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I don't want websites and the companies that own them to manipulate me into staying longer. I don't want them actively attempting to exploit weaknesses in my brain. I don't want to be controlled.

I just want to have interests. And I just want to live a humble life. And I want to make sure that those around me are happy and healthy.

This "value"-hungry network of companies have to be stopped.

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Hi all, I'd like to officially announce the release of @promptodon!

The bot will post a writing prompt daily and will reply to you with a prompt if you send it /prompt

It's still a work in progress but you can find the repo here if you want to check out the code:

I've opened up registration on the Gitea instance so folks can contribute if they want. You'll be able to submit writing prompts via pull request too! :)

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So Patreon "unlaunched" my page because I haven't received any money with it since I set it up.

If you like what I do here, and the things I make, I would very much appreciate any contribution here:

I will try and relaunch the Patreon page but that will come later

more job complaining 

Them: *opens a high urgency ticket for something stupid*

Also them: *Opens a low urgency ticket for something important*


Know this: some people in your company are absolutely fucking disgusting human beings who have no problem suddenly quitting and then returning their computer with caked on finger grease and various types of hair in their keyboard.

Making some progress with learning Python for Slack apps 👌 It's painful but it's gotta be done!

me: If you do XYZ, does the issue go away?

them: Well sometimes I have to do ABC to fix it temporarily

me: But what if you do XYZ?

them: I have to do LMNOP sometimes too


Why the fuck does LastPass think that using a sans-serif font is okay for passwords. Like... the amount of tickets that have been opened because of the lack of difference between I and l (that's an I and an L) It's just unreasonable to display any password in anything other than a monospace font

political ideology 

The amount of people who have literally no idea what the fuck a dictatorship and then spew about how XYZ president, prime minister, or otherwise government official is a dictator is too damn high

When does OpenLDAP comes with a sexy and easy Web UI out-of-the-box, that becomes the standard for everyone?

Reminds me of the H&M destruction in South Africa with that monkey shirt they had. Let's prove them wrong by behaving in a way that proves them 🤦‍♂️

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Let's protest the health restrictions by gathering outside a vaccine site location to make it take longer to give the same vaccinations that will allow us to remove the restrictions sooner


Aww man I got sent the wrong motherboard for my server build :( Now are I have to continue waiting

Actually legit, are we gonna need an antivirus for our browsers?

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Sorry, I love you guys, thank you for tolerating my random bursts of frustration

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This fucking BrightTALK webinar bullshit won't stop sending me emails I just wanted to watch the Ubuntu Server 21.04 webinar 😢

Something about the "allowed" screenshots makes me feel like something is off here:

As if this isn't actually about protecting the customer but actually is about killing competition in terms of advertising networks? Instead of the tracking going to a collective of companies (where the data was shared between entities anyway), it's all being funnelled through Apple at this point.

Am I far off? Did I get this totally wrong? I'll have to sleep on it.

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