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Here is the prologue for the manuscript I'm working on.

The title of the potential novel is:

Data Slave

You can read that prologue here:

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. You can also send to

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If you ever see someone post on a forum about XYZ not working or ABC option missing from some menu or app and your first response is “works for me, did do [thing you said you already did]?”

You deserve the hidden 10th level of hell


Me: *stressed about the negative efffects of regularly smoking weed*
Me: I should just stop
Brain: sounds like you’re stressed about smoking. Maybe you should smoke to relieve some of that stress

USPol - 1984 reference 

Miniplenty - Nestle, Coca Cola, Monsanto, etc

Minitrue - Google, Twitter, Facebook (primarily)

Miniluv - Antifa, Proud boys, Blue Lives Matter, New America

Minipax - US Military

Finally got around to putting up the control center for Home Assistant! I’m so happy with this, it looks so nice and it works beautifully!

Our equivalent of a state governor is a fucking moron. He's saying that he's against multiculturalism because in Quebec, there's one culture and "we integrate newcomers"

Like are you *trying* to tell Montréal to vote for someone else?


Voredle : a game wherein you try to guess which fantastical beast you’re about to eat or about to be eaten by

Today is and Canada still fails to follow through on a large majority of their calls to action.

We're known to be "too nice" but this falls short of the reality for many indigenous peoples.

Why should we be characterized as we are when these individuals are still battered and bruised by law officials and are still overrepresented in prison systems?

Canada Day is coming up.

Here is your yearly reminder that Indigenous folk like the Akwesasne, Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (part of the Iroquois federation) are still treated like second-class individuals with their community members regularly going missing with no response from the govt or local police.

Indigenous communities are commonly “sponsored” by companies like Unilever and Kraft Foods, extracting local wealth and destroying the local economy.

Read “An Army of Problem Solvers” to learn more!


Ticket description: XYZ and ABC don't work in conference room LMNOP

*goes to the room to check*

me: Well you have ABC turned off and XYZ completely unplugged, and you've completely destroyed this device because you *FUCKING KICKED IT*

Can anyone speak to the difference in performance of NextCloud 22 vs 23, or 23 vs 24? Less likely but 21 vs 24?

Potentially offensive joke 

If MS had actually made Firefox and treated it like IE/Edge, during the time of their monopoly people would likely be calling Firefox Fuhrerfox

Apple mockery, alternating case 

oH My gOd gUiZe!! i'm gOnNa bE AbLe tO MaRk mEsSaGeS As uNrEaD On tHe nExT VeRsIoN Of iOs! AmAzInG :D oMg tHe iPaD Is gEtTiNg a wEaThEr aPp? ApPlE ReAlLy iS An iNnOvAtOr. A ClOcK ApP On mY MaCbOoK PrO?? HoLy cRaP My sHoRtCuTs wIlL WoRk pRoPeRlY!

Japan, what is this thing? 

Hey guys, my partner found this thing near Lake Inawashiro in Fukushima, Japan. We have no idea what it is, can someone point me in the right direction?

It was found on the shoreline

Going into McDonald's instead of going to Uber Eats means saving 10 mins of wait, better quality, and even half the price!

Windows devices that should be upgraded from Pro to Enterprise are silently downgrading back to pro because of a bad interaction between the Intune subscription service, the Windows Store API, and..get this: Multi-Factor Authentication 🙄

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