I need to implement google analytics. It sucks doing something you know is killing the internet :(

Pity, the last did not yield a lot of useable photo's, this is one i made last year, by way of an update on the last post ;)

Trying to take a shot at the will update with telescope shot, but this is from my phone at 5:30 in the morning.
It's freezing :(

Anyone has a suggestion for how to learn to play guitar for free?
I'm can't really find a good guide.

Bleaching a deer skull, but I might have added a bit too much hydrogen peroxide... It's not supposed to bubble like that 😅

Just got a big box deliverer at the door, containing live maggots, cockroaches, and ground egg shells..
Owning reptiles is great, and even more so because of the look on the faces of some delivery people 😂

Alright, I will have to remove a plugin from a wordpress site that i KNOW will break the whole website. Would everyone still stress out if I tell them beforehand? Spoilers: Show more

Sometimes i want to follow people/companies on social media because they are interesting and I and i want to be kept up to date.
Then I get spammed by 15 automated status updates per day 😤

No other activitypub project has a mascotte as cool as mastodon, that's a fact.

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I can't fix this issue for editing tags on #Peertube videos. Every other parameters are updated and I don't get an error 400. Tags are the only parameters not updated.

So I will really need your help for fixing that. Thanks

PS: don't hesitate to boost :)


now has multiplayer, i just tried it and it seems to work great so far.. I thought that was kind of big news.

Alright! The lights have been fitted and both s are in their enclosures soaking up the heat. Next step is cable management.

terrarium almost finished, it has glass doors :D
Anyone with any electronics experience reading this? I keep melting wires..

I suck at cutting glass :p the terrarium is awaiting sliding glass doors, but i broke another terrarium trying to take it apart.

Weird how i know some video's are available on another instance, but a lot of them just don't federate with each other? If i want to use peertube as an alternative to youtube, it doesn't help for entire instances to be left out. I would want ALL the video's... Almost.

I wish peertube will get more uploads asap, it's a great service but it lacks content as of yet. It would be cool to run peertube on a nas though :0

Update on the terrarium. All thats left is adding the fittings for the uv and heat lamps, and the glass sliding doors.
Would be cool to add sensors for heat and humidity.

Aah it's not ready to use yet? Please tell me I'm wrong :(

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