This week purism is planning to release the last batch of the librem 5 development models, dogwood. It's hard to get more excited to see people's reviews of the device, and count down towards the final mass produced model evergreen. Let a fully free and open source gnu/linux based smartphone finally become a reality please. ^^

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Pretty sure I am going to break the screen while disassembling it..

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hmm.. Someone just texted me with a question to replace a dead hard drive in their system. I agreed to help, I mean how hard can it be?
Turns out it's one of those Asus zen all-in-ones ,where you have to remove the screen to replace the drives...
Exactly the reason why I would never buy one of those -.-

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Please, Americans, if you do nothing else today, then please take action against EARN-IT.

We discussed it on the show, but it would destroy online privacy, crypto, etc. This is no joke. Please, take action TODAY as it goes up for a vote July 2nd.

If you love Free Software or Privacy, this bill has to die!

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We recently posted an update about Librem 5 Dogwood:

"...first shipments going out the first week of July"

Learn more and pre-order your #librem5 here:

#freedom #privacy #security

Ooh non:( it seems like I've made a backup of the wrong files 😭
Android studio made a folder called "androidstudio projects", which contained my project. After an update however it made another one, which it copied the latest version to. Now I copy pasted the old files, and completely broken the new ones 😂 time to re-do three days of work.

Alright, the last day to work in a little android app someone wanted me to make a demo for ^^ the goal was to have an app that could take a picture of a (any) product label, extract the serial number, and display details related to that product.
This app is meant as a proof of concept (because there's no standard for "productnumbers"), but it functions like you'd expect a quick prototypical app to function.

Just got bit by a dragonfly.. I never even knew they could bite 😅
Found one that looked dead in our greenhouse so I thought I'd throw it outside. Bad idea -.-

Pff it seems this endless back-and-forth of governments wanting to take away any form of privacy from users, and users trying their best to influence acceptance of such theft of right, will never end.
In my opinion the internet only offers real value if it's free, where people can voice their opinions (if others agree with it or not), and government does *not* decide what everyone can and can't put on it, with an obvious exception of illegal material.
Too much power will eventually corrupt :(

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If the "EARN It" anti-encryption bill wasn't bad enough, the newly introduced “Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act of 2020” is the the encryption backdoor mandate we've been dreading:

Spoiling this little girl, she's feeling a bit ill :(

Checking out the tootle mastodon app, it looks *much* more at home on Gnome now than it did before. Looks like they are removing the granite dependency, which kind of tied it to Elementary Os.

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open source e-reader in a world full of amazon-controlled e-readers seems like a good move

Shooting a blurry picture of , but man is it a sight to see every single time ^^
Jupiter was especially nice with all four galilean moons clustered around it. Magnificent!

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While trying to create a somewhat simple app in android, I can't for the life of me figure out how to display a simple camera image. Why oh why does this process need to be so convoluted -.-

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