For those who like the idea of Lemmy but think that the and are too unfriendly try According to Beehaw they are 'aspiring to be(e) a safe, friendly and diverse place'. That's the beauty of the Fediverse if you don't like a server (anymore) you can move to a better one.

September update on our small bio diverse garden. The beginning of the autumn. Already less flowers and less insects visible. I have to find a better place for the insect hotel (not visible on image). I'm beginning to think that the medlar is dead.

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Anyone interested in helping **the** best iOS Mastodon client stay alive, @tootapp ?

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In response to @ru post on platforms, I decided to write about my own thoughts on the topic.

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As a side note does anyone have any suggestions for anything that can index and make handwriting searchable?

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We're always looking for awesome people to help test @k9mail, especially as we gradually transform it into Thunderbird for Android.

Here's how to get beta versions of K-9 Mail:

(Version 6.305 is out now, and fixes a bug that could lead to crashing when opening the message list.)

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Do you use the "I don't care about cookies" extension? It was acquired by Avast.

You might want to swap over to Consent-O-Matic, which is free and open source -

My small desktop PC randomly reboots. After ruling out other components I decided it had to be the motherboard. I'm getting the new motherboard somewhere today. Let's see if I was right.

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Testers wanted! There's now a preliminary (very beta) version of the excellent TBSync add-on for Thunderbird 102. Download links and details available at:

Thanks, Thunderbird family!

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Hello fellow linux fans.
Quick question, what are you using to remotely access your PC?
I am talking about the GUI not shell access btw.

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Kann das vielleicht jemand gebrauchen?
Durch #Motoren beweglicher Greifarm aus einem #CD #Kopier #Roboter

Mir fällt es immer schwer so etwas wegzuschmeißen.
#Maker #SelfMade #Technik #Art #Kunst

Gegen Portokosten abzugeben

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Does anyone have any experience with self-hosting on a VPS?

Particularly interested in backup strategies and restore!

My wife is pretty happy with her new Fairphone 4. It looks and feels very solid. Also it comes with replaceable battery, microSD card slot and according to iFixit it's easy to repair.

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LibRedirect really gives you a taste of what the web could have been like had it not developed under capitalism.

(Thanks to everyone who suggested it to me here. I really feel the difference when I’m on my iPhone and I’m like, wait, why did the web become shit all of a sudden?) :)

#libRedirect #BigTech #alternatives #SmallTech #stopgaps

Article about the increased hate of car drivers against cyclist in Britain. Baffling story. Perhaps it's easier to hate cyclists than to accept inevitable that cars in cities are a dead end.

Bike wash after a very dusty ride in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Never seen the trails so sandy here.

Blackstone and Pink Floyd 

In an earlier version of this tooth I wrote Deep Purple instead of Pink Floyd. I suppose I wasn't fully awake. Feeling very stupid now.😩

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