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Used Windows CE for the first time today. My work has these old WinCE devices that are still used to input data into a SQL database. Its supposed to be my job to learn how to use them, then write a tutorial as to how to use it. Holy crap is this the worst OS I've ever used. I honestly think that a team of 3rd graders could have come up with a better interface.

H-how the fuck are you supposed to use a computer without a p-package manager..
Go on the i-interet and download software from shady websites...?
Anyways goodnight kiss kiss

If you get a new sub-woofer speaker system for your computer and you want to test it out, DFA 1979 is a good choice.

Was at a local burger chain. They had CNN playing on one TV and Fox News playing on the other. It's hilarious to watch the two simultaneously. In Emacs lisp it would be like ( + ( * infinity "Trump is the worst thing ever" ) (* infinity "Trump can do no damn wrong")). The truth lies somewhere in between. Trump is just a distraction to keep you from realizing how screwed up the the entirety of American government is.

Using Emacs in conjunction with QT Creator on Debian 9 has proven to be an excellent work flow for me when it comes to C++. Emacs with Ergo Emacs for most of it, and QT Creator for ui design and such. Too bad this isn't what I do for 8 hrs a day every day...just some days.

Learned QT/worked on a QT C++ project at work today. So I guess that since I'm getting paid to program in C++, I'm a professional software developer now? Anyway, it was a good day at work.

Watching a movie that has a hacking scene. The one and only command the lady typed started with "mkdir". Guess that was one hell of a directory.

I literally did nothing but make functions in Emacs Lisp today and document them. It was a good day at work.

and I've deleted my fb account for good :bloblewd: 🕺

Do you ever code something that makes things so easy that you feel like you're cheating?

Just got back from a 10 mile hike. I feel like I lost 10 pounds. Taking a nap now