i've finally set up convergence, a temporary setup until i find a better place to stick this monitor. i'm a huge fan of the convergence dock and my new setup.

just uploaded my first package, linuxconsoletools! it's a dependency of a couple of that wasn't available in any arch repos, so i built and uploaded it myself. huzzah!

after a month of trying, i got the sdk to compile on my ! inside of a python 3.7 virtual environment and by manually compiling and installing a few python packages, i got lbrynet up and running. hooray!

i'll be focusing my efforts on porting to in the near future. schoolwork got pretty crazy recently with important tests coming up, but i should have more time to work on porting this coming week. fbp is definitely my ideal UI for the , with minimalism and extensibility at it's core. im excited to get all of the f_scripts running properly on alarm.

"My Love-Hate Relationship With Bitwarden" is now up on my blog and RSS feed. While not strictly Linux or C related, I thought it was fitting due to the fact that digital security introduced me to the world of FOSS. This post includes demo footage of my new choice in passphrase management, captured on my . Please give it a read and let me know what you think either by replying to this thread or contacting me by any means on my About page.

You know the amazing mobile.twitter.com/biktorgj who singlehandedly created a nearly-FOSS userland modem firmware for the and ? He supports the community, is incredibly stubborn, err, persistent, in the face of a weird modem and regularly improves the firmware. You can even tell your phone modem to remind you to buy milk now via SMS. He likes coffee and we think he deserves some as a token of gratitude 😍! Pour him one ☕ ko-fi.com/biktorgj

the rss feed is finally updated and available. just add the following link to your rss reader to stay up-to-date on my blog: hamblingreen.gitlab.io/rss.xml. also there may or may not be another blog post coming tomorrow. we'll just have to wait and see :)

ive been writing my website totally by hand, but now im thinking about rewriting it with hugo.

Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family 🤗

a new addition to my terminal setup: peertube-viewer-rs. a minimal, rust based peertube downloader that allows for video streaming through mpv. gone are the long wait times to watch the next video from martijn! working on compiling sdk as well, been trying for months. dependencies out-of-date etc.

Sxmo 1.9.0 has been released and should be in the postmarketOS edge repos soon. We added support for better daemon supervision via superd, pipewire/bluetooth enhancements, and now support a new classes of devices (ie. tablets)! We have added support for calling on new devices ie. poco f1.



im reflecting on the role that twitter played in the decline of blogging, and rise of microblogging, and how the relates to it all. i think ill write a blog post about it.

it took me literal months to realize that pulseaudio wasn't running, which is why i couldn't connect to bluetooth audio devices on my . *facepalm*

let's spread across the fediverse! a new programming language that looks quite appealing to work with... i'll have to give it a look once I get a basic understanding of C down. harelang.org/

crazy life has calmed down a little bit, so i can finally get back to blogging. working on an article about switching from bitwarden to pass now, and i hope to have it out by sunday :)

#FOSS on your desk, #FOSS in your pocket, #FOSS on your wrist, and now, #FOSS in your ears!
Too bad plush unicorns with mics sticking out their heads were an April fool 🤣🤣 but I'm really excited about #PineSound and #PineBuds ! 🤩


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