Yay, first post with actual images!

I talked about why I don't like web browsers asking me about notifications, and how they could be better at doing so:


Fuck. Broke one of my DisplayPort cables when doing my cable management :(


Blog post on browser notifications coming tonight. Testing out images on my personal blog. Not sure how well *that's* going to go.

So...been growing out my facial hair since being stuck working from home. Still not sure if I want to keep it, but it's also not fully grown out. I'm in between keep and shave

Hey @pixelfed how's the timeline for the mobile app looking?

Got some zip ties and a longer USB Type-A to Type-B cable for my monitor's USB ports.

With the standing desk it's a lot more apparent that there's a rats nest beneath the tabletop as well as the cable for the monitor's USB ports just being a LITTLE too short for my liking

Also, those who deal in absolutes can be absolutely wrong

Man, Twitter's trending these days is all over the place during COVID announcements

Standing desk assembled and being used!! :D

What's the appeal of Canonical's "livepatch service" and what prevents someone from setting up livepatch themselves outside of Canonical's ecosystem?

Remote control SW: Computer seems to be offline
Me via cloud console: WAKE THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE

In reference to the need for Firefox's Multi-Account container: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/i

This fucking bug has been open for FIVE YEARS.

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So today I'm creating LastPass accounts for every one of the conference rooms in our office and it requires me to log into each and every Outlook account as well to do confirmations of the email account names.

The Firefox Multi-Account container addin is proving REALLY useful addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firef

When did Mozilla remove Container Tabs from FF and make it an Addon?

Day 4 of working at home: God I feel so unproductive in comparison to working in the office. Something about working from home just leaves me so drowsy and without discipline.

Doesn't help that my partner is working a few meters away from me getting flustered with the stuff at their job (unfortunately with stuff related to anxiety so...Idk what to do half the time except be there).

It's going to be difficult.

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