Finally! My video has just been published, and if you're interested in a bit of #golang hacking and/or care about docker & backups, you can watch it here:

(Yes, I'm aware that the chat ended up covering my terminal a bit, and I should probably increase the fonts some more. Sorry about that, lesson learned for the next video!)

Was going through distrowatch earlier today and saw RebeccaBlack OS and some other strange branding (trolling).

So why not make a Linux distro for Fosstodon? (Not trolling btw). Just for fun. Pick a base, de, theming (could use the sticker mascot), etc...

Yes? No? Meh?

I started python3 recently and I was searching for an editor or an ide that is minimal and has good python3 support.

I tried Geany, VSCodium, Atom, Kdevelop, Kate, and Sublime (might have missed one or two).

I ended up using Gedit, which was there in front of me the whole time, with built in terminal plugin, pyflakes, jedi and pycodestyle and these 2 plugins:

It is all I need for now.

Today I had a bit too much fun testing this cool FOSS C++ library called "Jet-Live"

It's a hot reloader for C++ code. You can edit the source code of a program anywhere and you can reload it. I see this might come really handy while hacking on my little OpenGL development framework!

A video game is just a giant loop updating the state of the "simulation" of the game. So that's the ideal application of that technology

my preferred method of opening animated GIFs is MPV with a config that makes them loop. But apparently vifm supports images in the terminal, including looped animated GIFs??!

Tutanota now comes with Let's Encrypt. Use Tutanota for your whitelabel domain and never worry about updating certificates ever again. It's all taken care of. 😃
Check out lots of extra features:

I find drop down terminals to be very productive. Tilda is excellent but not really needed in Xfce environment.

Go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts, click on add type xfce4-terminal --drop-down. Choose your key, I use F12.

That's it. Drop down terminal using Xfce excellent terminal.

I've been using from for years. Just experienced a true mind blown moment when I was cursing at the small spacebar and tried to stretch it instinctively.

It does that!? Wow!

Spent 2 hours with my friend on a voice call helping him patch Ubuntu's 19.04 kernel to work on his Surface Pro 4 and showed him KDE Connect and Windows applications alternatives.

He said he never thought Linux is this good and he loved it.

He went ahead and installed it as a vm on his main computer to test it even more.

Future Linux user?

Too much stuff to do in a short time. High expectations and pressure. Panic attack.

Best way I'll deal with it is smile and go to bed. Maybe play a game of Sudoku too!

Goodnight Fosstodon! 🙂

Can Facebook be killed already? This is just too much!

540 million user data left unprotected on Amazon server.

Which GTK Python IDE would you recommend? Is Geany worthwhile trying?

Uncluttered interface is preferred.

Thanks 🙂

Facebook is serious about their users' security. They ask some of them for their email's password to protect them. 😂

Do you need Pro Tools and spend thousands of dollars to produce music?

Not really, free open source software got you covered. Unfa, electronic music composer uses only free open source software to produce his albums.

Software used:

Unfa's bandcamp page:

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