So there's this open source e-book DRM scheme called LCP.

Which sounds like a contradiction, but it's actually opensource on

So obviously the second part of that statement is false and I can't see how this can exist. Their implementation encrypts the ebook with a static keypair and when licencing a book it encrypts the private key for the book with an user-generated public key. There doesn't seem to be any protection against just decrypting the book once and storing it

Useless polls

Since I spent more time on this joke than I should've, I'll just upload it here.

Original idea by @danct12, original photo

To clarify: I'm building a kernel on it and my CPU is currently hotter than my coffee.

Kobo e-readers are pretty hackable, internal storage is just an SD card and they have a clearly marked UART :D

Destination #Linux 145 - Interview with #Lukasz Erecinski of #Pine64, #GNOME vs Trolls, #Ubuntu’s New Desktop Director

Topics covered in this episode:

Lukasz Erecinski of Pine64 (Interview)
#Pinebook Pro, #Pinetab Specs, #Pinephone, #Pinetime (Smartwatch)
#Gnome Won’t Back Down From Patent Trolls
#Canonical Has A New Ubuntu Desktop Director

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks
#linux #podcasts #mozilla #Ubuntu

So eeh... trying out that patreon thing...

now I'm both a creator and an influencer according to youtube and patreon :D

Does anyone recognize this logo? (it's an TFT panel or display controller brand)

Wok makes me happy, it's the java of the cooking world. You can make anything in it

This whole car radio is contained in the front panel, the rest of the radio can is empty, just to fill the DIN space :D

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