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Big news, I’m partnering with Internxt, a cloud storage company that values FOSS software! I think that it’s genuinely cool that a small company is offering such competitive pricing so people no longer have to store their data with Google, if you want to check them out there’s a link bellow, plus if you use my referral link and code you can get 25% off annual plans and support the channel!:

Referral link:

25% off code: LL25

Non-referral link:

A bit of both, for emulation they’ll stick around, but for game streaming they won’t because game streaming has never caught on because nobody cares

Looks like I'm trying to learn groff, it's honestly fascinating

New video out! Today I'm talking about the new Asahi Linux GPU drivers that can now run Gnome and other GPU accelerated software!:



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My New Film Channel!:

I feel like in the FOSS community there’s sometimes a pressure to act in a performative way by using specific software and hardware and having a specific ethos.

Idk, I’m gonna try not to do that so much anymore and just like what I like

My Casio F91-W broke after several years of use right before the Fosstodon Casio boom, so sad ;-;

So… any Vivaldi fans out there? We are new here. Drop by and say hello! 👋

Working on something a bit different today, I’m creating a video about the consequences of roads, kind of in a similar vain to Luke Smith’s video on the topic but coming from a totally different set of political, social and technological beliefs

I’m kind of curious about Linux laptops, what Linux laptops have a good display and USB-C charging?

Thanks for putting my most viewed video in a limited monitization state YouTube, really cool of you 👍️


🧊 C U B E 🧊

It works!!!!

It doesn't display on HDMI because something is wrong with kmsro but it works!!!! It renders!!! A spinning cube!!! From my Rust driver on Linux!!!!!!!!!



As a result of switching to Colemak I now type at 80 WPM, that’s so cool >.<

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