Just chilling in space repairing a structure on my way to dropping a VIP at a station.

Winter, I miss you already 😢

And yes I don't like summer, at all.

The @kde has done an absolutely incredible job creating a truly world class user experience. We at GNOME appreciate everything you have done to push the #FOSS desktop forward, and we continue to be inspired by your community and vision! 🤗


Anyone tried using GNOME Boxes to host a webserver? If so how do you set it up?

Need help here.

Installing snaps on Debian doesn't put a launcher in the menu for the application I installed. This happens on all desktop environments except for Gnome.

I have searched online for a solution but nothing works. This is driving me crazy.

Anyone knows what I can do to automatically have the snap launchers entries after installation?


Snapchat employees have abused internal tools to access user data including phone numbers, Snaps, location info, & more.

A reminder there are real people behind apps you use, & unless they never store data (like DuckDuckGo), those people may access it. vice.com/en_us/article/xwnva7/

Original tweet: twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/


Anyone heard of Dissenter browser and plug-in? The plug-in enable a free speech comment section for every website.

This plug-in got banned first by Mozilla and then Google within 24 hours.

Not sure what is going on here but I am going to read more about it.

What do you think?

Website: dissenter.com/

Article: breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/11/

Hmm seems like OpenNIC DNS servers don't resolve keyservers.

Had to switch to CloudFlare DNS to be able to add a key.

SeleKTOR, a java based application that makes it easy and quick to setup full system proxy with TOR.

If the ISP blocks TOR it also supports bridges using obfs4proxy.

sudo apt install selektor obfs4proxy

My daughter came at first place and earned her first gold medal in the Karate Kata competition held at the sporting club.

There were around 50 other players.

So don't mess with me, she got my back. 👊

I just watched the trailer of Love, Death & Robots.

Not sure what I watched.

I am intrigued though.

Seems like I have finally settled on a setup after months of trying different things.

Very versatile and customizable.

You can download Tor Browser for Android from our website or Google Play. It should be available from F-Droid within the next day. play.google.com/store/apps/det

We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

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