Thinking of switching to @Tutanota from Protonmail. Mainly because Protonmail's client isn't available on @fdroidorg .

Jurassic Park is a movie about a forgotten, ancient time, a time when sysadmins smoked on the job.

Just saw a young lady cover "Seven Nation Army" with only a uke. Not bad. Interesting what they have at farmer's markets.

This is the board for an XBOX 360 controller my son and I were repairing. (Somebody broke some USB wires.) Look at this shoddy work. The previous solder job on the USB wires left all the wire ends long. A couple are dangerously close to shorting out. As Dave Jones would say..."That's a bit howya doing isn't it?" No Charges for Dad Who Shot 2 Cops to Protect His Daughter from Unlawful Raid on His Home #PoliceState

Ever hear of this disaster? One of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. An entire tanker ship full of ammonium nitrate caught fire and exploded. Studying this disaster is like a religion for refinery workers down here.

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