I'm actually really disappointed by this. The first game came out in 2004 already (like half life 2, for some perspective), and news of a possible successor has been released five years ago already. I've been stoked ever since, and followed development for five years, only to see it slow down to a crawl, and end up as most likely cancelled altogether. I hope it doesn't end in five years of work by an entire team of people going down the drain :(

Well, it looks like we won't see the successor to vampire the masquerade bloodlines any time soon. Development has halted :(

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Instance admin just lost their job, might need help 

Mstdn.social is one of the largest and nicest instances on the Fediverse, run by an enthusiastic admin called @stux

Unfortunately Stux has today found out that they are fired from their day job 😞

However, by happy coincidence, Stux had just set up a hosting company. If you need web hosting, domain names etc please consider using Stuxhost so that Stux can continue working:


Looks like we might be the proud owners of a new house ^^

Drove through the mounds of powdered snow for 45 minutes, in a car with one slippery spare tyre attached. I managed to make it all the way to work, only to drive it into a huge pile of snow and get stuck *on* the workplace's parking lot. I call that a success!

I've been trying to generate the rust bindings for a library written in C today. Haven't quite succeeded yet, but it's been an educational experience. Hopefully I'll get it to run over the weekend :)

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Wow, my feed reader has been giving me issues this morning. looks like phoronix is down entirely?

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📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

Please share ❤️

Took almost three hours to make, but i was definitely worth it! Freshly baked with butter chicken curry and basmati rice.

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Don't know how to code but still want to contribute to open projects? Consider open street maps!

OSM is the community built map of the world. Anyone can edit the map and all the data is freely available and usable in any of your projects.

Start in your own neighborhood. Maybe your street is missing or named wrong. Update the corner shop hours. Map the parks or sidewalks. Anything helps and many hands make light work!


Day 8 -

Just saw the librem 5 being covered in one of linus tech tips daughter channels :) it doesn't seem to be quite there yet, but it's good seeing it get more exposure.

How easy is it these days to buy bitcoin with money and store them using only free software? :O I wonder if it's a viable option now if i want to use some to donate to free software projects for example.

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An experiment from the last weekend.

This demo is a complete ripoff of, I mean inspired by:


The presets are mostly from the react-spring demo as well, though they are a placeholder.

Partially based on the implementation from github.com/robb/RBBAnimation

Shouts out to:

Manuel Genovés (not on Fediverse) - help with the math
@tbernard - design

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Just pushed a release, this one fixes some bugs introduced in last week's release, and overhauls the post creation process.

Get it here: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

I am saddened by the news regarding tom79, it highlights a real problem in the fediverse. So far, our interactions with the community have been great though, so thank you for that ❤️

I was just reading an article comparing gnome shell and the kde desktop environment. The writer loves gnome's "Aubergine touch", that makes it look so modern. The screenshot they use to show off gnome is from ubuntu's "yaru" theme -.-


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PeerTube v3, an alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube, is now live! Read more about the new release from our friends at @framasoft, u.fsf.org/38y, and subscribe to our PeerTube channel at u.fsf.org/36m !

Aaaw yes, Just contacted the two people responsible of translations for the gnome project in my language. It seems they haven't been contributing actively for some time, but i hope to kickstart the translations again!

Aah this opencv, every time I have a window open, and close it with anything other than the esc key, the application never really shuts down.
I make this mistake so often I should make an alias for "sudo kill $(pidof python3)" -.-

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