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Finally received my PINEPHONE "Brave Heart" today. Can't wait to install Manjaro on it :-) #pinephone #manjaro @PINE64 @ManjaroARM

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@PINE64 #Pinetime now supports BLE notifications!

Release 0.4.0 brings BLE notifications, nice icons, brightness and sysinfo apps and bugfixes!

Here is the changelog :

Any contribution to improve the UI is more than welcome. Next step : OTA!

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A new #ManjaroARM release is out.

We recommend you re-install uses one of these images, since a lot has changed between 20.02 and 20.04!

Starting today, you can now preorder the PinePhone UBports Community Edition: a production model preloaded with UBports (Ubuntu Touch), with a custom backplate to match!

PINE64 Store Link:

UBports blog post:

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we now have an ongoing initiative to donate surgical masks to local communities.

If you are involved in our community (or one of the many partner projects), come take a look at this thread:

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LPT : forget about the bad news and work on a fun project like @PINE64 #pinetime.

Here's my latest achievement : time synchronization and BLE notification from a Linux computer to the Pinetime.

This is the beginning of a Linux companion app for the Pinetime, yay!

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Welcome @PINE64 as our newest Patron!

You can learn more about this Open, Friendly and Community Driven hardware project at

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After a week with spare-time hands-on to my new (and some distro hopping), I‘ve finally settled on and desktop... and I really love it! <3 @PINE64

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We're happy to announce that the is back in stock at our webstore! This batch will come with @ManjaroARM @kde Edition preinstalled -- this brings the mainline Linux kernel to the Pinebook Pro as default. Expected delivery worldwide in May.

If the website fails to load, please don't F5 our server out of existence! Wait a bit and try again -- this is a large batch, there will be units available for quite some time

Sorry for the late notice here on the Fediverse, but our March update is out. News for the , , and alike.

See inside:

We now have an easy way to flash new images to the eMMC on your ! Say hello to Jumpdrive!

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just verified for myself: the latest debian+phosh image for the #pinephone now has working phone calls, out of the box.


We're getting there; today's
@kde Neon OS image for the features ~10 hours of battery life! Further power efficiency improvements are expected soon™. If you've got a BH phone then give it a spin. Link:

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#CHIP8 Emulator with #Blinky distorted on a Curved Surface by #RustLang... Looks like Watermelon! More Retro Distortion coming up on #PineTime Smart Watch @PINE64

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Testing #littlevgl widgets (button matrix, gauge, meter) on my #pinetime firmware !

Also notice that the refresh time has been improved thanks to many optimizations on the SPI driver and LVGL integration!

And I've found a way to disable auto-focus on my camera! Yay!


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Samsung 960 EVO with NVME kit v2 works beautifully on the Pinebook Pro so far. What are good tests to run on this thing to make sure it really is up to snuff? @PINE64 #pinebookpro

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