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For a more formal mode of communication, I can be reached via email:

linuxliaison (at) fastmail {dot} com

I’m a Flat Earther (Spoiler: No I’m Not):

I actually started this one a few days ago but only got around to posting this today. Probably will post another this evening from yesterday

Has middle-click in a text box always been a hotkey for paste? :S

Just...oh my god the 80s

Apparently named one of the worst music videos of its time. I love it anyway

Hot take?

I don't think that the world has gone to hell, only that when you clean your room, it always gets messier at some point in that process.

What do you think is worse? Having a dysfunctional family while growing up and beyond, or having a dysfunctional family only after you've become an adult?

LinusLukeTips: Where Linus Sebastian gives us tips about how to interact with a Luke

If you write an article but don't publish it, did you even write it?

Welp, seems like using the ">" character to indicate quoted text is Fascist Apologia now because that's what 4chan's forums software does.

It's really tragic that every feature 4chan's forums software has is now Fascist when it's used anywhere else.

Threaded replies? Fascist, better remove them.

Anonymous accounts? Fascist, better associate a real identity with every post.

Post IDs? Fascist, all posts are IDless now and float in a formless void.

Not like my boss to be more than 15 minutes late :S

I think the gboard clipboard feature is stupid insecure. Article on it tomorrow?

There was a large display of 'Beyond Burger' as I entered my local Safeway/Sobey's today too.
No price was posted yet.
They need to bring the price down to match meat - then omnivores like me will be more motivated to 'do the right thing', since we aren't committed vegetarians or vegans.

Why are America's "freedom units" not used when referring to guns? HUH?

Whoever from is trying to get the Luxuries of Public Transit rn, I'm sorry! I'm changing the congih rn

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