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Did you know that I have a Bitcoin wallet address that you can donate to? If you appreciate my work and want to give me a thanks you can donate some BTC to this address:


I'd advise other creators to also start taking donations in crypto since it's so convenient and is censorship resistant

I’d honestly be really interested in more high powered ARM desktops, hopefully using standard parts

It just occurs to me that I've never actually made a video about Mastodon, I should probably do that :thinking_rms:

Also I forgot to mention, thanks to @videogame_hacker for creating the Blahaj script I showed in my newest video, if you want to download it you can find it here:

Okay so I'm working on a VTuber show, and I've uploaded a preview for all of you amazing people :D :

I think that this is certainly a unique VTuber show 😅

I’m working on a fictional series for Linux Lounge and I have to say, I really hope that people pick up on the fact it’s entirely fiction 😅

I honestly believe that the main thing holding back Linux is lack of support from OEMs

1. Browsing the internet will never be secure as long as web pages can execute arbitrary JavaScript.

2. For security reasons, a password manager should never integrate with a web browser.

The following website shows why these two points are true.

I'm so hype for Linux on M1, it's about time we had widely available and highly capable ARM Linux desktop PCs. The Raspberry Pi is great but it's not powerful enough for prosumers such as myself.

Since a lot of games don’t have their Linux versions on GOG I’m curious about something, would you rather have a DRM free copy of the game running through wine or a native DRM copy?

So, I’m sitting on a script about the Steam Deck just waiting for an opportunity to record it, maybe I’ll post just the script before then

What really surprises me these days about the Linux community is that there are people that don't even like Linux here and who will actively trash talk and will only use it because it's FOSS

Is it just me or has the Linux space become less about promoting Linux on it's technical merits and more about promoting FOSS evangelism? I'm not saying it's a bad thing it just seems that Linux shows now seem to be more about FOSS evangelism than what makes Linux cool in itself.

At the moment I'm stupidly busy with college, and I think I will be for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't say to expect no uploads in the future, but definitely expect fewer of them ;-;

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