Surprise! I just released Fragments 1.5 🥳

It's now even sexier - thanks to libhandy 1.0! It also includes additional features like desktop notifications.

#Flathub build will be available very soon!

New Pine Store (WIP pictures) with more payment options (Stripe) being built. We are, however, struggling with crypto payments (@BTCPayServer), since we haven't received a response from
Bitstamp as of today. We won't use Kraken - their form requires disclosure of private info.

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Face recognition for linux? I think it would be nice to have a privacy focused alternative to windows hello.

Did you know you can easily make elementary OS better by giving feedback directly to its developers? Navigate to System Settings → About and select “Report a Problem” to let developers know about any issues you encounter or new features you’d like to have

We’re still working on improving the look and feel for elementary OS 6. I’m especially excited for the new stylesheet and typography.

Also: this is work-in-progress, and we know “back” buttons aren’t styled yet. :)

The sign up section has been moved to a separate page, the confusingly interchanging usage of tech jargon like "instance" and "server" has been removed in favour of "community". The questions "can I move my account later" and "can I talk to people from other communities" is answered upfront. Categories are now at the front and the communities are grouped by language with a prominent language filter option. Communities that don't offer instant sign-up are now clearly marked as such upfront.

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Trending Hashtags, Places and Posts are now available on the Discover page!

#pixelfed #discover

If @Fairphone shipped to the usa, they would be the clear, undisputed alternative to buying android or iphone. They would be the only option to avoid supporting sweatshop labor.

Do you know the UBports Store is now open for business? No!?! Then go have a look now at and grab your self some goodies. #Ubuntu #ubuntutouch

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