My MSI motherboard has arrived. Time to replace my current MSI b350 board and do some gaming on linux 😍

Follow my linux gaming channel for some live streaming:

In this episode, I take a look at the new mockups for upcoming gnome software redesign, Pinephone's default OS, the newly announced Plasma 5.21, Apple subpoenas Valve, North Dakota's app store bill, Parler is back online and Google fire's another AI ethics researcher.



I am now live to play Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. I will try to protect my evil kingdom from legendary heroes:

I am launching Geoproton, a new linux gaming streaming channel.

I will primarily be streaming on twitch and youtube, with some ocassional livestreams on peertube if the server can handle it. I will post all VODs on all geoproton channels.





Hope you enjoy!

Joe Gran is an animator who does fun, surreal short videos. You can follow at:

➑️ @joe

As well as the animations themselves, Gran also does livestreams (using PeerTube's new livestream feature) showing how the animations are put together. For example, the creation of this video was livestreamed:

If the videos aren't all visible on your instance, you can see them at

#Joe #Ukinojoe #Animation #Animator #Videos #PeerTube #PeerTubers #Art #Fun

I just purchased an AMD Ryzen 5600x for $2,000. The original asking price was $2,200 so I was able to haggle the price down....

JK πŸ˜‚ This is the Ryzen 3600 as the price is much more sane. And should be a massive upgrade to my current ryzen 1500x πŸ˜…

Now just waiting for the motherboard to put this to good use 😎

With slight edits (cutting out silent parts where I read the chat) and boosted (but not cleaned-up) audio you can now re-watch yesterdays 3 on Odysee:

It's mostly about the and a little bit about being the new default OS for the .

Here I take a look at the newly announced official Mastodon app, the upcoming firefox design updates, tesla buying $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, microsoft's classic nintendo games extensions blunder, google testing dark mode, and System76's open source keyboard.



Here I take a look at an upcoming OpenPower SOC, an ipad inspired linux distro, the new ubuntu installer currently in the works, Google shutting down their Stadia game studio and much more!



I recently launched Geotech Talks, a podcast where I take a look at the world of tech, opensource, and privacy in the digital age.

You can find the podcast in many different platforms. See the list here:

Hope you enjoy!

After spending the whole day, in addition to waiting a week for Oneplus to send me the token to unlock the phone, I am happy to report that I successfully installed Ubuntu Touch on the oneplus 6T. Expect a video soon

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