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Join us for the LibreOffice Conference 2022 in Milan, Italy, from September 28 - October 1! Meet the community, learn about new technologies, and have fun:

And that's it – the LibreOffice Conference 2022 comes to an end! Huge thanks to everyone who took part, and see you again soon 😊

Welcome to the final day of the LibreOffice Conference 2022! We have a few talks, and then the closing session – check the schedule and live stream link here:

We've had a lot of in-depth technical talks today, at the Conference 2022. But as we come to the end of day 2, here's an overview of... Klingon support in the suite 😁

Look at these talks, coming up in the next few hours at the LibreOffice Conference 2022! Watch them all live:

Good morning, Milano! ☕ Make sure to visit these talks by #Collabora at the Conference!

10:00 🕙 – Content controls in Writer
11:30 🕦 Tomaž Vajngerl – Sparklines & chart data tables…
12:00 🕛 Luboš Luňák – Reducing build time


Day 2 of the LibreOffice Conference begins! Check out the schedule, and live video stream links, here:

And we're wrapping up day 1 of the LibreOffice Conference 2022! Thanks to everyone who took part – in-person and online – and see you tomorrow 😊

Talks coming up at the LibreOffice Conference 2022: "Designing a better API" and "The state of interoperability" – find out more, and watch live:

Meet the Engineering Steering Committee in the project – live streaming from our conference:

Live stream from the opening session of the LibreOffice Conference 2022!

Have a nice #LibOcon! Make sure to visit today's talks by #Collabora. will be holding a Sponsor Keynote at 12:00 pm at the Auditorium. and other developers from the team will be giving more technical talks during the afternoon.


Tomorrow, we plan to broadcast live talks from the LibreOffice Conference in Milan via these URLs: and (check for the full schedule). Join us then! 😊

Community session at the LibreOffice Conference 2022 in Milan! And guess what? LibreOffice turns 12 years old today 🥳

Getting ready for the LibreOffice Conference 2022, which starts in a couple of days in Milan! Join us – in-person or online:

Want recording and playback for audio comments in your LibreOffice presentations? Help to make it happen! CH Open and wemakeit have started a crowdfunding campaign:

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