@PINE64 Nuuu!

You've gotten big enough for teaser trailers

@PINE64 I screenshotted and overlapped the frames and it seems to be the corner of some kind of a device....

@ivanrancic @PINE64
Looks like the pinephone keyboard or maybe that's wishful thinking.

@PINE64 very nice teaser. I booked the date 🤓

@PINE64 My “wrong answers only” speculation: a new tablet that can only connect to MineCraft called PineCraft.

@PINE64 Oh crap. I bought a new Chinese surveillance handset the other day and I'm currently jumping through hoops to install Lineage on it. Don't tell me this is a PinePhone with a decent CPU... I wanted to get the PinePhone for GloDroid use, but it judging from YouTube videos it didn't look like there is enough computing power for Android.

@PINE64 legit sat here for 30 seconds before realizing it was a 10 second loop.

@PINE64 I hope it's a new with rocking specs... will buy if true.

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