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The twenty-second edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

New releases, a new -boot-demo and more!


TIL: JLCPCB does now offer eMMC flash for SMT assembly. Let's build some SD cards that are actually eMMC flash for fun and profit


It just took me five minutes of research to re-find the mobile-friendly element web app, hydrogen ( Now I consider adding a "web app list" to What do you think? And which webapps do you use on and ?

I finally managed to move the games on the list to a seperate list:

I won't maintain it actively though, if you are interested in and gaming, please get in touch!

If you care enough about privacy to require full disk encryption, we're now providing an on-device installer image which enables FDE on the :

Flash it to an SD or the internal eMMC and follow the instructions :)

Today Is Q&A Day !

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 90 is today at 19:00 UTC. You still have time to get your questions to us.

You can post them during the live streaming on Youtube and Telegram.

Or on the Forum before the Q&A to gain priority :


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Lomiri #Miroil #OTA15 #ubuntu

This is the Flathub version of Yishu, and I have my priorities wrong.
I am going to add it tomorrow.

If you're using analytics without even asking a specific question (or questions) you are doing it VERY wrong

Still waiting for you @purism to arrive, too? Watch @gbryant's nice unboxing and first impressions video of the Librem 5 Evergreen:

OTA-15 is nearly here! We'd love your help with testing before release. You can get details on the upcoming release and how to test it out here:

#UbuntuTouch #OTA15 #ubports

Hello fellow mobianistas, hope you are still enjoying your devices. We are working hard to improve our installer to be able to properly encrypt your disks.

@PINE64 This is a really good decision. As more and more regular (as in non-Linux-enthusiast, non-developer) people have ordered PINE64 devices, it's great to see that they are building a way to properly deal with the additional demand for support.

If you did not watch it yet, my @ManjaroARM video about the @kde @PINE64 has chapter markers now that may save you some time!


(Sorry for the glitches BTW. I used mencoder to concatinate the videos and that wasn't a good idea. Snap and deb install of kdenlive had both failed to deliver a working video editor, and I only tried the Flatpak later (which, of course, works brilliantly).)

Missed my stream about Megi's p-boot-image and on @PINE64 on monday? If you want to you can (re-)watch a slightly edited version of the @gnome segment from now on!

If you're tired of my videos and want to watch something actually well produced about (here on ), make sure to watch this video by @Ezra :

cc @PINE64 @plasmamobile

BTW: Fellow , if you want to help with building a -free supply:
Check out:
They're looking for Kicad editors, RISC-V Firmware developers, integrating ePeas/TI ICs and people experienced with Arduino and similar.

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