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Just installed brother ql-700(label printer) drivers on Debian Stretch. I am amazed. It actually works!!

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@schlink I approve of Purism's decision there.

Walled garden systems with a single centralized server run by some guy are something we should reject.
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So, 30 minutes after installing and my BRAND NEW system is ready to go. Literally, everything is configured and all my apps are installed - my new install script worked a treat and it saved a tonne of time. 😀

Just need to wait for all my files to sync from my and I'm done. Goddam I love !

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Bought an AMD RX 560. We'll see how it goes...

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fatboy - Google Play Store needs an Open Source Category. A place where all good software/apps reside

If you like the idea of decentralized communication, using federated instances, you could maybe check out peertube. (Seeing as we are all about de-googleing and all)

@kev I am getting notifications now Kev.. Your?

I just dumped Ubuntu Mate and went back to the community continuation of #! Linux, Bunsenlabs.

Loving it.

Double whammy? EFF recommends using Signal (an electron app) as an alternative for secure communication.

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Also finally added some (very simply) artwork to the about page.

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@kev I hadn't noticed. I don't see anything in the news.

I'm just curious if anyone is familiar with "Ring" ? A messaging platform from Savoir Faire Linux.

First-Ever Ransomware Found Using 'Process Doppelgänging' Attack to Evade Detection