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If you are on a Gemini browser and am looking for content....


I wouldn't mind more mirrored sites though.

Audacity has the audacity to add telemetry to Audacity!

Looking at the pinebook, but don't see any isos available that are systemd free?

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#intro #introduction #introductions post?

New instance on, may get nuked if I screw something up but here’s hoping not!

My interests are #Linux and #foss #opensource, #photography usually of the #motorsport kind, and a variety of other things I do to procrastinate about doing yet more things.

I may even post random amusing crap from my day. Who knows.
If it’s from work then it will be about how apparently useless the previous technician was to work on a machine. I fix forklifts for a living, which includes everything from engine rebuilds to hydraulics, to electrical and diagnosing CANbus faults. Exciting stuff. That was sarcasm for those that didn’t catch that.

I may post none of that anyway. It will be a surprise I guess. 🤷‍♂️
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#Instagram iragarleei zuzenduta dago, erabiltzaileak dira produktua.

Instagramek erabiltzaileei buruz zenbat dakien erakusteko kanpaina irudimentsu bat hasi zuen Signalek, baina #Facebook​ek galarazi die.

Egia begien aurrean ikustean erabiltzaileak izutuko direnaren beldur direla dirudi.


The anti-tracking search engine:


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Poor Bill Gates...

His marriage just went out the Windows...

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So I think we need to start a movement where we aggregate people that think xmpp needs a Flutter app?

Any helpers? I can't code, but I'll donate as much as I can. Maybe others that also want a Flutter xmpp can reply here, and also those willing to donate.

Fluffychat is doing great things for Matrix. We now need a xmpp fluffychat

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