BREAK THOSE LAWS!! That's not "me" saying it goonerment goonsquad, it's Thomas Jefferson so go arrest HIM for "treason"...

Unlike a driver’s license or social security number, when a breach occurs, our faces can not be reissued. Take a stand against government use of face surveillance.

We haven't had before, but we just finished up to season 3. Seriously!? I have to wait until the Summer to watch more? This is bullshit. It's seriously the most compelling reason to be distracted that I've seen in a long time. I might even like it better than .

"Teenage Bonehead" by The Queers, but it's sung by Danzig

Just found a neat little game on #FDroid.

2050 (A game loosely based on 2048, but with circles instead of squares) -

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