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For a more formal mode of communication, I can be reached via email:

linuxliaison (at) fastmail {dot} com

Today I wrote about the news:

No really, I think I watch too much news!

Why is this random career-findr company ripping off Ubuntu's logo? And should somebody alert Canonical ?


Power was out yesterday evening for about 3 or 4 hours...on a perfectly fine evening 🙄

Then my Bluetooth earphones die, then my laptop dies, and on top of that going to get the groceries I forgot my bike lock at home. What a shitty hour of realizations. Luckily I was able to go to my partner's place for the night.

Today I wrote about the news:

No really, I think I watch too much news!

There's possibly at least one percent of people who've double-taked when looking at you that thought you were attractive

*crazy thunderstorm, windy af*

Hydro Québec: I gotchu fam

*Bright and sunny evening*

Hydro Québec: ah fuck I can't handle this!

Disclaimer: I don't use gw anymore. I currently use emacs' org-mode in an effort to be able to export to much more than just markdown.

For those looking for "the audio manifesto" by Emma Durutti (deadname Willem Van Spronsen) you can still find it here:

It seems to have been removed from Bandcamp. It's hardly surprising. But it's quite sad.

If you primarily write in Markdown and would like to use a more "specialized" editor, take a look at Ghostwriter:

- Distraction-Free Writing
- Built-in Themes
- Live HTML Preview
- Export to Multiple Formats*
- Hemingway Mode
- Drag and Drop Images

* using pandoc, MultiMarkdown, Discount, commonmark (as long as they're installed)

this article also highlights the need for a class such as Family and Consumer Sciences (aka Home Economics). When you consider that student are in an environment where /everything/ is based on test scores and performance, it's not hard to see why they're afraid to dream or experiment. There's no room for experimentation or dreaming when the odds are stacked against you at a student and more and more content is being brought into education.

When people my age marvel at my cooking skills, I marvel at their lack of curiosity.

Don't be afraid to experiment when cooking. But also don't be afraid to do some research and find out what ingredients in a recipe do. Example: Sugar binds with water to help lock in moisture.

'"People don't need to have perfection — you have to know what are the failures that are OK." Burnt edges can be cut off. Overcooked meat can still be served. ' - From here:

Just like before the internet, it seems that interdepartmental lack of smooth communication is at play today:

It's not AI that will help that, it's an open line of communication. Data segregation is not "increased security", defined access roles help with security, among other things.

Main reason to not allow the editing of tweets: 1984

Main reason to fight against DRM (especially the cloud-enabled forms of it): 1984

Main reason to fight for archival abilities: 1984

Read it, internalize it, and contextualize it within the realm of The Internet.

Looking for feedback on this btw, it's an idea/opinion work in progress

Apartment hunt 

A little out of left field but I wrote about how AI could potentially destroy the concept of proprietary software:

Not SUPER detailed, more of an overview of the idea

For those without avatars: Adding an avatar to your profile makes you more memorable and folk are less likely to assume ill-intent when asking for guidance or advice.

This is the experience I've had personally when I didn't have an avatar and this is the experience that's been echoed by a few others that I know.

Also, it adds some personality to your profile! Show us who you are and be proud :)

As I said yesterday in that post, I wanted to write about plans to flip real estate. Here you go!

There's also some Canadian finance education in there if you're interested ;)

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