LibreOffice 6.3.5 is now available! It has over 80 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

Learn about the technology behind LibreOffice! At FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels, Belgium, LibreOffice developers and community members presented what they're working on – check out the videos:

History time: LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) and StarOffice before that! We have new major releases every six months, bringing important new features, security updates and compatibility improvements.

I have the impression that
@libreoffice has become more stable over the last 5 years. Thanks to the team!

If you want to start hacking LibreOffice use EasyHacks as starting point:

LibreOffice is at FOSDEM! Come to our stand (H.A1) and chat with our community – and also grab cool swag! (T-shirts, stickers, candy and more...)

Check out some of the new features in LibreOffice 6.4 – released today – in our video:

LibreOffice 6.4 is here! More performance, more compatibility, and great new features to try out – it's an essential upgrade for the world's leading free office suite. Learn more and download it:

Get more out of LibreOffice with our guidebooks! Our volunteer documentation community has updated the Calc Guide, covering the spreadsheet module of LibreOffice:

In October, the @opensuse and LibreOffice communities will have a shared conference – and we already have a logo! Thanks to Kukuh Syafaat for the design:

As seen elsewhere on social media... And this happens a lot! Let's keep spreading the word about LibreOffice, and how it respects users' freedom and privacy – and doesn't lock them in.

LibreOffice 6.4 is nearly here – and in the meantime, our documentation community has been updating the guides! For instance, the guide for the Math module is already available:

LibreOffice 6.4 is due to be released at the end of this month! Our community and certified developers are working on new features and ironing out bugs – if you have some technical knowledge, give them a hand:

Check out our video recap of LibreOffice in 2019! – So much of this was possible thanks to your generous donations:

We believe that powerful productivity tools should be available to all, in as many languages as possible! Saikeo Kavhanxay is translating LibreOffice into Lao, for instance – learn how you can also help with other languages:

Do you find LibreOffice useful for your work? Support our community with a donation! Help us to organise events, share knowledge, and improve the software and its documentation further:

Our Telegram group has 890 members! Join us to chat about LibreOffice – the software, the community, and the future:

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