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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

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I want to give a big shout-out to the makers of !
I love the idea behind it: It's a really good Apache-licensed diagramming tool that runs in your browser but you still store your data wherever you want (on your hard drive, in your cloud storage, whatever).
There is also an offline desktop app (which is also available on Linux, of course!).
They make money from selling integrations into Jira and Confluence, which is fine since they're proprietary anyway.

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@Gina @libreoffice While there's many things I can name, I'll focus on SQLite.

It's a gorgeous, very capable, and very useful codebase I am constantly impressed by. Plus it's used absolutely everywhere!

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@Gina Also while I don't strictly speaking enjoy using it, Keepass is a fine solution for storing login info and the company I work for could not function without it. #nameandfame

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For my #NameAndFame Friday, I appreciate MuseScore, for letting me work music other people can read and also for having a forum where someone once fixed my broken file before I ever finished asking my question about it.

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@Liberapay is this amazing recurring donation thing, focusing on transparency and being free software.

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is my go for de, with some customnization you'll have a perfect desktop. But I don't, because it just works. And it also uses least ram than most DEs. I really love the balance between the reasource usage and conveneince. Though I have i3 installed, but 99% of the time was spent on plasma. Well done, kde!

Can we make Friday a thing? There are many free and/or software makers that deserve a shoutout.

I'll start. @libreoffice is incredible. I keep being amazed by how good it works, how it plays well with Msft standards, and how nice the online version is and that it's completely free. Awesome community. Thanks all.

Who would you like to boost for Friday?

Does anyone know a bit about cars? I might be buying my first car tomorrow, a Renault Clio Estate 1.2 (2010, 99.000km, €6890), meant for the city and roadtrips, but I l'm going alone and I have no idea what I should be looking out for.

The closer I get to 30, the more I find myself realizing that I'm not happy.

I have a good life, with friends and an interesting job. But I'm also stuck in a rat race, feeling oddly estranged from myself and others. This can't be all there is, right?

I miss going outside. I miss nature and the smell of grass. I miss the sun on my skin.

I know what I want, but very practically, I don't know where to go find it. Thinking of driving to France, Spain and Portugal, just to see where I'll end.

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Check out what's on PeerTube's 2019 Roadmap

There's a lot of cool stuff in the works for PeerTube's 2019 development plans.

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Adulthood is basically just doing laundry all the time

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I'm studying TOR and onion services.

As a proof of concept I would like to run my own VPS providing an .onion blog. The target is to be reasonably sure that my identity can not be traced back to me.

My final goal is to provide a step by step guide for journalists similar to what I did with [RISKS]( so that they can deliver anonymous content.

So I need a reliable and #TOR friendly #VPS provider accepting #XMR .
I'd like some advice to hit the ground running.

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TIL you don't have to install Android apps to use #Uber, #Lyft, and #Starbucks mobile services.

They're all available through mobile web clients just fine, and only get your location (only) when you're using it for what you need to do. #tracking

With Fennec (Firefox) on Android you can even install a handy icon on your launcher screen to tap.

What other #Android apps can be replaced by mobile web experiences?

#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy

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The EU's #NextGenerationInternet project has announced its latest round of funding for #FreeCode software, this time for projects working on #privacy and trust. This is a good chance to create a period of paid work for folks working on privacy-protecting software, either enhancements to existing project, or ambitious, new ones:

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One of the objectives of our adventure is to our organisation. We want as little as possible. Turns out it isn't so easy.

Every step of the way we've run into unexpected problems, missing features, integration issues, etc.

Today's issue is our mailserver not syncing well on mobile clients, despite implementing Exchange ActiveSync. Apparently it only works well on the phone's native email client. On Android that's of course... Gmail.

A for effort.

update. I'm looking for a digital security specialist who can test our new environment and help create digital security policies based on threat models. Basically 'is our environment secure and what else do we need to add for what users in what scenario's?'

So far, I''ve learned that there are a LOT of digital security specialists in the non-profit sector that can train users on using Signal, but not much more. "I don't do servers, I''m not a sysadmin." Sigh.

Nothing makes me want to strangle someone more than a sales person answering a technical question with "I don't know, we have nerds for that!"

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