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One step closer to having the keyboard ready... the membranes just came in!

Find out more about the keyboard and other upcoming tech in our latest Community Update:

With GNOME 40, most core apps are going to have rounded bottom corners.

Many third party apps have already had them for a while but if your app doesn't yet, you still have a few weeks to get it in shape before 40 ;)

Relevant docs:

Charging the Librem 5

"When you find yourself low on power, it’s helpful to know how long it takes to charge your device. This video will go over the expected charge time of the Librem 5."

#librem5 #privacy #freedom

Wonder what changed in ( in february?
While I plan to publish a blog post on this topic (and on future plans) later this week, this is a first glimpse:

#PinePhone #Unboxing & First Impressions

@PINE64 #mobian

Just received my PinePhone today, and threw together a quick Unboxing and First Impressions. Any feedback would be welcome!

I like how easy it is to use custom shaders in GTK4. There's no Cairo involved on either of those screenshots.


Dear german-speaking audience, join us in about 80 minutes!

I'll be talking a bit about #postmarketOS on various devices, and is going to talk about the #Volla phone in the beginning!


The team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

Drawing allows you to draw or edit pictures with handy tools like pencil, shapes, text, selection, cropping, and more! This basic image editor supports PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

Find it on Flathub:
#GNOME Circle

Can some one explain to me what the idea behind "commercial open source" is?

This is the jellyfish h264 demo on a #librem5 using the #imx8mq's #hantro VPU.

Using the CPU we take 300% of CPU time, using the VPU instead we take 10% (and even that can be optimized further). Using the VPU also saves ~1.5W of power. Thanks go to the #gstreamer and #linux kernel folks for making this possible!

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