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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

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We need #diversity in @fsfe to move forward our work on #foss and freedom. Diversity is an indicator of and is indispensable for freedom. But how can we achieve that? We have to remove any and all barriers for speakers and activists to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. That means encouragement, financial support, childcare offers, a culture of being welcome. We have to bring voices not normally heard to our community. We need mentors and supporters, not heroes.

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For those watching the #Apple event and planning how to give them more money, a reminder:

Just 11% of Apple's annual revenue could completely end world #hunger each year.

#FoodForThought #ZeroHunger #AppleEvent

Could have done a lot better on the form, but it's really satisfying that I can now do deadlift sets of 4x4 with 90kg 😃

Again, I would post it on , but the 15MB limit makes it impossible @pixelfed 😭

I'm trying to get better at barbell squats. I now do sets of 4 x 8 with 50kg. I find it, excuse my French, fucking hard.

What amazes me most though is that there are female people out there, with a similar frame, who walk around with that extra 50kgs on their body everyday. Not to fatshame or anything, I just find it impressive what the human body can endure.

Pregnant friends 

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⚠️ PSA 🎉

We have successfully tested @Tusky with Pixelfed!

Mobile app support will be tested next week on and other instances.


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There are some serious concerns with Firefox's plans to turn in DoH. I, for one, am not happy with all Firefox DNS traffic being sent to a US companies servers. See this article for more info:

Goodmorning . Next time, let's all go for a run at 07:00 am together.

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Mozilla has announced finalist for their replacement.

I *really* hope they go with a free solution—hopefully community feedback will convince them of the importance of free software.

… which you'd think wouldn't be necessary, but…

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@Gina we, a small group of floss contributors, just launched Would have our first review and comments on how we can improve 😊

So I'm thinking about creating a series and am researching topics. Since we decided to go with on-prem servers, it's been a while since I looked into ethical hosting/VPS alternatives. Basically, if you're not using AWS/Azure/GCP servers, who are the ethical server providers you should turn to?

So far I have . Anyone else?

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Oh nice, I also figured out how to turn off the default public setting to make it completely private - under Groups > Guests delete all permissions. Done!

Ooohh wait, I may have spoken to soon. Just discovered the Page Rules tab under Groups. I think I might be able to work with this 😃

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