Job available: Join the LibreOffice Team as a Development Mentor, 20-40 hours per week, working remotely. You'll help to attract new contributors to LibreOffice, bring them onboard, and support their work as they improve the software for millions of users:

@libreoffice Been using LibreOffice for years and years. Installed the latest version from Debian testing and they had a donation button in the app. Just set up a 4 USD/mo subscription. Here's to hoping that LibreOffice remains maintained into the future.

LibreOffice 7.1 is just around the corner! It's due to be released in early February – and before then, you can help our QA (Quality Assurance) community to test it and make sure it's rock-solid:

Need help with LibreOffice? Or want to become a power-user? Check out our extensive documentation, in many languages – created by our awesome worldwide community! See here:

We are glad to announce Collabora Office 6.2-27 🌻

This #CollaboraOffice #LTS #desktop update has fixes & improvements related to
📝 PDF signature verification
🔒 password removal &
😀 Emoji font support

Find all the details here:

#privacy #ownyourdata

Quiz time! How many file and document formats can LibreOffice open? Take a guess, and then watch this video to find out...

FOSDEM 2021 is coming up – and LibreOffice is taking part! It's the biggest meeting of free and open source software developers (and online this year). Check out our devroom for talks about the technology behind LibreOffice:

New year, new skills, new people! Get involved with the LibreOffice project, and build up your skillset for future career options. And also have fun meeting and sharing knowledge with people in the community! Start here:

Expand your skills for a future career in technical writing and/or translation! Join our documentation and localisation projects – like the Czech LibreOffice community, which has just finished translating the Calc Guide:

2021 begins! And for LibreOffice, this means a new major release (7.1) of the software in early February, along with technical talks at FOSDEM: Happy new year, everyone!

LibreOffice - like many open source productivity tools - is built on libraries from the Document Liberation Project. These libraries help you to access data in unsupported and proprietary file formats, giving you back control:

LibreOffice is made by passionate free and open source software fans, all across the globe. Find out who's near you - or if there's a gap in the map, help us to start a local community in your area:

Happy holidays to LibreOffice users around the world, and to the awesome community that makes it happen! Got some free time over the break? Find out how you can contribute to LibreOffice and build up your skills:

LibreOffice won the Best Community 2020 award at the recent DINAcon (Digital Sustainability Conference). We're super proud of our worldwide community and everyone involved – so if you help out in the LibreOffice project, this is for you!

Sarper Akdemir is a passionate supporter of free and open source software, and has added new features to LibreOffice as part of the Google Summer of Code! Learn more:

We're mega proud to have so many dedicated contributors to LibreOffice – volunteers across the world, and developers in ecosystem companies. Today we're awarding top QA (Quality Assurance) contributors with custom Open Badges for their work:

LibreOffice 7.0.4 is here, with over 110 bugfixes and compatibility improvements! It's the latest release in the 7.0 branch – download it and keep up-to-date:

LibreOffice tip of the day: Need to fill a series in Calc? Select the cell range and, go to Sheet > Fill Cells > Fill Series in the menu. Then choose between Linear, Growth, Date and AutoFill. More here:

30 million downloads of LibreOffice in 2020 – and there are still a couple of weeks to go! Thanks to everyone who helped to spread the word, and encourage friends, family and colleagues to try our office suite:

Need help with LibreOffice? Check out our user support community! All of these people gave their free time in November to assist other users on Ask LibreOffice and the mailing list. And they get cool sticker packs, as part of the Month of LibreOffice:

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