One 9V battery could last 27 hours theoretically powering this circuit. Guess we won't have to buy too many batteries.

Super simple NPN flasher circuit. My daughter is Scarlet Witch for Halloween and this circuit is used to light her hands up. I made cables that stretch the length of her sleeve for the LED lights. It looks super cool. Just runs off of a 9v battery and the circuit is put together on proto board.I might post a video demo of it later.

The most dangerous religion is statism. To believe that the goonerment goonsquad magically has "authority" to steal and kill is truly the greatest danger to the survival of the species...

As someone that has no hope at all in the political system, I should totally do this.

I owe about a 1/3rd of where I am today to Emacs and Regexp, so I can relate.

This is funny, but had me think of something that would be really interesting. Hexadecimal Sudoku, is it already a thing?

Winner for best Youtube comment I've seen in a while.

"Kirsten Dunst could win a Billy Corgan lookalike contest"

Hey @xahlee I found one of these, but without the trackball. It has the addition of back-lit keys. It was at a thrift store for $5. I agree with your review. Very cheaply made. Not even as good as my Goldtouch. My Goldtouch quit working though so it is a decent replacement for $5 until I get a real ergonomic keyboard.... And it's time to get a real one for me. I'm thinking the Iris.

@bigl0af If you don't want a government, you're an anarchist.

Government is the mother of all corporations. One need not worry what "the corporations" will do under anarchy, because there would be nobody to create them and nobody to enforce their limited liability claims.

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