Wow Kev! Degoogling pt. 2 actually made it to my google feed. Fosstodon as a replacement to G+.. nice plug. I guess rhis means you are famous.
Good on yer.

Fresh Ubuntu Mate install. HP pavillion all in one... Wife is not amused. Used the Redmond layout. She will get used to it.
(I hope!) Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. : )

Sorry.. but i saw this and wow! Its just amazing!!! If you have a slow computer.. this is for you. No, it isnt more ram. It's ExtraPC!! (-sarcasm)

Jim Zemlin's Linux Foundation Still Does Not Care About Linux Desktops

Thus is just sick and wrong. I hope it isn't true.

A great opinion piece. While I am not a de-googler..Firefox is my daily driver on Linux and Android.
Greetings all. I was surfing about and came upon an app on f-droid tied to A very interesting place with, chat, forums, cloud storage, and diaspora, all together, free( like in freedom), and available singularly, or together.

Has anyone tried it here? If so how is it?

Wow....a little freaked out just now. Ibm to buy RedHat for ...,34 billion. Right now on my news feed...

I just found this through a link, from an app on everyone's favorite Foss Android repo, F-Droid. It's called Freedombox, and it leverages Debian and various SBCs to build your very own cloud server.

Just installed Bunsenlabs on this dinosaur at work. It was running Windows XP...couldn't even install LibreOffice... Now it is a functional machine with a modern OS. Installed Budgie for those who need something more conventional.

I just thought some of you might find this amusing..btw I like Chinese music:

Las Vegas, NV – The Voting Machine Hacking Village at this year’s DEFCON 26 hacking conference was crowded with hackers of all ages proving just how vulnerable the US voting system is to data tampering.

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Wow. Good job . No, seriously, good job! **slow clap**

Many on here make themselves out to be accepting and open to new people. Yet Wil Wheaton gets so much abuse, he was forced off the platform.

Like I said, great work folks. ☹️

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@kev I read somewhere that governments consider you a suspicious individual if you're not on at least three social networks. You terrorist.

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A conversation i recently had:
Me: You need to put on your privacy hat. When you are considering these things.

Them: Oh? Is that the tin foil one?

Me: It might be made of foil, yes...

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@ChrisWere oooooo oooooo he went there!!!

Fosstodonians, send all the Tooooots!! 😁

I'm not a gamer, but I'd be well up for that.

Also, I just made up a word - "Fosstodonian" I like that!

Just installed brother ql-700(label printer) drivers on Debian Stretch. I am amazed. It actually works!!

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@schlink I approve of Purism's decision there.

Walled garden systems with a single centralized server run by some guy are something we should reject.
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So, 30 minutes after installing and my BRAND NEW system is ready to go. Literally, everything is configured and all my apps are installed - my new install script worked a treat and it saved a tonne of time. 😀

Just need to wait for all my files to sync from my and I'm done. Goddam I love !

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