This is just another way FB are getting more invasive and closer to you. 

Facebook is testing mini social networks focused on you and your neighbors - The Verge

This is seriously fucked up. Fuck Facebook. 

Facebook Testing Implications of Privacy-Invading Tech By Invading People’s Privacy

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Hi everyone! I'm a software engineer in the audio tech space and all-round nerd. Excited to be joining this community 😊

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Recently, I became aware that I was entangled in the addictive consumption of world news - I've now cleansed my droid from all offending apps that make it too easy to get my news fix. Let's all take a step back from the news cycle!

However, now I have a bunch of spare time..

I want to read more about strange history, curiosities, the natural world.. something like Hackernews but less tech oriented.

Any ideas Fediverse?!

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google, privacy, e-mail, from :birdsite: 

Google started editing people's e-mails in GSuite, replacing links with a link through

This means that Google will track a click on a link *in e-mail* even if you're using an external client.

I am *guessing* this is under the pretext of phishing protection, but it actually *creates* additional phishing risk for text-only clients, since now all links are links.

#FuckGoogle #privacy

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you're reading that right - hair levels are at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Some foss tips:

Don't buy Intel, don't buy Nvidia.

Buy AMD ;)

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I'm software engineer, built many financial distributed systems, but really want to make an oldschool first person dungeon crawler with penis-monsters.

I would write some thoughts on foss (of course, duh), operation systems, self-hosted things, music, especially grindcore and noisy metal tunes, techno and post-industrial boom-booms, best 2d girls and video gaems. All that good stuff.

And I have an adorable big chunky cat.

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Facebook needs more negative press, until they're gone. Then Instagram should get negative press, then Whatsapp need to be either killed or sold.

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