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Here is the prologue for the manuscript I'm working on.

The title of the potential novel is:

Data Slave

You can read that prologue here:

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. You can also send to

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PCI passthrough was a pain in the ass to get working.

Finally figured out I had to pass `pci_acs_override=downstream,multifunction` to the kernel to enable the ACS patches so that I could separate the RealTek NIC from the electrical IOMMU group that it was sharing with the storage controller

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Maybe want to go with PCI pass through as the NIC to be used is pci

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pfSense works fine with the new modem on raw hardware...but not virtualized, any ideas?

Pi Zero + LibreELEC = cheapest way to add AirPlay support to any AUX-available speaker in less than 15 minutes

S:Good evening sir, may I ask, have you been vaccinated against COVID-19?

C:Yes I have been, 2 doses

S:Perfect, please come right this way to the section for the fully vaccinated.

ISO_URL=${UBUNTU_VER_NUM}/release/$(curl${UBUNTU_VER_NUM}/release/ 2>/dev/null \
| egrep "xubuntu-${UBUNTU_VER_NUM}.*-desktop-amd64.iso" \
| sed -r 's/[[:space:]][[:space:]]*/ /g' | cut -d' ' -f 9 | head -n1)

How do you tell someone to stop being a moron without telling them to stop being a moron?

I'm SO done with turning volume up and down between the videos I watch!

inappropriate, news 

Rainbow dildo butt monkey is not a phrase I ever expected to see

As much as I love having a fitness tracker man does it hurt when you can’t close a fitness ring because you didn’t have the tracker on for most of the day

Guess I’ll have to try harder to keep that mental fitness up so I can remember!

Today on Linux in the wild: Tesla(?) charger! Credit: @jckarter on Twitter

My old ass loaner iPhone is BOILING hot while browsing Twitter and streaming high bitrate music

Pol, joke 

I can already hear the republicans tell the Cubans to “let it go” following their devastation from tropical storm Elsa

I swear Bouge ton thang by Clay and Friends is the most Montréalais song que j’ai entendu dans pas long

BRILLIANT idea from Apple for the Apple TV:

Let's make it so that you can't pair your remote while in Recovery Mode. Let's also make it so that you can pair anything during the log in page for MDM configuration auth.

Should I assume that the world is not in fact getting into a worse and worse situation mentally and that it’s simply that I’ve become more aware of it as time goes on?

I still use homebrew tho, so that helps right? Or because it needs XTools that ruins it?

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