Tried Firefox on my JWM+Artix install.
It was an interesting experience....
I noticed that sound in Basilisk works, but not in Firefox. Turns out, Firefox stopped supporting ALSA.
Guess I'll only be using Basilisk then.
And here we are wondering why Firefox only have 0.0001% market share?

A very sad day. How the fuck is this possible. Looks like we'll all be running Palemoon soon?

How Microsoft Edge Managed to Surpass Mozilla Firefox

I must say, if you are looking for a minimal, functional iso that's systemd free, try artix linux. I am using their lxde iso, but switched to JWM. It's very functional without configuring it to death. Unlike installing Void or Alpine Linux from scratch.

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Ok so i used zoom once on the desktop
I deleted off that enough? (Idk tech y’all pls im an artist) be gentle

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Question for people: is your company reimbursing you for any equipment you need to work from home? Stuff like keyboards, monitors and chairs?

Trying to configure a desktop on Alpine Linux.
Much harder than it should be. Their wiki is awesome up until the part where I want to install a desktop without lightdm

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Any users from Romania here?

What a wonderful little launcher gmrun is. Damn. Extremely versatile.

A cool place to store my dotfiles/wallpapers etc online?
Gitlab, Gitea?

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@gamingonlinux Can you suggest a battle royale game that is free to play and native Linux support?

If you are in a shop and you cough, GTFO!!!!

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COVID-19, good news 

Covid-19 should have been called Covid-20, because it's straight fucking up 2020 for us all.

My soul is longing for a pixelfed app. Dayyyuummm boi.

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Does anyone here want a .monster domain? is currently owned by me for another 13 days, but I do not want it anymore.
If someone are interested in snagging it, I can send you the auth code.

It costs 15-16 USD / Year

#domains #askfediverse #tld #stuff #free #

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