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Here is the prologue for the manuscript I'm working on.

The title of the potential novel is:

Data Slave

You can read that prologue here:

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. You can also send to

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What I also wasn't aware of is that coffee can really interfere and interact with the effects of the medication. 💊 I felt like I was bugging out and that I wasn't exactly myself, and that's because at the time I was consuming obscene amounts of ☕️ coffee in a day. more than 40oz.

Tomorrow I'll be reaching out to my family physician to see if I can try the same prescription I had before, while moderating the amount of coffee I consume, and setting up other ADHD-friendly strategies. Wish me luck!!

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This weekend I kind of had this big realization that a lot of the struggles I've been having over the past year have been due to a promotion having increased my levels of stress which has made my ADHD worse.

I hadn't thought to contextualize these struggles in the frame of ADHD. Heck, I didn't even realize that some of the struggles I've had lately ARE related to ADHD and that they're common to ADHDers.

I tried years ago to go back on medication but it didn't work at the time. 1/2

Arch, Raspian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, doesn't matter. It's just not cut out for 4k60 videos it seems. Even running the 64-bit OS.

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GAH the RPi 4 w/ 8GB just can't play 4k60 videos smooth enough D:

Hey folks, what’s your favorite story from work to tell?

Apple's CSAM scanning protections are a fucking joke on so many levels. Would-be p***s would simply just turn off iCloud Photos sync to avoid any trouble, so it's a potential privacy invasion for absolutely no reason.

It's not "child safety" measures it's "how do we protect ourselves from lawsuits"

I'm susprised that this part isn't being talked about more.

Today was a really nice time with my colleagues :) I barely got anything done but I feel like there was quite a bit of bonding that happened today :)

It's hard to feel like you're part of a team when being a team was previously normalized to mean being physically present together.

So I'm super grateful to have this sort of hybrid lifestyle (together and apart physically, but still working on the same things) to give me a transition to a more open mind. Also grateful to have the opportunity

I am wondering, ever since I removed the Google Contacts app together with the Google Play Services from my phone, I can't access my contacts from any app on my phone, like Signal or WhatsApp all just show that I have no contacts although I added contacts using the Simple Contacts app, anybody experienced this and maybe even has a solution to this? Because this shit is really annoying. Boosts Appreciated.

I love how infinitely useless the Touch Bar has been on the MacBook Pro

Don't just delete that unwanted email! Log into that account, find that unsubscribe link, create a rule to delete those emails! Find a way to remove those from your attention. You're wasting your time otherwise.

Fuck the assholes who cheap out on cables that come with a product by making them power-only.

And I don't mean better over iterations or version of the physical thing. I'm talking a single individual manufactured item. Eg: A single PinePhone.

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I'll ask you all to be optimistic for a moment here:

What other type of electronic gets better over time other than the computer? And I mean measurably better, by leaps and bounds. What other thing is like that other than the human?

Fun fact: If you have automatic login enabled on a user that has password expiration policies set, and you let the pwd expire...Ubuntu just won't boot

When you haven't touched an unfinished project for so long you have to re-read your code in its entirety just to understand what the heck is going on

I know it’s not up to me to solve the world’s problems but they are weighing heavy on me today. The suffering I’ve seen and the absolute terror that people are feeling hurts down to my core. To know evil like that exists on earth (and I know this scratches just the surface)…it’s scary and it hurts.

I’ve had to mute the topics in question. I love you all, stay safe.

I’m gonna spend the rest of the night reading about moral philosophy…cuz I have a college book still that is on it

How do you pronounce UEFI?

Welp that was a week and a half! I felt so unproductive, was so tired, and on top of all that got a throat/sinus infection that lasted since last week… not the best way to spend a week working.

Sure I could have stayed home and sure I could have taken days off, but then none of the work I got done (even if it wasn’t much) would have gotten done and I’d have double duty next week.

Will be relaxing as much as possible this weekend. What are y’all up to?

Been having issues at work with the 16 inch MacBook Pro connecting to thunderbolt docking stations that have a display connected. Apple points the finger at the manufacturer and the manufacturer points the finger at Apple… where is the justice for the users who suffer?

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