My master plan to destroy Facebook 

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I wonder what's the total number of Mastodon accounts?

Looking for a guide on how to install JWM from a netinstall image? Any distro.
Any ideas?

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When I'm telling that, "Please try to use free and open source software as much as you can", Usually people ask "Why?"

Do you guys have an answer? What do you say?

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Ruffle, a Flash player emulator written in Rust,

Ruffle compiles to WebAssembly, so it's a true alternative to Flash without any plugin.

See the demo:

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cannot not think of /dev/tty in my head as "dev titty"

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Help save the Internet, do not use Chrome!

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Finally deleted my last remaining link to Facebook.
I have deleted both my Whatsapp profiles. I feel so liberated. #deletefacebook

@SolusProject Having major issues getting onto the forum? I had to create a Phabricator account, I login with that, but can't access the forum?

I was really hopeful when I tried Artix linux. The combo of pacman and runit is very tempting.
However, the biggest issue there is that there are so many packages that have been compiled/built with a systemd dependency. It's quite scary to see systemd so deeply embedded on other software. Even cmus failed to start due to this systemd dependency. Crazy

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