Every user of Google, Facebook, ... should absolutely watch #TheSocialDilemma

It makes people understand how those services are designed with the ultimate goal to sell your brain time at the highest price.

Show it to Children, show it to Friends!


From the article: "Among the special powers granted exclusively to the FBI under a Reagan-era executive order (No. 12333) are authorizations to conduct “unconsented physical searches” and “physical surveillance” for intelligence purposes in the US."

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ATTENTION: Anyone that uses Arch Linux ARM on their @PINE64 should upgrade their kernel NOW.

This kernel aimed to fix security vulnerability.

To upgrade, open your terminal and run "pacman -Syu".

Something you guys will really love is N-O-D-E zine. Free online download or buy a print copy. Covering hardware/software hacking, decentralized meshes, advanced onion routing w/packet padding (to prevent packet injection node analysis deanonymization) and much more! n-o-d-e.net/zine/

Howto prep Microsdcard and download/install/boot into it/use the beautiful SailfishOS on the Pinephone. Includes demonstration of successful incoming call/text messages youtu.be/f1t4njImIXI

Happy Birthday to the @fsfe Thank you for promoting a free and open web, your passionate fight is so important to all of us. 🥳🎉♥️

The Secure the News project by Freedom of the Press Foundation now tracks which news organizations offer @torproject onion services to protect reader privacy and enable censorship circumvention. Check it out:

📈 Leaderboard: securethe.news

📝 Blog: freedom.press/news/onions-side

🐿️ Code: github.com/freedomofpress/secu

#linux #commandline #bash
If you are halfway through a command and you know you f@*ked up, don't hit tons of backspaces, press Ctrl+U to erase the whole command. If you just want to delete a word in that command then press Ctrl+W. It you want to clear the terminal don't waste time typing clear, hit Ctrl+L. :smugcat: :blobcat_pat:

Auditing your cell phone for malware using an ethical MITM (Man in the Middle) attack, with MITM attack demonstration/cellular/ MITM/solutions. youtu.be/ry97LoiGTmg

Mobian is looking great on the Pinephone! Inkscape fully functional and smoother than you would expect, calls working in/out, sms text, cellular data, all working! youtu.be/yhgQk6wYYeg

"That begs the question: Why should you trust a VPN that promises to protect your privacy more than your internet provider? The answer is that you can't, and you shouldn't."


@fosshermit Owning your data in an offline setting and being your own ISP are orthogonal issues. You can very well own you own data in your own server instance *somewhere* on the internet, and you can give up ownership to Mark Zuckberg even with the nicest of mesh networks.
Owning a that you control, and a @mobian distribution that you trust can be part of the puzzle.

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