In the middle of a meeting learning about a new type of SCADA. I was extremely bored with it when I heard ...... "This project was created using libraries." Naturally, I had to ask the dude if it was under the proprietary or community license. Of course... it was the proprietary one, but I had to ask.

If you guys are going to #StormArea51, please bring some guns with you so you can shoot back.

If there is a massacre, we'll try to use it to overthrow the government. Good luck.

I now officially run

This was kind of an ordeal. Gonna try and figure out what I actually did and then automate the process somewhat eventually.

So... I've been on with for about a week now. Holy crap am I impressed. Everything seems to run flawlessly so far. Getting used to it from hasn't been too difficult.

Jill Biden Urges Democratic Voters To Ignore Which Candidates Are Mentally Sharp Enough To Finish Complete Sentences For Good Of Party #election2020 #vol55issue34 #josephbiden #jillbiden #news

@brandon I was with you until you said "regulation".

The government uses regulation to make it impossible for the little guy to compete with the big gun. The government is owned by the rich. The government needs to be overthrown, not expanded.

I doubt anyone on here will care, but I saw a genuine Grand National today. Had to give the dude driving it a thumbs up. Haven't seen one in person in at least 10 years.

Not sure which one I like better. Atanua is definitely prettier, but Logisim has more options.

It's also nice that Atanua ties in the switches, button actions with your keyboard. It really helps visualize the simulation.

On the other hand, Logisim shows you exactly which data lines are high and low at a given time, so that's super cool.

Real simple logic, got it down to one chip. Just need to work on the analog portion of this circuit.

Watching a documentary called Command and Control about nuclear missiles, and the American dude says, beaming with pride, that if given the order he would launch a nuke & “kill 10 million people without hesitation.”

And that my friends is the evil of #statism.

Found one more bug in our application before it was released into the wild today. Squashed it like Chuck Norris.

The show Survivor had the original premise of putting people on an island with Chuck Norris. There were no survivors, and nobody is brave enough to go to the island to retrieve the footage.

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