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of the , can you spare a euro?

80% of people displaced by climate change are women. Mama Cash is urgently trying to raise 20K today for groups that fight for environmental justice. We're talking feminist climate activists in the poorest regions of the world.

Watch this for more info: youtube.com/watch?v=Ku-YLY5Ki3

Even 1 euro helps, the largest donation gets a personalized gift from me: for.mamacash.org/fundraiser/Gi

Thank you ❤️

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I've decided that effective immediately, I will be removing comments from my blog. Here's why:


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Holy shit, post #2 on the same day! This time I'm talking about my journey back to from .


I fell asleep HARD last night. Woke up around 4:30am because something jabbed me in the ribs, and only then realized I was sleeping on my phone.

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Hello everyone.

I just published my first Angular Library on npmjs.
Its a simple library that will let you add modals to your App in few simple steps.
The content inside the modal can be customised as per your need. Its responsive and has a simple slide down animation.

Check it out here

Let me your thoughts

My little brother is in town visiting for the weekend. Not as much nerding out and significantly more beer than usual.

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If, like me, you're a user of , they have just started a blog for tutorials, tips/tricks and such!

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Hello (again) Fosstodon!

I’ve been away a little while but I’ve returned! Thought I’d do a little intro again.

I’m Wyatt, I have Aspergers and many float between many hobbies and interests. Lately I’ve been into cassettes, I love vintage audio.

Studied audio engineering school.

Big into open source, privacy and self hosting.

Very happy to be back!

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Does anyone here have any experience with Revolut? A few people at my work already use it and they're quite enthusiatic about it and try to convince me to create personal account there. I'm not even sure how it could be beneficial for me (I mean, if its app works without google play store that would be huge advantage over my traditional bank's app which I currently cannot use) and I know nothing about its approach to privacy.

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A tinkerer, MarTech, CXM professional. Behavioral Economics enthusiast. Writer. Director. Actor.

Happy to be here.

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Hello there guys. It's my first day here at Mastodon and I am loving it.

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By now I have more Followers on Pixelfed, than on Twitter. 🙃

Got this in my mail regarding integration with . That's a resounding "YES" from me.

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Hey ! Just moved my account (chaos.social/@mike) over here. I work with as a hobby and that's what I toot about!

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I just read Edward Snowden's memoir and other books about mass collection of our data. Since then I have been trying to shed the private/proprietary software I had been using in favor of their transparent/open source alternatives.

And now there's a fire drill and we're all being evacuated. Let's just say today has not been super productive for me.

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I just visited @kev 's page and, Wow!, it just keeps getting better and better. I strongly recommend it if you haven't checked it out recently.


What kind of day am I having you ask? The kind of day where you drive 25 miles (40KM) to work to discover you've left your work computer at home.

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Updated my "how to use WordPress" guide for WordPress 5.3. Includes intro to the Gutenberg editor, Twenty Twenty default theme and my minimal and distraction-free writing setup. Take a look markosaric.com/install-wordpre

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