Another bullshit cop story cover up exposed. This innocent couple was murdered by thugs. What monster could call these thugs "Heroes?"

"Now the question remains of whether or not this cop will be charged with the murder of these two innocent people who did nothing wrong but defend their home from armed invaders who kicked in their door and shot their dog. ...?" ‘You Lie, You Die’: Cops Admit to Lying About Raid that Left Innocent Couple Murdered #PoliceState

Maybe he should just move. There should have been a part 2 song about the dude staring him down every time he sees him in the apartment hallway.

My daughter and I decided to play "The Last Of Us" on hard mode." There's a part with a ton of "infected" that show up after you start a generator. Her idea was to start it up and just run like hell. We got a little too excited she (and possibly me) screamed so loud that my wife thought one of us got hurt.

Wow this is bullshit. These women get detained by a border patrol agent because they are speaking Spanish in Montana. With the lack of brain power this man suffers from maybe he thought they were Canadian?

Who writes the paychecks for the goonerment goonsquad? They work for their bosses, NOT for us! This "protect and serve" moto needs to have a disclaimer that it's TPTB they serve, not US!

Chuck Norris's database has only one table, 'Kick', which he DROPs frequently.

Following a damning local news investigation, South Carolina lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make the state the fourth in the U.S. to abolish civil asset forfeiture

"McCoy’s death is one of at least three recent police killings in the area in which the victims were asleep."
Damn that's screwed up. How can anyone justify having the existence of a police force these days? They aren't protecting you from thugs, they are the thugs.

Yeah, I was born here and I don't intend to "get out". I do intend to do everything in my power to eliminate the goonerment goonsquad and promote liberty...

Someone needs to make a movie or write a book that is based 10 - 20 years into the future. There is some form of apocalypse (zombies, political, whatever, it doesn't matter) and comparatively speaking, Mexico is a paradise. Americans try their hardest to escape America, but most are not able to get through the wall. Would make a great episode of Black Mirror. SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Torture Dad in Front of Kids, Taser Him 11 Times, Including in the Testicles #PoliceState

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