Google and Facebook share your data. “I have nothing to hide argument.” Duckduckgo

Installing ticketing system for home. Now my wife can put in a support request for housework, like take out the trash. /s

Got an email this morning asking if I was interested in applying for a job.

"Must be able to perform teardown, inspection, build-up and test of assemblies and sub-assemblies on various components associated with the AH-64D Longbow Apache."

When I said that I had apache experience on my resume, this is not what I had in mind.


"Why does Microsoft Windows 10 have so many bugs? Ex-Employee tells you why!"

Anyone here used Qnap and/or Synology?

Which would you recommend and why?

How's virtualization on both in terms of performance?

Fanboying again 

I regret not using Ghostwriter before.

It changed my life!

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

So this happened today. If you're an Android user, should be soon.

If you are looking for an ITSM solution check out GLPI ITSM. This excellent service handles your asset management, ticketing system, change management and more.

Today I got promoted to IT manager position after my proposal got approved by the management to use multiple open source solutions and replace propriety products the company is using.

Tests went well and they were happy with the services. I will be handling the migration and training for the coming months.

To thank the wonderful open source community I will be donating a part of my pay for the coming 3 months.

❤️ :opensource:

Glenn Greenwald with details on the Amazon crisis. 

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