Huawei, pain in the ass phone.
Trying to unlock the bootloader and now I have to pay some site for this shit, because Huawei stopped this service last year.

Looking to unlock an Huawei P10 Lite. What's a safe/free place to get the unlock code?

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I constantly see friends declaring their plans to abandon Facebook and/or Twitter and I fully support these intentions. Let’s take control of our online communication back from the corporations by moving to federated social media on Mastodon, blogging on, or starting an email newsletter on

I hope to spend more time blogging on, and you can also follow me on Mastodon at

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"Last year, we discovered during testing that about 99% of notification prompts go unaccepted, with 48% being actively denied by the user."

aye, not surprised at all

This is a good article that makes some very good points.

Doing Things That Scale – Space and Meaning

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Hey #Mastodon / #Pleroma creatures, which interface(s) do you use on a regular basis, and if you feel like explaining, why do you like it? Select all that apply!

Boosts for visibility would be much appreciated!
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Hello lovely people! I want to try FreeBSD as a desktop system. Any advice?

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@fatboy The online spyware classification project classifies the spyware level of Chrome as extremely high. Problems vary from building extremely detailed profiles of users to keylogging and voice recording. For this and more fun stuff check the link.

Should using Chrome be frowned upon?

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Are you interested in federated Stories support? #pixelfed

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Hi everyone.

Im giving this thing a try and look forward to see where it goes.

Thanks to the folks at for having me.

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Hey folks, I’m new here, was part of a dead instance and thought I’d move.

My names JT, I study CS at UC Denver as of a couple of weeks. Really into Racket rn, dope Lang. Working on a program that will help people find the best place near them to go visit the stars. I really want to own a tea shop. If anyone knows of any good tech meetups/hangouts in The Denver area hmu cause tech friends are lacking as of late. Can’t wait to get to know you folks. He/them

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Tried Windows 10. Discovering all the trackers inside with this tool : — being disgusted and erasing it from my hard drive for good. — Even with the pro version, it's irresponsible from a serious company to work on "that". M$ should be sued for crime against humanity.

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So what is the benefit of using alternative shells? I'm just now starting to get comfortable using bash, why would I want to start over? What changes when I use a different shell anyways?

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