Windows updater is downloading updates....

2% already...

Magically because it's not connected to internet...

Oh, hi there Reddit.

We now have an official subreddit:

Just another place where you can get your P64 news or talk all about it. :)

Your won't be translucent, but it will look something like this under the battery cover. :)

Current unixbench scores of SBCs I own

(I should have a PI 2 somewhere but can't find it)

Just took apart a cheap "smart" tv made in 2017, turns out there's an 2003 ARM11-76JZF-S soc in it.

Which explains why the UI is so awfully slow...

Time for the August Blog Update -- London Meetup, PineTab News, SOEdge And More!

Quite a bit of news covering the spectrum of new and upcoming products!

How to keep a windows box busy for 5 hours? download a Linux tarball and watch the virusscanner squirm over the amount of files.

It would be great if matrix client developers would stop naming the clients after math things, it makes them annoying to search for.

Just received the 2.0 devkit for the , last stage before the phone-shaped devkits :D

I managed to get the FM transmitter in the N900 working with postmarketOS :D

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