I'd just like to say, big props to for this type of answer. Very cool.

@mike DDG does all kinds of cool stuff like that that the Googs would never even think of.

Wait a minute... You dont use DDG in dark mode? Blasphemy! 😂

@geotechland Heh, I don't for one very important reason. I don't sign in to DDG, and I don't save cookies between sessions. It always returns to defaults, and it's just too annoying to change the config every single time that happens.

@mike Things like that make me duck duck go something when I get stuck in my code before googling it.

@mike I was searching for it. I didn't think that (of course) DDG had this :ablobcool:

@mike Unfortunately, the feature that allowed people to build these types of answers is deprecated:

As far as I know, they haven't made a replacement. You can see a list of all instant answers here:

@mike If you use the metasearch engine Searx you can enable "ddg definitions". Sadly, it doesn’t always work.

What are your favorite instant answers apart from cheat sheets?

@Ordoviz I'm just learning they had this feature, but so far I'd say that the playable 2048 is up there, and the Doctor Who Wiki. Also cool is the Keybase integration.

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