@fink @martijnbraam Nice work! I definitely should tinker with my PinePhone more, once I find the time …

the hinge looks quite firm for now, but do you expect it to stay that way, or do you expect it to loosen up to the point it can no longer hold up the phone in any given position?
Can the hinge be tightened in sucha case by for instance a screw?

@martijnbraam Curious and as expensive or designer extension I am not sure if need another keypad. 3 substitutes are here at my hand: 1st my cheap 10€ Xoro 8" plastic keypad sleeve for my tablet. 2nd my valuable foldable BT keyboard ( 35€). 3rd: my old 4" Android4-LG with phys keyboard- slider either by USB HID cable into my #pinephone or alternately by my HID BT Inputstick.

since it uses the pogo pins, Will this work with the ubports and BH edition with the usb hw bug?

@martijnbraam Can't wait for this bad boy to be officially available. Sure has that Psion feel to it.

@martijnbraam I can't wait for this. Any idea on what they expect this to cost once released?

Is it necessary

Is it usefull?
- probably it is

Is it beautiful?


If dirt and dust gets lodged in between the keys its going to be bad.
I was inspired by the design of apple keyboard for iPad actually.

@L29Ah was it really necessary to tag me (and all those others) in your reply?

@FiXato Not sure if it was necessary, i didn't have a chance to decide apparently.

@martijnbraam Did you tried to phone call with it ? Is it possible to put the keyboard behind the screen (to give a flat position) ?

@lanodan Yep, it needs two more buttons in every row. Otherwise it's just a waste :(

@Revertron @martijnbraam In *every* row?
What kind of language are you even targetting?
As far as I can tell it's a heavily reorganised ANSI layout, fitting an extra key for ISO would be neat.
And for the JIS layout used for Japanese input I think they would be fine with either a gesture on the screen or Fn+another key, you could make the spacebar smaller for this like it's done on regular keyboards but I guess pine64 would need enough demand for this.

See https://www.pine64.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/KBstraight.jpg for high resolution one where it's easier to see the labels.

@lanodan Russian, for example, has 33 letters instead of 26 English.
See the picture.

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