"The Law"... This is the WEAPON the goonerment goonsquad uses to make slaves of us. There are so many laws that are not even known about which guarantees that YOU are a lawbreaker every day...

If you're in the Raleigh, NC area and looking for a gun shop, DO NOT go to Triangle Shooting Academy! It's the only gun shop I've seen in my life that is a "gun free zone". Literally, if you walk in openly carrying, they'll ask you to leave the gun on your vehicle. Just met yet another person last night who, in addition to me, had this experience!

TSA, get your head outta your arse!

Me to coworker: Don't worry, we can just use Emacs to see the differences in these files real quick.

Coworker: Emacs can do that?

Me: Yeah, but we wouldn't have to even use that if Windows had a proper Diff function built into it.

“If you think for one second I’m about to back down on this trade war, you’ve clearly failed to grasp my complete indifference toward the entire population of my country,” said the president, who affirmed his unwavering commitment to letting the price of consumer goods rise, even if it meant a certain number of American families might struggle to make ends meet or be forced to go hungry.


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