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Did you know that I have a Bitcoin wallet address that you can donate to? If you appreciate my work and want to give me a thanks you can donate some BTC to this address:


I'd advise other creators to also start taking donations in crypto since it's so convenient and is censorship resistant

I'm thinking I might start paying for a VPN before I start going out into public and into College again, it's about time that I stop exposing my web traffic

So apparently Telegram is being difficult with GNU/Linux package maintainers, not okay at all, that's a good chunk of their user base that they're annoying there

Apparently even £18 dumb phones can do Facebook and Twitter these days, is there no escape?

Seen on birdsite: "How did people used to live with laptops that only had four hours' battery life?"

My first "new" laptop in 2007 managed less than half that on a good day, and it was considered pretty standard at the time 😂

It cannot be overstated just how more power-efficient hardware has become in the past decade, and the huge role that ultrabooks played in making that happen.

My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence

"I put away my personal Librem 13v1 and tested out whether I could replace it with a Librem 5"

#librem5 #convergence #freedom

The more I think about licenses and learn about them I'm starting to dislike the Borg nature of the GPL family of licenses. I'm leaning towards permissive licenses like the BSD license that give the people accessing and using the source code the decision to how they want to use it not be forced to give back upstream but are encourage to do so.

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Just started playing through Fallout New Vegas, works perfectly fine on Linux using the DRM free version from GOG using a one click Lutris installer, good stuff ^ ^

Gotta love app for Youtube and Peertube. Just click on a link and watch the video without downloading bunch of JS and stuff to watch a video.

Avoid using store's loyalty cards or other similar systems, if paying by cash or even credit card the store has no way really to know what you bought, when using a loyalty card or similar things that stops being the case and the store starts being able to track you

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