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A kitty dies every time you reboot a Linux machine. Even with systemd, there should not be a single need to reboot, you can go make business with Bil Hates then...

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*popping in*

Busy day today... and it looks like tomorrow will be busy again.

I hope the rest of the week stays busy. I need a good payday.

*popping out*

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Tonight I got to show someone Flash Gordon for the first time in their lives and 12/10, would recommend this experience 😂😂😂

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There is a web on influence on the fediverse... but it is not perverse like the others.

It’s high time we preach the gospel of decentralization.

On Friday, I begin my quest to have a pulpit to do it from.

On Friday, In the midst of a plague, surrounded by calamity... I begin the pilgrimage.

Void willing, they will hear us.

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ชอบที่ Omise เค้าเขียนไว้เกี่ยวกับเรื่องการ Hiring Elixir Dev ว่ามันหายากมาก ดังนั้นก็เลยไปหา Dev ดีๆมาแล้วแปลงร่างให้กลายเป็น Elixir dev ซะเลย

มากกว่าครึ่งหนึ่งของคนในทีมทีมไม่รู้จัก Elixir มาก่อน และมันก็สำเร็จด้วยนะ :ablobsquish:

- - - -

"Hiring developers who has experiences in Elixir is very hard and rare. As a result of that, we tended to hire good developers and transform them into Elixir developers instead. More than half of the team doesn’t know Elixir before joining the team and it successfully transformed Javascript devs or Ruby devs to Elixir devs. Actually, Elixir is the programming language of happiness. Some of us don’t want to come back to the old day of Javascript again. "

Source: https://medium.com/@theesit/my-elixir-journey-in-go-exchange-3d9934e53790
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After the collapse, former Human Resources people will be hunted for food.

Don't you think the way to do OOP in Javascript is, at least... a bit twisted?

In which ways do you guys think the Wuhan Coronavirus will change the way we work?

I made myself a Pixelfed account but I think I f'd up, because I can't see users out of that instance and it's quite small.
pixelfed.tokyo ... should I create one somewhere else?

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Not that I've got the time play around right now... But some of the people around here might like some of these things....


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Locked down here at home, adding my 2 cents to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus.
I've been delving into Vue.js , which has been so far quite entertaining.

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I missed you all, guys!! Happy to be back.

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I really love this place you know. Feels so much nicer than Twitter etc. Real community here of like minded geeks like me 😎 😂

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