Your won't be translucent, but it will look something like this under the battery cover. :)

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 56

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 56 will be this Saturday the 10th of Aug at 19:00 UTC. Please join us for Ubuntu Touch updates, development and answers to your questions! Post them using the forum link before the event and Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the live show.

Forum Link (questions):


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Ubuntu #Unity8 #OTA10

ComposeUI v4 will be shipping soon!

We're adding a few exciting new features:

- Collections
- Geotagging
- Photo Tools (Crop/Rotate/Zoom)
- Stories
- Tag Friends


There are visual improvements to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in the latest Cemu WIP:

I tried Resident Evil 2 on the latest proton 4.11-1 and it still gets stuck in loading after intro scene

We are proud to unveil the final hardware specifications for the Librem 5 smartphone, set to begin shipping in Q3 of 2019.

Here's how to support my channel and I talk about upcoming linux hardware I'll be testing.

Just got the new updated home page on the birdsite. The text is HUGE. So did mastodon's single column timeline copy from birdsite or vice versa? πŸ€”

If you want to have your own #PixelFed instance but don't want to do any of the technical stuff, there's a managed hosting service you can use called #Spacebear:

You can follow Spacebear on here:


(They also provide #PeerTube instances.)

#Instagram #Alternatives

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