My sons college is forcing students to use proprietary Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop and this really pisses me off. Any school should offer their students the possibility to use free and open source software and with , , and there are excellent alternatives available.

Unfortunately not on Mastodon but if you like math and 3D printing the work of Ulrich Bear is really worth checking out. Here is a link to his channel:

For the code to work on your PC you need OpenSCAD (it's FLOSS) and the file ub.scad library that can be downloaded here:

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Stay tuned guys, 0.18 release is imminent! The 0.18 tag has been created, all that is needed now is for packagers to prepare binaries (installers) for Windows, Linux (AppImage) and macOS. That last one may be delayed, from what I gather the Mac guys have been having trouble building the whole dependency stack (and it's huge).

Of course, for Ubuntu the freecad-stable PPA repository will be updated, for these users it's the best and effortless way to get it.

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Hi there! I'm a Ruby dev and tester from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hope I can share and read interesting stuff and help the community grow.

With abandoned by the developers and shutting down on March 15th I'm losing my account there soon.

I've nevertheless created an account on today to keep following what's happening in that part of the .

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Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

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Microsoft up to their old tricks.

Microsoft’s New Skype for Web Doesn’t Support Linux and Mozilla Firefox

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On Zuckerberg’s “privacy” announcement yesterday, I’ve only found one article in my RSS feed this morning worth reading… 🔥

Great to see that the blogger Sean Tilley has joined Mastodon, @blog and that he has left Medium for a Wordpress type blog with the plugin that connects the blog to the .

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Hi dear #fediverse I have a question about #security and Signal app. I understand their code is open sourced and everybody can audit it and cryptographers have checked it. Though, what guarantee do we have to make sure they apply this exact code on their server? Isn’t it better in the end to go the Matrix way? Still, main problem here is not everybody is gonna selfhost and we’re back with the same issue on Riot. Is there some light somewhere to ensure privacy for everybody, not just geeks?

Yesterday I finally ditched in favour of . An add-on that I use to watch national television only runs on 18 where LibreELEC is based on. OpenELEC hasn't been updated in ages and the project appears to be very dead on Github.

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The number of registered users of Mastodon.Technology increased by 0.9 percent over the past 7 days
according to statistics here:

While Linuxrocks.Online increased user count by 1.5 percent that week.(despite persistent reports of various attacks against their instance)(go linux!)

Mastodon overall increased by a whopping 4% in those same 7 days according to a different source: @mastodonusercount

03 Mar 2019

#Mastodon #Stats #Statistics #Fediverse

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Photo: Planning out OOP for YodaScript 2.
I've run into some issues with the way I've implemented references which will hold me back in the future, so it will probably be a few days before I learn enough about safe pointers to where I can make a proper garbage collector and data access management system. But in the long run this should be good as it will prevent user-caused segfaults and should open the door for multi-threading.

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"Critics of the big tech companies are often told, 'If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.' I did this experiment to find out if that is possible, and I found out that it’s not—with the exception of Apple."

What happened when a reporter blocks blocked Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple for a week.

- Onionshare
- Jitsi
- Purism laptop
- Nokia phone
- physical maps, calendar, and books
- cash

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