Big props to @omgubuntu and @protonmail for putting Mastodon links on their website templates alongside their centralised social media links (see attachments) :blobcheer:

This is great for normalising the concept of decentralised social media πŸ‘

If you have a Fediverse account, please do mention it on your website! The more people see these icons, the more comfortable they will be finding out more.

#Fediverse #SocialMedia #Alternatives

⚠️ Federation Status Update ⚠️

We are putting the finishing touches on improved Notifications, Direct Messages and video support (Loops).

Once those are released, we will start testing full federation support on our staging instance!


MetroUI Dark Mode updates shipping this weekend! πŸš€ #pixelfed

Tried Resident Evil 2 on proton 4.2-5. Still gets stuck loading after intro scene

Usernames for notifications seem a bit too dark in dark mode for mobile 🧐 @dansup

@dansup Maybe there can also be a toggle in each post that allows a user to view an image in it's true dimensions.

It would be the perfect balance of freedom/uniformity.

One thing I recommend for pixelfed is having a setting that forces images to load with a particular dimension.

Instagram forces you to crop your image to a specific dimension to keep things uniform, but with pixelfed, i wouldn't force people to crop their images. Instead show them a preview of what their image will look like for those that have this "show images in cropped/uniform format" setting enabled and allow them to adjust it. @dansup

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