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I propose the following:

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Hi all, I'm in the process of writing a hacker mystery novel. I'm looking for people to read while I write and at the moment, looking for positive suggestions. Eg: I really like this, I want more of this, I think this would go good here, etc.

DM me so that I can sign you up :)

If you want to, you can also donate to my Liberapay:

or my patreon:

Alright, putting this ebook server thing aside for now. COPS is bugging me, filed an issue though.

🤔 I've got the COPS (ebook server) running but for some reason the ebook I compiled with Pandoc isn't rendering there :S

Anyone know what reason that could be?

Forgot to run `apt-get update` before trying to install something?

Run `apt-get update && !!` to save time retyping your install command

I wish I had some freshly roasted beans though. This grocery store stuff is not as good, but good enough when on budget

I need a coffee before I respond to you all, you're keeping me very busy! :)

Watched a movie called Upgrade last night. While the concept was cool, I felt like there was very little experiential fluidity in the thing. It seems like there's a lot of the movie that got cut out because lack of budget, which is sad.

Nice plot twist towards the end though :)

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Total time responding for : 3.5 hours straight

Amount of fun had: SO MUCH

What software license do you prefer for free software and why?

I'm inclined to go with some variation of GPL but could be persuaded (specifically by @SuperFloppies ) to use a BSD or similar type of license.

GPL mostly because my faith in humanity can falter :P

What free software communities would you recommend joining if you're brand new to contributing, and why?

If you want something fresh, I'd go for the @elementary or @Purism communities. You get the benefit of new perspectives with the solid base of Ubuntu.

Also, the design is beautiful :)

What's your favourite FOSS program/utility/app?

Continuing on the theme of community, I'd say Mastodon. I've made so many friends/acquaintances here and discovered so many utilities. This question series was also a massive success thanks to Mastodon.

When and how did you discover the concept of free and open-source software?

I discovered FOSS around 2011 when I was writing with my friend on a blogspot blog. I discovered Ubuntu because I was looking for a way to mold my desktop as I had screwed up my Windows 7 install by modifying the desktop environment.

I got moreso into FOSS later on around 2015 when I went Linux for my main driver. And even moreso when I got here on Mastodon. It's changed my experience permanently :)

Holy...after typing incessantly for 2 hours, I think it's safe to say that was a massive success :)

Thank you to @hector @rtwx @jason @maiki @SuperFloppies @pinguino @eloisa @dan @blaubachn @vinzv @jasper @Algot @phiofx @colomar @lnxw48a1 @bamfic @wasbeer @DistroJunkie @matt @Duder963 and @cobra2

Thank you for joining in on the conversation and keeping the back and forth going :)

If you want, ask me some questions and I'll answer, or suggest some questions for next time :)

@brandon Ubuntu 12.04, grabbed a Linux magazine out of curiousity that had an install CD with it. I liked it, but needed the windows.... I had looked at Linux before, but never really grasped the free software idea till I looked into it then. I found FreeEMS around then too, which led me to find out more about open-source.

Wow, this is a bigger turnout than I expected! I'm so happy I could get you all in on the conversation!

Last question of the hour, and this goes out to you license nerds!

4. What software license do you prefer for free software and why?

Keep the responses coming! I'll be here for a while and I'm learning a lot from you all. I love you! ❤️


or even messing with:

#Pixelfed because it's already a nice alternative to Instagram, but it's really just starting and damn, it needs an app to soar like it should! Besides getting the federation kinks worked out!

If you like cloud solutions and messing up with Pi's and such then maybe #LollipopCloud is going to be more your scene. And their CoC is good! ;)

I could go on... But I need to eat something! :blobpats:


Third one's a little more in-depth:

3. What free software communities would you recommend joining if you're brand new to contributing, and why?

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