Today was the second day this work week I've been woken up by an emergency page after 2-3 hours of sleep. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

How many of you track your sleep? I do, and it's depressing.

I've been taking notes on my computer for years now, and even I've noticed my retention is garbage. Has anybody moved from taking notes by computer to taking notes by hand again and seen a difference in how well they remember things?

"Take Notes by Hand for Better Long-Term Comprehension – Association for Psychological Science"

Love how this looks. I really need more free time...

"You Can Build This Fantastic Retro-Styled Raspberry Pi Computer"

I don't mean to brag, but..... 

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Just got Fosstodon, everyone that I work with uses it, so why not me? So.. Hello world!

My son got a trombone for his birthday. Silence is dead. There is no more silence.

Moving to a new building on Monday, and today is the last day in this one. Goodbye old desk.

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I donate to @EFF for an Internet that respects and empowers users. Join me:

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I need your support. It's time to level up. I need to bootstrap a new life starting from nothing. I'm currently without a laptop and without money. I'm executing on the Unity Village mission.

You can help in a lot of different ways:
* Share my posts
* Financial donations
* Join one of my new initiatives
* Help me with a new Free Software laptop
* And more...

I'm also sharing my frustration. I'm committed to this path. I will do another waterfast to help me clean up.

This sounds cool. I tried setting it up, but I can't reach the git repo (might be my corporate firewall having a good time with me). Has anybody else done this and what did you think? Thanks for the article @kyle!

"What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon | Linux Journal"

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Anyone using an alternative Android OS besides Lineage? Like GrapheneOS, CalyOS, /e/ etc. I hear about Lineage all the time, but I'm curious how well these other Andoid open source alternatives work. Planning on trying GrapheneOS on my Pixel3a this week.

None of you have ever gone THIS retro.... If I'm wrong, I REALLY want to hear about it.

"The Most Retro Way to Run Terminal Commands on Linux, Period - OMG! Ubuntu!"

If you're interested in the nuts and bolts of how Mastodon/ActivityPub works.

"what happens when you activity post"

The Trump administration is not the first administration to propose this type of thing. Even assuming the United States government would never abuse this if it were to happen, if the US government can break the encryption, other governments and corporations and individuals can as well.

"Trump officials weigh encryption crackdown"

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Editing took less time than I thought. Here is my guide on how I backup my @nextcloud instance. 😃

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This is my first toot! I'm a consultant and developer working with Kubernetes and Golang. I've been a part of the K8S community for a few years and have rrecently started serving on it's release team. I'm interested in learning more about machine learning and chaos engineering.

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