"We call this a medium meme."
"A medium meme?"
"Yeah. Because it wasn't rare, and it certainly wasn't well done!"

@chuck Unfortunately we had to stop it because the kids have scouts tonight (they were really interested), but so far it is actually really good. Will finish it tomorrow night.

@chuck I got the newish HBO adaptation of Farenheit 451 (read that, I rented it from Family Video.) Given that you were discussing it the other day, I'll let you know if it sucks or not.

Playing with OpenScad really makes me want to buy a 3d printer.

It's been said before, but it's worth repeating again.

1984 was a fictional tale engineered to warn you away from the dystopia we find ourselves in. Not a fking playbook for how to execute on it!

@blaha @librarian ... it’s pretty well established that Jesus existed, even mainstream secular historians agree. So no, that belief wouldn’t be a mental illness. But on the contrary, all historical evidence suggests that socialism, especially its end goal of communism, leads to mass death, destruction, and horrible living conditions. If you want more of that, you have a mental illness, no question. End of story for me, sorry.

The simplest thing that 99% of FOSS DE's have that Windows hasn't implemented yet is the "Keep Above Others" option for windows. It's a small thing that helps with productivity. The ability to keep a small window above others while working between two programs. I really wish that one of two things would happen.
1. Windows would steal this feature (like they have everything else from FOSS.)
2. That my company would just switch to Linux.

Created this in OpenScad, for no reason.

$fs = .01;

cylinder(r=8, h=8, center=true);

cylinder(r=6, h=10,center=true);
cylinder(r=1, h=1.5);

cylinder(r=1, h=1.5);

The thing taxpayers need most is to not be violently extorted out of their own hard-earned income by threat of death, if I’m being blunt.

I'm setting up a Debian VM at work for cross compilation. Instead of compiling MXE Cross environment with specific options, I just did the whole thing. I didn't realize how exhaustive MX is. I started it about 8:30 this morning. It wasn't done by the time I left at 15:30.

Should be good for any C/C++ code anybody wants to run with Gnu compatible libraries.

I was just going to use Visual Studio (like my company recommends), but the current version is extremely broken.


Weekly Update --- Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result by #RonPaul youtube.com/watch?v=0-Tm3zEJ4G

This is the absolute funnest piece of free software to play around with.


If you have youtube-dl, use this line for a quick download.

youtube-dl -f 18 youtube.com/watch?v=eq5ObNeiAU

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