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@mgiagante I don't think the first will compile, the syntax is wrong.

If you want to make the reference explicit, you're going to have |c: &char|, which is exactly the same thing.

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No, of course Momo doesn't put her mouth on chopsticks- she waits for me to drop the piece in her mouth. Her table manners are very good. She's an animal- not an animal😁
Her harness says "I don't bite people, don't feed me" (kids try to give her candy).

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@mgiagante Depends on how many languages you need to support. If it's just English, it's probably fine. Otherwise, you need to use the unicode-segmentation crate, to break up combined letters like é.

Fellow rustaceans.
Is this an ok way to find out if a word starts with a vowel, in the context of a simple exercise? Could this be done with a reference &c in the call to any() instead?
fn starts_with_vowel(word: &str) -> bool {
let first_character = word.chars().next().unwrap();
"aeiouAEIOU".chars().any(|c| c == first_character)

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A government that wants to control the citizens access to guns and NOT criminals access to guns plans on doing something that would end up causing citizens to use their guns to defend themselves from their government! Think about that.

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Alooo gente bonita

Soy un joven que se la vive con ansiedad osiosi. Leo poco, y a veces escribo un poquito de eso.

Mi sueño es irme a vivir un pueblito al lado del mar donde haga frío.


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paypal is a dumpster fire. I wish I could share a screenshot of what I see rn but don't feel like editing out pii. Picture this: the top of the page says steps I need to complete to finish setting up my business account. The bottom half of the page says I have been permanently banned from using paypal (I think the issue being I used some of the same personal info in creating my personal account and it got flagged). But, ya know, large tech companies, no way to actually talk to a real person...

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@mgiagante @madrina @omysailor Exacto.

Y no olvidemos que los mayores emisores de CO2 del planeta son China e India. Si no colaboran activemente en esto, de poco o nada servirán las medidas que tomen otros, ya sea a nivel estatal o individual.

How does this code look? It does work but I'm wondering if I'm making any conceptual / idiomatic mistakes at this point.
I guess having to copy the vector to avoid mutating the original one is normal in Rust, right?


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Hi all :blobrainbow:
We're moving to our new apartment in a couple of days and have reached the stage of packing up books. I found a copy of Snowden's Permanent Record that Abebooks had mistakenly sent to me, and I wanted to give that to someone who would enjoy it.

So: if you are interested in a hardcover copy of Permanent Record by Ed Snowden and are willing to pay for shipping (I'm in Germany), this book could be yours!

Boosts are welcome, please contact me somehow! #giveaways #linuxpizza

Can anyone recommend a book on self learning?

@Aldi80s what do you think of Hong Kong movies? I have a few favorites like Chunking Express, In the Mood for Love and a few comedies by Stephen Chow.

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