Tomorrow at 10 am PST/1 pm EST, join EFF for a town hall where we answer your questions about copyright and the Internet

RT @eff: The law protecting biometric privacy in Illinois is the “gold standard and the kind of thing we’d like to see in all privacy laws,…

Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

Mass surveillance = "trying to find a needle in a haystack by piling on more hay"

I don't want websites and the companies that own them to manipulate me into staying longer. I don't want them actively attempting to exploit weaknesses in my brain. I don't want to be controlled.

I just want to have interests. And I just want to live a humble life. And I want to make sure that those around me are happy and healthy.

This "value"-hungry network of companies have to be stopped.

In Episode 003 of @Ezra and I are planning to discuss the recent @PINE64 Community update, focussing on , the SBC and news around the keyboard and default OS.

If you've got different suggestions or questions regarding the topics above, get them in now by replying here or sending them to!

What’s clear from the reaction to this most recent privacy policy change is that WhatsApp shares much more information with Facebook than many users were aware, and has been doing it since 2016.

Anyone with OnionShare experience out there? Just saw the toot ( from @torproject and wanted to know if any of you had tried the current or previous versions.

OnionShare 2.3 had a few bugs including anonymous chat mode was broken 😭 but don't worry, we just released OnionShare 2.3.1 and it fixes all of that!

Get it at

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you know it's gonna get funky when the USB cable is clear. this one is new right out of the box so is pretty shiny but the yellower the funkier.

Sandboxing Apps on Linux, Pinephone, Pinetab Using Firejail. Quick start guide includes whitelisting and making desktop Phosh app buttons (ie: Firefox) start in sandbox by default.

Did you know? Our Full Disk Encryption setup script now supports @PINE64 and Barebone images!

Check it out here:

Newbie friendly (as much as possible) walkthrough: Arch Linux (DanctNIX) Full Disk Encryption Installer Script (Pinetab/Pinephone) + Bonus (optional) Material: Adding BlackArch repositories for access to loads of pentesting tools!

Another minor update to MACtrack: Added dates to each lookup per logfile and RSSI signal strength per probe. Updated package is on my Odysee page. Use this invite link if you don't have an account to help me out (I get LBRY for each invite link signup, and you get lbry crypto for joining) :) Upload is at the top. This is another great thing about Odysee: not only do you get a video channel, you can share files.$/invite/@RTP:9

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