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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

Thinking about the poor sods that answer yes to a “do you live for .NET?” recruitment ad. 🙏

And guess what, did some backsquats and deadlifts after the training, and FINALLY GOT TO A 100KG DEADLIFT YAAAAS NEW RECORD! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I could have been a policy expert or a trophy wife but noooooooo I had to become a so now I'm stuck figuring out why on earth our apps suddenly aren't available anymore for one of my coworkers in Botswana???

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If you want to support political activism for Free Software in Europe, please consider donating to the FSFE @fsfe @fsfe

👏there👏are👏too👏many👏interesting👏talks👏at👏 👏

I can't choose halp.

I took a look at Linux Academy, but so much of it is aimed at learning AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Are we the last selfhosters? :(

Today my misophonia and I would like to thank my noice cancelling headphones for keeping me sane.

So I'm visiting a giant international audit company today to see if they can help us set up cybersecurity policies (and give money, all the money). Everything is fancy. Their campus spans 5 huge buildings, just their visitors parking alone is bigger my neighborhood.

But what I'm impressed by are their free muffins at the reception - those wouldn't last a second in our office 😂

It takes a special level of selfcontrol not to abuse the polls option for complete shitpost questions every day. You're welcome ❤️

Work tomorrow, insomnia tonight, existential dread, yada yada.

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Just in case you missed our big announcement yesterday. We celebrated 10 years of this awesome project and community. 🎉 With Nextcloud Hub we add many great features and reach a new level of integration to improve your productivity. #Nextcloud

I'm going to my first powerlifting class before my regular crossfit training today. So excited and nervous!! 😨

Also, here's a message for everyone. Don't let gender expectations hold you back from doing a particular sport. I've avoided strength training for years because 'wOmEn ShOuLdN't LoOk BulKy' while I really enjoy it. Fuck it, ladies grow those arms 💪💪 And guys, try that yoga, zumba or ballet class. Who cares.

My reaction hearing about all the Citrix hacks when we moved our organisation away from Citrix just a few months ago.👌👌

Speaking of identity management, we currently use Apache Ipsilon for SSO (with FreeIPA), but I find it way too complicated to connect new apps to it. For anyone looking for something similar: Keycloak might be a better solution.

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