This is an amazing app on that allows you to create your own background noise or environments with audio and frequency and volume controls. I started with light rain, added some distant thunder, and then an ocean sound.

Noice: Ad-free indefinite background noises (Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noise.) -

We’re pleased to announce that the next Community Edition will feature @ManjaroARM

Variants available:

* Regular CE - 2GB RAM/ 16GB eMMC

* Convergence Package - 3GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC bundled with a USB-C dock.

Pre-orders open mid September.

The Apricity OS team really did know how to make a stunning desktop OS, I'm sad that it's gone ;-;

While I record the newest episode of the Open News I'm dumping a Snow Leopard disc, maybe that'll become a new video as there's quite a lot of legacy Mac stuff I want to talk about

I'm planning on starting the Open News again, if I can find somewhere good to host it I might even turn it into a proper podcast ^ ^

I'm tempted to try and treat YouTube like a part time job for a while and see where that goes, keep doing what I'm doing now but work on it full time for a few days a week

I may have posted this already in the past but their work has continued and they have a new revision. Its a pretty neat DIY handheld computer.

He quotes 8 hours of usage on a single 18650 battery. That only seems plausible if you're using a Pi 0. I think the Pi 3 and up use too much power for that.

Pinephone photos from my afternoon bike ride 

I like to imagine I'm just using a charming and nostalgic 90s filter. :-)

If you're after a free VPN I think the only safe one out there is ProtonVPN, or better yet make use of Tor

Although if you use Tor you should donate to the project

LBRY is for Marxists: own the means of production

LBRY is for Conservatives: we made YouTube great again

LBRY is for Liberals: it stops oppression of marginalized voices

LBRY is for Libertarians: neck beards who won't shut up are welcome here

LBRY is for everyone 🌈

If we're being honest, YouTube is still the better service for small children and adults who want to be treated like one

Distro hopping is a disease. Unfortunately I am suffering from it.

The idea of using more minimal software is really growing on me tbh

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