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I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to present to you my content and actual have feedback and people reading my stuff to begin with! You're all awesome :)

If you've ever wondered how you can give back to the content I produce, I have a patreon now:

It might just not be too late for YouTube to implement a Patreon-like sponsoring feature

I had a lot of fun writing this nmcli script and here's why I started it:

Gotta write a batch script to replace files in a user's directory from a restore once they log into their machine for the first time. Fucking SIDs XD

Tech Support Horror Story time! Lay them on me and the best will be put into the podcast!

This is the second time I field for stories, so if you responded last time, pick a different one ;)

The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing/hearing users happier than when I found them. Not like any of them are in dire straits, but the fact that they've got that kick in their step after (figuratively) fills me with joy

One of the drole application names at my job: O-Word

Who wants to hear me interview @BryanLunduke on my podcast? 😄

Almost at the end of the day, had about a ton (literally) of ewaste to throw out today. Six months of buildup at a hospital that's decommissioning will do that!

Printers, machines, monitors, even old dictophones! Yes, multiple dictophones.

Not surprised though, considering it's doctors.

So today I'm visiting at a most decommissioned hospital site and this is gorgeous (and kinda creepy) stuff! Check out this old lecture theatre 👌

The indescript "user has problem with outlook calendar" detail was the fault of the level 1 tech sending the ticket up to us. Oh boy.

"User needs help with their calendar"...this is all the information I have on the ticket...

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Also, why does it bother me when anime shows up in my feed? I have nothing against the Japanese and I barely know any weebs, is up with me on that one?

If someone amasses a large following, is it irresponsible to boost/retweet on principle or does context and audience matter when answering that question?

I just got back from Jury Selection in my county. I was not picked to serve as a juror because I could not remain neutral on the issue.

The state wanted to put a kid away for possession and intent to distribute marijuana. The whole time I was trying to figure out if I actually could remain neutral. In the end I decided that I could not remain neutral and uphold the law.

Take some time to cook yourself a good, nourishing meal.

@brandon Oh sure, but the link-local addresses are not recommended to be used as private addresses. They are equal to IPv4 block.

Just thought I'd put this out there, but go follow my backup account

I might switch between the two when I feel like mixing it up :P feel bad for leaving it there when it's such a nice community!