PSA: To everyone receiving your , please read the included documentation and consult our Wiki ( prior to use.

Make sure to place your SD and SIM cards in the correct slots; see attached illustration.

Episode 3: "Quartzy Keyboards" is out now!

@linmob and @Ezra discuss their favorite parts of the February community update and try to answer a few community questions.

Give it a listen at

Show notes at:

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"The #RISCV #BL602 Book" is out! 🎉 ... A friendly way to browse the contents of 11 BL602 articles I have written so far ... Thanks to @PINE64 for supporting my work! 😀

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PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at RK3566 SBC
- keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- back in March
- part of our ecosystem
- progress
- much more!

The second episode of the PineTalk Podcast is out!

@linmob and @Ezra talked to Dalton Durst of @ubports, discussed Community news and answered questions!

Give it a listen:

Full show notes:

@kde Community Edition entry; all units have now successfully shipped. Don't worry if you haven't received your DHL shipping yet - should be with you in a few days time. Thank you for your patience.

For details please read:

A number of @kdecommunity CE from cancelled orders and failed transactions is now available in the Pine Store. Want a PinePhone before April? here's your chance.

Direct Pine Store:

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Pine64 made our name outdated, and we love it. Thank you @PINE64 for giving us this amazing opportunity to bring free software to the mobile space and provide a platform for all the different projects to work on together. Cheers, - premarketOS

Today marks the end of Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!



A number of have once again been rejected by DHL Hong Kong branch. Explanation given: battery warning sticker they requested leaves no space for their battery warning sticker.

We are reaching out to DHL for further explanation.

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I had pondered to start a podcast on and general Linux topics for a while. So when @PINE64 asked, I just had to do it. @Ezra is an awesome co-host and we had fun recording the first episode!

Go give it a listen at !

We're proud to announce the first episode of the new @thepine64 Community , PineTalk.

It's hosted by @Ezra and @linmob, who talk about how they got started with computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general for the first episode.

Go listen at

@kdecommunity CE shipping update, explaining why some PinePhones were 'returned to shipper' by DHL earlier today.

TL;DR - units will be resent in approx. 1 week with different battery warning labels.

For more details read:

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