Hacks Citrix hosts, installs backdoor, patches the hosts with an anti-malware to protect from other malware except his.

Like a boss!


OK, after some testing it turns out that Office365 web apps are a buggy POS!

Any system admins here that work with Office 365? If so what is your experience compared to G Suite?

Chrome, the number of complains I receive per day cause sites are not loading is too much.

Clearing cache and cookies fixes it. Might consider deploying Brave instead since it blocks ads by default

Haven't posted in a while, between work and Fallout 4 I barely have time for anything.

9 days late but happy new year everyone!

The past two weeks were hectic for me. Too many tasks to complete with the team.

Tomorrow Season 4 of The Expanse will be out. Perfect timing 👌

Beers and Sci-fi for the weekend

At a restaurant with the family and a group of school girls are sitting at the table next to us.

They are too loud and obnoxious. I am getting old.

Been using light theme on everything for few days now. I quite enjoy to be honest. Light colors make me feel less stressful.

I regret to say that I am back to using Google services.

It is just so convenient to have everything in one place with smooth integration between the services.

I am looking for self hosted free and open source ERP CRM solution for the company which is services based.

Axelor looks like the best solution so far but I welcome recommendations if you know a better solution.

The multimedia department at work wants to upgrade couple of their workstations for better performance with Adobe Premiere Pro.

They want iMac. OK, no problem. Got quotes for both iMac and PC with Windows to suit their needs.

Guess what iMac costs almost triple the amount and PC specs still slightly outperforms the iMac.

Oh and the PC has liquid cooling and RGB lighting which is a plus 😆

Deployed GLPI with fusioninventory at work and it is very impressive. This is one of the best IT operations managment tool I have come across.

Highly reccomended!

I shared this picture 4 years ago, somehow seems more relevant these days.

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