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Started tweaking uMatrix in Palemoon to block most content, including scripts, on sites I visit regularly. This is optimize load times and stop bullshit from using bandwidth.
This makes a huge difference to loading times.

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How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

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Busy watching Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden.
Pretty intense. Highly recommended watch.

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Google and Facebook together receive 50% of the total worldwide digital ad spending in 2019. That's $103.73 billion and $67.37 billion respectively. They gained this position due to the incredibly detailed profiles of their users that they collected. Therefore these two companies enable advertisers to target a very specific audience for their ads.

Source for ad spending 2019:

Microsoft should pre-install Linux on their Surface laptops. I might actually buy one.haha.

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I remember reading something about Facebook introducing ads to Whatsapp in 2020?
I hope they make it so intrusive that they force you to watch a 10 second Ad before the app opens. And then flash full screen ads before every chat you open.
I hope this forces people to uninstall this shit.

Looks like I'll be using Fedilab for pixelfed

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Hello, Just arriving to Mastodon.
First post.

A while back I deleted my Whatsapp, but before I did that I downloaded "my data".
I unzipped it and viewed the html file in my browser. It was creepy, but was, literally, the least amount of data Facebook could have disclosed. I feel that FB should be forced to disclose more data to show how truly creepy and asshole-ish they are.
Data they have on you where they disclose their summary of you, as in who do you speak with the most, status updates you viewed, people that viewed your status etc

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