I'll go as far as to say that Facebook, as a whole, is a threat to humanity.
Facebook can do irreversible damage to our Psyche, Society, Social Constructs, Behaviour and Mental health.

This "Company" needs to be regulated and crippled as much as possible. They are greedy and will stop at nothing until they have consumed and monetized us all, entirely.

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One of the best Alice In Chains songs and might be one of the best Choruses you would ever hear (if you are into this kind of music)

#RottenApple #AliceInChains

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open source contribution platform, poll, boost OK 

Sunday night blues....

Am I the only one?

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To quote Pennywise:

"Go Straight Ahead,

It's Your Fucking Life"

And yes, it is Friday!

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Californians: Remember, the reason we have to shut off your power is because we CEOs decided our bonuses were more urgent than the T&D repairs and tree trimming that could have prevented these wildfires. And the reason you can't control your own energy company is because socialism doesn't work and would result in blackouts and disasters.

Is it just me or is MATE quite buggy still?

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♲ @alexander@deko.cloud:

"We have noticed that you are using adblocker"

This is what another website said to me a minute ago. Then it asked to whitelist them.

Dear website, you are wrong. I am not using ad blocker. I use some anti-tracking functionality in my browser. I don't even have control on most part of it unless I want to pop up the hood and go really deep in there. Also I use some blacklisting of especially abusive ads and trackers on my router. Sorry, I can't whitelist you, there is simply no easy click of a button to do so.

And you know, website, it took years and years, decades even to develop this sort of environment you find yourself running in. At first I was even glad to see banners. They were fun to see. Then as years went by I installed ad blocker. It was really simple back then. Then it just went on and on - and here we are. You are not whitelistable. Most likely your ads won't display even on unfiltered direct connection and clean Firefox install with default settings.

So what can I do? Ask yourself, dear website, how have you driven all of us to this. Sure as hell it wasn't me.

Now when we have this cleared I am going to look for an easy way to bypass your "anti-adblock" shield. I won't even bother using any dedicated tools for that. If in about 30 seconds I won't see the content I want I will close the page and move on. Also I'll make a mental note not to click on your links again because of this.

How to fix this, you ask me? I don't know. Maybe accept the fact that ads are so last century? How about dropping these user tracking annoyingly contextual ads altogether and try something else? Like, you know, conscious advertising? Like old school magazines (the ones on paper) did?

And DoubleClick and friends can go fuck themselves. Ad banners are dinosaurs and the business feels chilly because the asteroid already hit.

#ads #adblock #internet #rant
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GNU/Linux has small chance to ever get mainstream, unless the biggest propitiatory software can be used on it easily.

To make more competitive we should either sign to supporting for
or mail offices en mass justice.gov/atr/report-violati
ec.europa.eu/competition/conta, arguing that MS Office has no support for Linux as tool of unfair competition – making switching to Linux harder.

If there was MS office for Linux would be Linux used more?

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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

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I’m aware image uploads are still broken. There is nothing i can do right now, unfortunately, as it is due to our service provider (Wasabi). Sorry for the inconvenience. I intend to change the service provider as soon as possible and have made preparations for it.

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Windows is a "consumer-oriented" operating system. You have no control, and Microsoft will not be prevented from breaking your installation - but then again, breaking things and calling them them features is half of the fun for us! On the other hand, if you are happy with the way it works you wont be for long.

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Our media storage provider Wasabi is having issues again, so uploading files may not work, and some files may not download correctly either. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Using ArchLabs, I can't get Qt apps to use a dark theme, I have no clue how to get it to work... Does anyone know how this works?

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Here's a weird tree. Can anyone tell me what this is?

Gnome Web seems like a nice browser, but am unsure at how good it is at extensive ad blocking, canvas blocking and not having uMatrix as an extension?

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I am surprised at how little number of metalheads are on Mastodon. It's a social network with, literally, a name of a metal band! #metal #alternative

Anyone here played this "Untitled Goose Game"?

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