Day 76 of the Series:

Happy birthday to you!

Belated. Ya, I know. I suck.

Day 75 of the Series.

So I hear TikTok is a thing. If people want that kind of platform, they need to rethink how it's being done. Open and Federated is better.

I just spend 2.5 hours in a WebEx meeting. My back and neck are killing me.

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Hi all! What is the best FOSS note taking app with image support? I'm a big fan of simplenote, but I'm really missing the ability to insert images.

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Welcome to a long overdue episode 37! In this episode I share the personal story about my fight with Legionnaire's Disease. Plus, System76 Engineer Jeremy Soller is working on something groundbreaking, and AMD Ryzen fans are going to love it!

I also shine a spotlight on Star Labs -- they're doing something EVERY Linux PC company should be doing.

And finally, I close the show by telling you which distro I really miss...



Day 73 of the Series:

Courts in this case have made a frankly stupid decision. My response.

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I was reading an old post at @kev old site Refugeeks, and found comments from LinuxRants, another site I used to read when I was writing on

I just realized that LinuxRants author is @mike

How small is the world.

Thank you for all the great suggestions for a new VPN service!

I've been using ProXPN for a couple years now because I picked up a lifetime subscription for pretty cheap. Today when I went to connect it just flat out didn't work. I tried to check their site to see if there was some issue with the service I didn't already know about (I already know about a LOT of them since their service is pretty much garbage), and I find their "knowledge base" is erroring out and their Twitter account has been suspended.

Short story long, any recommendations on a VPN?

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We did the first quarter !

███░░░░░░░░░ 25.112%

Less than 500 followers needed to surpass our Twitter account!

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Day 72 of the Series:

I've been living at work for the last four months, and I need that to stop.

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New Blog Post: Two Truths and a Lie

@mike played two truths and a lie in one of his recent blog posts. I thought it would be fun to do the same so here we go! Respond to this post with your guess.


@john @apetresc @jbauer @screenbeard @murtezayesil @kiri @tobtobxx

Thanks everybody for playing Two Truths and a Lie. Those of you that guessed #2, you're right! I totally lied about that. My parents thought that computers were a huge waste of money and a passing fad, and wanted me to go into something much more tangible, like teaching. They assumed I'd eventually grow out of this whole "computer" thing. Didn't quite work out that way.

Day 71 of the Series:

You've all played the game and you know the rules. Can you tell me where I've fibbed?

Day 70 of the Series:

I used to think there could never be enough distributions. I still do.

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