There's been a shooting in , a city in my country. Not much known as of yet but I wonder what the backstory is :o

About to fail six years of software engineering because I suck at math, not a good way to start the day 😅

Was really happy about the announcement of the new mx518 mouse. I still have the original but its getting old and needs a replacement. Turns out the new one uses a desktop program to change its settings -.-
My guess is it's not going to work on linux, so I'll have to go look for another mouse.

The netherlands seem to love american fastfood franchises. "Dunkin donuts" from around the corner in my city. I wonder if they are better than any other regular donut.

Baking a rice pudding pie, hoping it comes out good.
It will be the first time I'll make my own favourite pie. Will post result when done.

Anyone familiar with robotics programming?
I am looking for a way to move a ur5 through a set of pre-defined points, but I think i will need to use ross.
Someone with any experience can confirm this? :)

Turns out you can't close your account at all. You'd have to follow 8(!) steps just to contact them about "amazon prime or something else" as the subject. and request account deletion by email!
Theres two other contact options that aren't available for me apparently. Terrible experience :(

I can't even close my amazon account :(
There's no indication on their website on how to do it, and online guides list a large amount of steps to get it done.
That doesn't seem like it conforms to the new privacy laws :(

Weird how some gtk apps don't even support window tiling. You'd just assume using gnome that selecting a window and using control+right or control+left would snap it to the side of the screen.

clickbait to the extreme: "Incredible new showerhead is taking the netherlands by storm!"
How many people would be so interested in showerheads that they would click on such an ad? maybe sometimes it just doesn't even matter what an add says.. as long as you have a lot of them -.-

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Road #P2play to #F-droid its comming. What we need for this?
- New icon/logo for #P2play (we need your help)
- Official web site (may in gitlab)
- For suggestion of @rigelk we need a tutorials/tour on the first use in app.

If you can help with any of this features tell me here or contact with @agosto182 

Our female buried fifteen eggs today ^^
It's always something to behold, her digging that hole, laying her eggs, and then closing it up with her face again 😂

I wonder how long untill we can expect desktop pc's based on the RISC-V architecture.. I've seen one demo of a risc-v cpu prototype running linux, and i bet it can be done again.
Some day everything in communication technology will be based on open source hardware AND software 😈

Went and bought a new jacket yesterday.. Buying anything sucks now since I can feel the money evaporating from my funds :(
I should buy less stuff.

I think she might be needing some more excersize :(

The release is getting closer and closer. It's impressive to think of the amount of people working on different projects to get it finished in time :)
Hopefully the hardware will be finished before april.

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one change out of nowhere! Phosh Shell menu is now stealing the full width of the device :)

Picture of our , now completely fungus free! :D after weeks of medication, both our lizards are now happy and healthy again. Which finally lets us decorate their enclosure: they no longer need to live on towels 😁

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I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.


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