We’re taking our indie open source app store to the next level alongside folks from Endless, Flathub, and more. Check out our campaign and help us make it happen—plus get exclusive swag and other rewards! #AppCenterForEveryone indiegogo.com/projects/appcent

Here I discuss my top 3 linux distros for those looking to make the switch from Windows to Linux. youtu.be/O9rp4PvXBE4

@gamingonlinux I must say I really appreciate your site's dark mode. It's so easy on the eyes :D

@dansup Me to antifreeze: You became the very thing you swore to destroy

LBRY is my current fav youtube alt as the quality of the videos is great, you can import your channel to it easily, and they are friendly toward linux: lbry.tv/@geotechland:6

@cavaliertusky @mray i did it for the troll! 😂 Jk i usually just go with the youtube link because there already is an auto peertube acct the posts peertube links to my vids @geotechland so dont wanna spam the same link. Plus there are no ads on my vids on youtube yet.

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Nah, ship that shit when it is tested and done. Deadlines are for project managers and business deliverables. Out here in the free and open world we don't have to abide by timelines or arbitrary release dates.

Finally obtained a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Now that pinebookpro video can start being produced.

What the heck, Imma have to put "built by Dansup" above the fold on pixelfed.org

Hey, anyone running the default Debian image on your :

MrFixit has released update v1.5, bringing updates to the kernel, uBoot, Chromium, and Firefox!

Click that update icon in the bottom right corner to get it!

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