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If you are on a Gemini browser and am looking for content....


I wouldn't mind more mirrored sites though.

Classic Facebook

Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads - BBC News

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Enjoying Iceraven browser on Android.
Super glad ClearURLs and uMatrix are available as addons.

News site Stuff left Facebook. Seven months later, traffic is just fine and trust is higher | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Looking at the top/trending videos on YouTube...

WTF is happening to the Internet? Trash TV all over the place?!

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If you like sharing links with friends, make sure you have this extension installed...



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Hello world!
I'm a PhD student (physical oceanography) and accidental Python instructor in Norwich, UK.

Trying to make my corner of science more open and build FOSS community in the ivory tower.

When not online I'm often on the water.

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I published an article on different package managers in #Linux and Windows (yes, Windows keeps adding more needed Linux features!).

Which #package manager do you prefer?
#APT #DNF #pacman #snap #flatpak

Should @Tusky add a Solarized theme to the app?

Pity about AUS giving Facebook a chance to "redeem" themselves regarding the news banning.
This was the perfect time to make one app for all News Outlets combined.
Facebook is not a place for news, it's a place filled with hate and misinformation. It should die

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