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and the
rest of the site is really good."

Much better than people trying to sell me viagra :D

Reading through spam messages on one of our wordpress sites, and all the spam messages are so positive!
it's just bots saying "thank you, great article", and "amazing read, thank you for your content". It's like people invent these bots to improve your mood or something :D

anyone has some tips to not be offended when someone asks what quick course they can follow to "Help build a website with wordpress"? He preferably wants to learn php, js, html css and wordpress theme development in less than a day to not "waste too much time".
I thought it was a joke but it wasn't :o

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This beautiful blue bird shaped candle might have seen too much sun.. but I feel bad throwing it away, it's kind of hilarious :o

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Lost track of time on the federated timeline. Already happy I switched back to tusky. It's a waste of time, but sometimes it's fun to waste time 😁

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Just finished preparing my presentation for the European Parliament on Tuesday. I’m representing @Mastodon and small technology there on a panel to discuss the future of the Internet and I hope we can get the regulators to at least not fuck things up for our ethical alternatives.

My slides (not hugely meaningful without the narrative but in case you’re curious) are here:


Remind me again why I let you talk me into this, @Gargron? ;P

It's great that the rust programming language not only coined the term "turbofish", but also the toilet closure.. How does that not make it the worlds most awesome language :o

I feel like I should make one exactly like this, and eat the whole thing :p

Now that our neighbours got us food, I feel we have to return the favor. It's in the oven now, but what sucks is that I can't have a piece.. it's no good gifting a half eaten :p

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Alright, to improve my programming skills, I have been advised to jump into test driven development. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but i feel like I should use rust as the language to learn about that, since I really like rust. Then again, I don't really need such a low level language anyway, since python would do fine for me as well.. Decisions decisions ..

Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing? :)

Our Syrian neighbours just came over, and brought us this.
Apparently it's spiced rice with meat rolled up in a grape leaf. These things are delicious :o

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And we have exciting Birch updates coming soon!

Finally, some new news to look forward to. Birch updates seem to be coming soon ^ ^

Moving back from librem social to tusky today, I really dislike the lack of a local and federated timeline >:(

Good morning everyone. I can still say that for 13 minutes :p
Time to put on some coffee and get some stuff done today!

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