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The fifty-fifth edition of my weekly collection of news about (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

news, , Video Recording on PinePhone and more!

Interesting to read: megi's PinePhone Development Log

2021–07–26: The latest #Pinephone #keyboard prototype

Just some screenshots of Alligator a feed reader running on the

It's a extremely minimal and light weight one which I would definitely recommend if that's what you search for but I prefer Gnome feeds! :D

Big thanks to @plasmamobile for the amazing work and make sure to follow them!

Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

#Sailtrix - #matrix client for #SailfishOS supporting end-to-end encryption among many other features. Currently in beta....

Need to try this out

Just some screenshots of Tubefeeder a Youtube client running on the

I call it "client" but it's really more of a feed reader specialized on Youtube and opening videos in mpv so it allows you to watch videos from people you follow but nothing else. I wish it had better desktop support because it's exactly how I want to watch Youtube! :D

Big thanks to Schmiddiii (Github) for the amazing work!

PostmarketOS is a version of Alpine Linux for smartphones. You can follow at:

➡️ @postmarketOS

Their official site is at

The distro is available for many different devices, but the most compatible is the PinePhone made by @PINE64

(You can check device compatibilities at

#PostmarketOS #AlpineLinux #Alpine #Linux #GNU #GNULinux #Computing #FOSS #Smartphones #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Distro #Distros

Never heard of this before but have to try it now.

MyGNUhealth, the GNU Health Personal Health Record 1.0.3 is out! Updates the medical #genetics w/ the latest #UniProt human natural variants.
Ready for your desktop, and your @thepine64 #PinePhone ❤️ #bioinformatics #PHR #mhealth 👇…

I think I have to add one more word to my "List of words I strongly dislike because people never define them properly" (currently listing "daily driver"):

See also:

A question for theming experts: Given the mismatches in available icons between KDE (e.g. Breeze) and GNOME (e.g. Adwaita) icon themes, is there a way to specify the icon set per toolkit, or need I use something like to solve this problem?

If you're a fan of US Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap you probably know

Well I've written a Kirigami (Qt) app named KMixtapez that acts as a client to access the music hosted there.

I still have to distribute it as Flatpak but you can build it from source:

Works great on even though the UI is still a bit laggy on Phosh (it's probably better on Plasma, I'll have to check).

Proudly hosted on .

300 apps are quite the number, but every added app also worsens the loadtime of . I hope to get a replacement in place before 350 apps are surpassed, and will post more about this in the coming days.
I'll definitely need help with some things - I hope to be able to outline this more next week.

Just some screenshots of Dragonstone a Gemini/Gopher browser running on the
As you may know I showed off Fossil once and wasn't even aware that it was a fork so here is the original and it scales even better! :D

Big thanks to @baschdel for this amazing work!

Thanks to @linmob's mobile apps list, I found and installed , a GTK app for light image editing. It's the only mobile app I found so far that supports resizing. Unfortunately, the crop tool is difficult to use on a touch screen. It has no precision, you swipe blindlessly with your fat finger with no visual feedback and let go. Which means never getting what you expected or wanted. By comparison, shows a rectangle over the image that you can easily resize before applying.

So for anyone who asked, you can now enable stickers from the current room to be used globally (if you use the nightly) in the room settings.

Today is Friday! What does that mean? A new issue of This-Week-in-GNOME is available!

👉 #2 Power-Up!

It's full of awesome news! Make sure to check it out!


Running "real " on phones means you can use same methods to debug/develop as on a desktop. I fired up cProfiler to investigate why starts up slowly on my .

Ended up submitting four patches, one of them makes cover and the "pill" of new/downloaded podcasts look sharp on high res displays (see screenshot, didn't realize how blurry it was until investigating this 😀) and a one liner that fixes loading cached thumbnails. Got a ~20s faster startup!

I've just relesed #InfiniTime 1.3.0 : PineTimeStyle, LittleFS integration, battery info in Gadgetbridge, and many more improvements for your @PINE64 #PineTime!

Release note :

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