at least displayport mst works so I can use my desktop monitors/keyboard with my laptop

AAAHRG just got a new mainboard and a new 3rd gen ryzen cpu.

The doesn't boot ofcourse because I first need to buy an older AMD cpu to update the bios on my mainboard and then I can use my ryzen 3 CPU :(

Measuring typing speed in WPM is for typists, programmers have typing speed in baud

Why do people keep comparing $150 phones with $1500 phones?

.ht is so fast that my builds fail before I can switch to the browser tab. It's magic.

Starting from today @kde team have decided to provide you with a weekly updates about things happening in the project! Is the first blog post in this series, and it is quite packed with all the awesome stuff!

Don't miss the Video of @postmarketOS developer @martijnbraam assembling the @PINE64 device. Which have a sneak preview of . or video showing current state of on @purism Librem 5 Development kit!

Thank you!

Letting the glue dry on the touchscreen assembly.

Needed some weight.

Coincidentally both the book and the phone are about the same price.

Got the best parts kit ever today. The rest of the parts to change my mainboard into a full phone :D

PureTryOut got the latest running in . This is it running on the Nexus 5. It's currently a bit unstable but it's progress :)

So when is someone going to make a better certification than FSF RYF for mobile devices?

Completed PCBs for prototype ("Brave Heart" batch) ! They will be paired with their LCDs in about two weeks (next week is a Chinese holiday).

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