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What is the most interesting "fringe" #Wayland compositor for you at the moment. Specifically excluding #sway, #KDE (kwin) and #Gnome (mutter) because they are very well established and popular. Comments and boosts appreciated (would love to see more Wayland related content in the Fediverse) 😸

allows you to contribute to without leaving your house. You review pictures and choose between values such as different road surfaces.


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ls -ld /lost+found # Unless you've had some filesystem trouble or migrated to a new root filesystem, this will usually indicate when you installed a system.

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Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

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I just released #FootTerminal 1.4.0!

Foot is a #minimalistic #linux #wayland #TerminalEmulator that tries to be both (very) fast and lightweight.

Also works very well on the #PineBookPro :)

In addition to lots of bug fixes, this release brings multi-seat support, much improved #sixel support, and the ability to pipe visible text, or the entire scrollback, to external tools.

And of course, the new logo!

See full changelog on @codeberg


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~hot web design take~
❌ fancy imported fonts
✅ sans-serif, serif, monospace

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how2 avoid youtube 

1. Youtube provides RSS feeds. They're very useful.
They are in the form of https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=<channel ID>

2. mpv - and probably others - can open Youtube URLs directly.

3. On Android, there's a piece of software called NewPipe that parses YouTube webpages - and RSS feeds - to provide a more pleasant interface.

3. There's a Firefox addon that redirects Youtube pages to Invidious automatically.

4. If you combine these, you can avoid ever opening the site. I have a script[1] that decides whether to open mpv or a web browser when I click an entry in QuiteRSS for stuff I care about.

5. You can feed youtube-dl a channel or playlist URL and it will download the lot.

Bonus: not using the website will probably result in you wasting less time as you're not subject to their psychological warfare.

[1]: https://git.shadowkat.net/izaya/sitewb/src/branch/master/sitewb.lua
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Biweekly reminder to get your projects off and onto literally anything else. @codeberg , , ,

Far from my best post but contains a list of alternatives: yarmo.eu/post/github-sinking

Thanks for sticking to the schedule of regular outages \o/

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What do you prefer for ?

vs ?

Or maybe you're using in ?

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script upgrade.log # script is a nice program that allows you to record your interactive shell session and records everything that seen in your terminal. Just exit the shell when done. Great for logging upgrades, audits, and general CYA work.

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What #Wayland compositor are you using or interested in using? Boosts appreciated 💙 #Linux #BSD

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🔥 Two Git commands that have made me a better developer:

– `git commit` without the `-m` option
– `git add -p`

The former forces me to write a good multi-line commit message, and the latter allows to stage changes partially in an interactive mode.

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We really need a FOSS search engine with, and this is important: its own in-house, FOSS crawler

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@clonejo @sir Browsers used have a feature that when they detected an RSS/Atom feed in meta tags, they showed an icon next to the URL bar and when user clicked on it, they got into their feed reader app. That was the proper way to do it.

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