Now I have a gaming PC.

I guess it needs a bit more power to boot...

So it seems like the way to generate a bootloader for rockchip devices is with the propriatary binary-only rockchip tools :(

Looks like I'm a bit early, mainline u-boot support for the rockpro64 landed 7 days ago. Not in a release yet...

the website now has a dark mode if you're using Firefox 67+ (and have a dark system theme in Linux)

What do you mean I have to wait for the release for daily use :D

On April 28, come see see our Pinebook Pro and PinePhone showcased, as well as see your questions answered!

Shouldn't a cluster of ROCK64 boards be called a mountain? and a cluster of PINE64 boards a forest?

Got the touchscreen functional on the pinephone devkit, still flipped and it doesn't start correctly but it works a bit.

The PINE64 new phone devkit has arrived!

Let's see if I can get it to boot something :)

Open source printer/scanners need to become a thing. I keep dealing with broken FTP implementations...

Why I'm happy with open source software: because I don't have to deal with the same bug for 18 years

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