@fink @martijnbraam Nice work! I definitely should tinker with my PinePhone more, once I find the time …

the hinge looks quite firm for now, but do you expect it to stay that way, or do you expect it to loosen up to the point it can no longer hold up the phone in any given position?
Can the hinge be tightened in sucha case by for instance a screw?

@martijnbraam Curious and as expensive or designer extension I am not sure if need another keypad. 3 substitutes are here at my hand: 1st my cheap 10€ Xoro 8" plastic keypad sleeve for my tablet. 2nd my valuable foldable BT keyboard ( 35€). 3rd: my old 4" Android4-LG with phys keyboard- slider either by USB HID cable into my #pinephone or alternately by my HID BT Inputstick.

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