This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

Just saw Shazam. Not as fun as Captain Marvel (even though this was also a Captain Marvel movie), but it was still great.

So... I officially have an MSDN license now. I almost feel embarrassed about it. I'm sure that I have committed a sin and need to go to confession with Saint IGNUcious. On the other hand, even the enterprise version of Visual Studio has hardly a damn thing to offer over QT creator. Emacs (Or Vim if you prefer) of course, works circles around both. It's nice to just type code without having a bunch of shit show up on the screen while you type.

I've been on Lineage daily builds without G-apps. I've ran into a few minor bugs that were always solved with the next days' build without filing a bug report. Other than that, it's worked great. I still want to try out Sailfish. Having too much fun just having a device that works though.

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