gamifying code development through virtual badges and other similar incentives

great talk about scientific computing using dynamic programming languages

a tl;dw for people who missed or opted-out of the fermilab live-stream yesterday:

migrated from xfce4 to latest kde overnight for no reason and I have to say that it has become a very nice and comfortable user experience

63-bit types in a production PL

godzilla v kong is no batman v superman though the premise of each is entertaining

is there a decent FOSS dictation program?

I'm looking for a spicy tech meme to influence my peers

then there was that one night I took on the persona of a victorian lady and had someone dress me

there should be a special place in hell for researchers who won't share their data

2021 will be an important year for democracy and the fediverse and other privacy tools are central to the safety of people around the world

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