Today it was 30 degrees outside while i was working inside the office at our yacht charting company. Thankfully, we had recently bought a new drone that needed testing, so for the second time in six years I was allowed a little trip with one of our boats. Boating rocks :D

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RT @mozthunderbird
Thunderbird is . Most people know that.

But how do you CONTRIBUTE to Thunderbird? That means knowing how to code, right? NO!

How can YOU help make a big difference in the Thunderbird community? We have a few ideas, so keep reading... 👀🧵

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If you have ideas for how PeerTube could be improved, the developers want to hear from you.

They've set up a site specially for suggestions on how to make PeerTube better at:


You can sign in using an email addres to post an idea or vote on other people's ideas.

#PeerTube #Fediverse

This is just great. I was just thinking about how every office space really needs people fighting over the exact temperature of the air-conditioner when it's 40 degrees outside. Looks like I'm in luck!

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Today is the last day to submit your application to join Boiling Steam and help Linux Gaming as a whole! Don't hesitate if you haven't done so yet: #linux #linuxgaming #boilingsteam #contributor #team

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Do you want to contribute and speak a language besides English?

BookWyrm's documentation ( needs translation help in all our supported languages:

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Another productive evening, here's a few highlights:

✨ Profile UI
⚡ FastImage (image caching)
✨ Pagination (infinite scroll)
⚡ Better carousels

We're pausing new feature development to focus on shipping this app ASAP! #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

Oh no,my favorite mastodon client, , seems a little abandoned. The last commits for an attempt to port it to gtk4 are from 11 months ago 😥

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there, we no longer use . All sites are back up, and one less proprietary service in use.

looks like is down again. Two of our services unreachable. Screw centralization.

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Protect developer freedom. Abolish software patents. Learn why software patents are unjust by checking out the new design of our #endsoftwarepatents initiative.

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Nice, the #EU gave #Mozilla money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!

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Contributing to #PeerTube is joining a community that believes in a free-libre and federated YouTube alternative and a more ethical internet 🌐 ! Study, share and edit PeerTube code:
👉 #FreeTheContribution

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oh pity :o Looks like the most mature rust implementation of the mastodon api no longer exists. on links to a deleted github repository.
I wonder if there are others that implement the realtime streaming.

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Goed initiatief: Maak basis- en het voortgezet onderwijs vrij van Big Tech. Geen Google of Meta in de klas graag! eerlijkdigitaalonderwijs.petit

after 17 days of daily feeding, today my finally started rising. This must be the slowest sourdough ever. Can't wait to bake my first with it!

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