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Anyone need a connectivity pack for an HP 100lx / 200lx? Got this in an estate sale auction, would like to give it away locally to an enthusiast. I'm a bit north of Seattle.

Boost if it'll help it find a happy home.

Need to quickly test your battery runtime without babysitting the machine all evening? Log the uptime to a file!

while sleep 30; do uptime >> batteryuptime; done

Just got an adorable thinkpad x200s for $5. This will nicely fill the supervisor locked and unbootable t43 shaped hole in my heart. :)

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happy fourth of july. the whole town will pop satisfyingly and you will take half damage from falls.

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a california town used bubble wrap because fireworks were banned? and this isn't our first choice why? do you have any idea how much bubble wrap you can get for the equivalent of a barge full of premium pyrotechnics?

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elevator pitch: it's scale model railroading but for smol arm boards in smol datacenters with star war action figures providing smol remote hands services to select customers

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I just explained my pinephone quickly with "don't think of it as a phone, just as a project you'd see at linuxfest" and after a few swipes in manjaro my friend's eyes were wide.

This is going to change the world. Eventually.

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Goes to make minor corrections to documentation.
"Please read these verbose and complex terms and agree to them".
Closes tab.

This is probably why your documentation is littered with minor grammatical and syntax errors.

browser.proton.enabled = false

you're welcome.

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You know what sucks about companies that have moved to the cloud? I can no longer get free servers etc from them when they do a hardware refresh 😂

You're not a real hacker unless your computer weighs more than your chair.

Unless it is also your chair, then you get a free pass of l33tness on this one.

What are the easiest games to install on ubuntu linux that can be downloaded on another computer and copied over offline? Is flatpak or appimage the way to go for this? Cant sleep, need a distraction, only have a cell phone to download with.

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I've had my jeep 10 years and got it muddy for the very first time today.

TIL: Don't keep your mask in your back pocket. It's not like your wallet, it goes on your face.

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