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Had to have my eyes dilated for an eye appointment. Seeing is hard right now.


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I've just realised that the first distro I used was Hardy (8.04). That means I've now been a Linux user for an entire decade.

Wow, that went quick...

I've been reading up on this Google Duplex thing, and maybe I'm just weird. There seems to be a whole lot of people that think an AI making a phone call should have to announce itself as an AI. I disagree, and further I would be annoyed if it did. IF I were to use Google Duplex for any reason, I don't want my personal use of this product to turn into an advertisement for Google. It's to accomplish a task, not be Google advertising that I'M paying for. I'd love to hear opposing viewpoints.

I'm kind of annoyed by this even though I don't use Nautilus and I can't remember the last time I did that.


OK news media, I get it that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married. Good for them. Do I really need to get a play by play of what her dad is doing today? Seriously? I'm not even English.

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Why Some People Just Can't Have a Boss: Study Reveals Brain Differences


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Haven't posted in a while, but GetTogether .Community keeps getting new features that make it easier to promote and grow your events.

Try it free at gettogether.community

The Google privacy conundrum: Why locking down your data is a hard choice | PCWorld


I plan on fudgeling all morning. That's right suckers, I'm bringing fudgel back.

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If you want to support the project, we have a patron page: patreon.com/fosstodon

If you prefer a one off donation, you can do so via PayPal: paypal.me/fosstodon

If you prefer not to donate at all, that's cool too - we still love having you around.

We may also setup a LibrePay page if people would prefer?

Thanks for the support guys, you're all awesome!

High praise considering the source.

"Android P’s notification shade is so good Apple should just copy the whole damn thing in iOS 12"



For the Rick and Morty fans out there, they just got renewed. For what appears to be the next 7 years. Or more.


What do you think?

"First Look: GNOME's Stylish New Login & Lock Screens"


Get more done at the Linux command line with GNU Parallel