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Linux Liaison

Cisco can now sniff out malware inside encrypted traffic -

Yeah but you have to send traffic from their kit flow to a cloud-based analytics service. That's not gonna form YET another surface of attack. Naaah

Switchzilla? Chipzilla? I feel like there's a general disdain for the incumbents in today's tech world.

"The Criminal Investigation Bureau has admitted that it handed out 54 malware-infested thumb drives to the public at a data security expo hosted by the Presidential Office from Dec. 11 to Dec. 15 last year."

Of course, this happened because of stupidity. Guy testing the capacity of the drives had a virus on his own machine and unwittingly infected these drives.

Yes because the solution to relying on Google, is to rely on yet another third-party company's service.

"How is that? You seem to be a computer nerd!"

True, but, your first mistake is assuming I enjoy talking about computers all the time.

Liking something or working in a field doesn't mean you want to talk about it all the time.

Third: don't like to be reminded how bad computers suck all the time.

Don't like to be reminded "what Moore no longer giveth, Electron taketh away." Don't like to be reminded that we all use systems with more holes than Swiss cheese and more front and backdoors than a Menard's. Don't wanna remember things like how quantum computer's main application is "break crypto" yet everyone is stoked.

I wanna focus on the positives sometimes, and computers don't leave much to be positive /about/ anymore.

Had to turn down an invitation to an event literally because it cost too much. I felt so fucking low.

I don't want to feel like this again.

To those who stormed an H&M store in protest of the black kid wearing the coolest monkey in the jungle...the fuck do you think this is gonna prove?

EVEN IF the message intended by H&M was that black people are monkeys what makes you think that violent protest is the answer?

"Oh this is so offensive, I'm not a fucking monkey! I'm so mad! Let's smash some shit! That'll teach them that we're civilized beyond that point!"


Ubuntu already under the slowdown effect from patches?

How relevant

RT @icetsvu: Toxicology says they OD'd on some new narcotic called Kentucky Fantasy. It's made from marmalade and Tide Pods.

Brunch Food...too...much...fml...I'm...dying

This Spring Break I'm gonna give Elementary OS a try.

Next episode of the podcast is gonna be quite euphemistic! Hope you'll enjoy! Mark the calendar! Noon on Monday, January 22nd :) Meltdown and Spectre, plus news! (Think that's a first timer for me)

Here's sort of proof. The next slide was "trick question! All of them!"

I get the feeling that this move away from Google is going to get me coding again just because I see people being curmudgeons about their code.

Like, it's not even using an x86 or x64 based architecture! It's based on the ARM architecture!

Mashable fuck off.

According to Mashable, the iPhone 7 has an Intel processor. HOW DO YOU GET THIS FACT SO WRONG????

Why does k-9 mail still have the design ethos of Android 4.0? FFS I would have used it since a long time ago if it didn't still have that crappy old look.

This just in: YouTube is getting closer to being minitrue