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Is anyone interested in starting a new adaptive GTK Rust client for Signal for Linux smartphones and desktops? I wrote a post on the @PINE64 forum about my reasoning for this technical approach:

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*Do not respond to this with criticism of Signal*. If you're annoying about that, I'll block you.

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Very happy to finally get the screen cast portal demo fully working o/

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The rumors are true! We're happy to confirm that our favorite Free Software-loving dragons are getting an animated series! This summer, get ready to discover the secrets of FLOSS Forest with "Katie & Konqi: Bug Hunters". Only on Netflix!

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The latest Android build of the Elisa music player is now much better. Covers are shown. Indexing your music on first start is working.
Playback is now working fine!
Thanks again to @espidev for the mobile friendly interface!
This is now my daily driver on my phone for music.

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The Elisa music player is now available in the nightly repository of KDE community. This makes it very easy to test the amazing work done on the mobile support.
Please pay attention that this build is not able to play music yet.
There are also some issues in the Android integration. It is needed to restart it after giving it the authorization to access files.

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Following the amazing work on a mobile friendly version of the Elisa music player, I am trying to get it to work on Android. Here are a few screenshots. Thanks Devin Lin

More gestures are coming to... Angelfish web browser! Tabs are now in a mobile friendly drawer, and swiping left or right on the navigation bar can now change pages!

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The Elisa mobile layout has finally been merged! Very excited for the music player to be on on my !

Opened a few MRs for adding haptic feedback in various components. It's exciting that vibrations are now easily accessible to developers :P

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The team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

Added a keyboard theme switcher to Plasma Mobile's virtual keyboard settings! I couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot after the keyboard pops up, so this is the best I could do :p

Just went through a whirlwind of improving interfaces in KRecorder, Kalk and Keysmith.

QML really does make the process of interface development and prototyping really fast...

wip elisa port to mobile format (sorry for terrible video lol)


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