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Only 24 hours left in the Kickstarter. If you're interested in personal assistants, but don't want to give all of your information away, Mycroft is a great option for you.


I'd prefer everyone had the "opt-in" option instead of an opt-out, but I'm happy with this announcement at least.


Management really hates spending money on extra storage, and everybody else really hates a 90 day retention policy. Not sure why both of those groups are talking to me about it.

I have a meeting in 8 minutes, and I'd much rather take a nap.

How to build a custom launcher in Android Studio - Part One - Android Authority


Ubuntu 18.04 Will Collect Data About Your System on an Opt-Out Basis


I didn't know I wanted to know more about this.

"All The Stuff You Wished You Knew About Fourier Transforms But Were Afraid To Ask"


Really this is what Allo should have been. Google needs to stop it with the new messenger every 10 minutes gag.