So got booting on the

Only from SD for now since u-boot is the most annoying part.

Received my ANSI today :)

It runs debian great now, time to put alpine on it

Just did my last git push of the decade. Now it's time for oliebollen and fireworks :D

Hmm the will need a FOSDEM app now... Is there a Linux desktop app that can read/plan the schedule?

I established communication with a Behringer X-air mixer now, it suprisingly has some open protocol documentation so I can control it with open source software :)

Lately I've seen some incorrect statements and facts about Linux on mobile being thrown around, and I decided to write a blog post to give some more correct info. Please give it a read 😄

If you see any mistakes I've made, please correct me!

Four different mobile OSs on the : , , and . Video edited on a in Openshot by Lukasz
Video link:

for some reason sometimes keys break for me on the phosh keyboard, but it runs on the :D

How do you properly spell this because it seems to depend on how you pronounce SoC.

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