What the heck, Imma have to put "built by Dansup" above the fold on pixelfed.org

Hey, anyone running the default Debian image on your :

MrFixit has released update v1.5, bringing updates to the kernel, uBoot, Chromium, and Firefox!

Click that update icon in the bottom right corner to get it!

Wow, y'all have blown up the tag for ... it's not too far off the mark for the "trending now"s for the entire Mastodon network!

My pinebook pro arrived recently. Expect my thoughts and impressions video soon!

In the last few days the Edge channel has been successfully merged with Development bringing the future Ubuntu Touch ever closer. If you want to try Mir 1.x and Unity8 (2017) on your device then update to Dev using System Settings Update or the UBports Installer.

Please remember this is not suitable for your daily device yet.

Further info here:

Issue Reporting here: github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touc

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Edge #OTA12 #Ubuntu #linux #developer

Imagine being able to work on a passion project for a year without having to worry about finances.

This is a dream, I can find another job but I can't buy the support and progress that Pixelfed has!

Y'all mean a lot to me, and together we will build a better photo sharing alternative ❤️

I am seriously blown away by how much of the @gnome software works on the smaller, touch-centric screen of the #Librem5.

The work of the GNOME team, the @purism crew, and so many independent developers that are making this happen... truly impressive.

All of you rule.

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