Thus far, working from home hasn't been a terrible experience. The necessity of it is bad enough, but I feel as though I've been much more productive. Less distractions, and it doesn't matter that I watch tutorials with sound. I don't bother anyone with it, and I don't have to deal with questions periodically which require me to regain focus on my tasks.

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how can one filter out posts from a wordpress query based on their category through ajax? :S
tried so many things but there's nothing that seems to work.

Pff, it appears some guy just copy and pasted my code for a gnome shell plugin and just reuploaded it under his own name. that's just lame -.-
Then he just says "the code is available at (his github account)". Way to hijack an application..

It's not often when you hear a song open with a quote from charles darwins "on the origin of species", voiced by richard dawkins. Nightwish has some really interesting songs.

Without any buffer, living off of 8 hours worth of pay a week is going to need some creativity 😁

looks like my hours are getting cut from 24 to 8... Going to be an interesting problem to figure out how I'm going to pay for everything 😅 This sucks.

Working on a fake tock terrarium background. We started building our terrarium a long time ago, and it's time to finish decorating it :)

Eh nevermind, I'm not going to buy it. It's too expensive and I won't have time to play it comfortably anyways. -.-
- "maybe when I'm older"™

Seems Doom eternal was released yesterday, Could have expected it wouldn't get a linux client though, not sure where I'm planning to buy it from now, or if I'm planning to buy it at all.
Given that it makes extensive use of vulkan, it might promise good things for how well it runs under linux in the future though, maybe with wine.

Can anyone recommend a free and open source platform to listen to music to and buy it? I really hate having a youtube tab open, and most of the ones I know are all proprietary.


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Getting increasingly worked up about the use of the word "crypto". crypto-what? Finish what you've started for clarities sake! cryptogram? cryptology? cryptozoologist?

Trying to figure out a way to display mastodon toots in a gtk treeview using rust.. I have no idea how to do it using some sort of lazy loading. Time to do some reading I guess :o

Looking better everyday ^^ new battery, polished chrome, new fuses. Next up: try and make the engine run less shitty.
The fact that it runs at all is good news though ^^

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I've collected some hacks from our kernel team and tested the idle time on battery on my Librem 5 Birch - got almost exactly 6 hours while staying at 38°C the whole time. Not that long ago it struggled to reach 3h and stay under 60°C - and they're not done yet! :D #librem5 #imx8m

debugging a php script early in the morning. I wonder why it works when i call it from the command line, but doesn't work when it's called through cron? looks like it's time for coffee....

Busy polishing part of a neglected (by me I must add) . It's a lot of work, but very rewarding. Can't wait to have this bike on the road eventually ^^

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