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@mgiagante @garritfra I've tried saying "quack" as a verb for ddg but even people who know ddg don't always get it. "dugkduckgo" is just not easy to say. I've also said "let me Google that" and immediately texted them a link to a ddg.gg/?q=x , which dilutes the trademark, at least.

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2021: Donald Trump joins
2025: radicalised programmers, sysops and geeks storm Capitol house

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Just found a term perfectly describes my political views:

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Life is like an Internet feed, you never know what you're going to get!

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@mgiagante not a raspberry pi. The SD card will break, and its CPU just doesn't cut it for image preview generation. I ran it for some months but it was just constant misery because of some problem or another

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@mgiagante Honestly not worth going with a Raspberry Pi. You're literally better off with some trash laptop from 2010 and a decent SSD (backing up the NC instance offsite ofc)

I tried it once but like @Matter it was just problem after problem in one form or another

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You could do it okay with a pi 3, and up.
May have a few problems, but that is like everything by that point.
Just make sure you are using the pi version of nextcloud.

What Raspberry Pi do you guys recommend for a home LAN Nextcloud server?

Any idea why my profile is still showing my Keybase row after I removed it? I thought it only displayed 4 rows. Might this be a bug?

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is a really undervalued window manager, I prefer it over and after having used it for a bit today it's fun to use and quite easy to configure, lot of fun, it won't replace auto tilers for me, but I'll spend some more time with it too great one to try out if you're curious :)


Have you guys ever thought why we tend to compare politicians with gangsters?
Because they do similar things: Seek power, establish alliances, agreements and informal codes, steal, murder, coerce, treason.
Both are anarchical organizations. The only difference is one of them is legitimized through democracy.

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#2396 Wonder Woman 1984 

'Wait, why would you think a movie set in 1984 would do drive-ins as a retro promotion?' 'You know, 80s stuff. Drive-in movies. Britney Spears doing the hustle. Elvis going on Ed Sullivan and showing off his pog collection.' 'What year were you born, again?'

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Brands I stopped consuming.

For being tentacles of the Chinese communist party:
* Huawei
* Xiaomi
* Zoom

For bowing to it:
* Blizzard
* Nike

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