Is there anybody here that uses other Fediverse services, except from Mastodon? I have been fascinated by the whole concept of ActivityPub and federated social networks, but haven't seen great value on other Fediverse offerings. Am I missing something? 😅

@chrispanag well a lot of the people on the federated timeline are using other microblogging software like Pleroma

@blueberry so it's mostly about microblogging. Makes sense, it's much easier to federate microblogging instead of other services.

@chrispanag well, it’s probably easier just in general to federate with software that aims to do the same thing. Micro blogs with micro blogs, photo posting with photo posting, etc.

@blueberry Yeap I can see that...

I observed that the other services are not so popular or so active as the microblogging ones are.

I can justify that, communities can form better around microblogging, so I think that's why Mastodon has seen such an adoption, in contrast to other federated services.

@chrispanag you can follow peertube users/channels and comment on the videos using Mastodon

@chrispanag Peertube and Odysee are two great projects asswell. Odysee is not using activitypub. Plemora works as alternative to Mastadon. And well... there are some other federated social networks that look very promising. for example is a Reddit clone.

@chrispanag you might also wanna check out its a completely private Reddit front end

@Aaron_troetcafe_ no trackers + it proxies the traffic as I see. Well, it's interesting, although I'm not sure if the benefits it provides are enough for me to downgrade to its lesser UI. 😅

@chrispanag Hello from Friendica! 👋 It's lonely around here =P

@chrispanag Interesting question! I'm also curious to read other people's reactions.

I'm still only following Mastodon and Pleroma (which I believe is a Mastodon-fork) accounts. I still hope to find useful content creators on PeerTube at some point, but so far I still watch everything on YouTube (or occasionally Vimeo). I haven't looked into how you could use Mobilizon for events, and for now I don't really feel the need to use Pixelfed myself. I think I will upload to PeerTube at some point.

@Erik thing is for Pixelfed or Friendica to be useful you need to pursue your friends to join and be active. Unfortunately (for now) this isn't so practical...

Most people, aren't really interested in a worldwide audience for their posts on social media...

(I need to check PeerTube when I'll have some more time, to see the kind of content that gets posted there)

@Erik Pleroma is *not* a Mastodon fork :) It's a completely different project with different tech stack! Though it can be used with Mastodon's frontend (can sort of look like Mastodon). Mobilizon project grew as a fork from Pleroma! @chrispanag If you already have friends on Mastodon, they can follow your Friendica account too. I'm connected to many people from Friendica, Hubzilla, Misskey, and have accounts on all of them (for testing). Main difference is the interface - choose what you prefer

@lightone @chrispanag
Aah thanks for clearing that up, I didn't know that :) Most of my friends are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.. so that doesn't really work :P

@Erik @lightone @chrispanag I think there are interesting accouts in pixelfed, picture and photo orientated. Mine is here:


Yes that's beautiful! I would like to have more of that in my feed, people who really take the time to take beautiful pictures!

I especially like nature, so animals, landscapes and people (like the 'before they pass away' cultural heritage photos by Jimmy Nelson)

Monetisation for photographers should also be possible!

There should also be bots posting award-winning pictures, like the world press photo's with a description, etc (as attached) . =)

We're trying to collaboratively reference nice channels on PeerTube here:
You can also use SepiaSearch or Peertubeify to check whether your favorite YT content is not already on PeerTube 😉

@chrispanag If you like instagram, there's There's also , which can be instead of slack.

@chrispanag #Pleroma is a very good alternative to Mastodon written in Elixir. Really great developer community, and at this point the platform works great.
@sean @chrispanag I'd phrase that differently.
Mastodon is the alternative to Pleroma.

Yeah, I use as German law has much better privacy r
protections and isn't subject to third party doctrine in the states (which basically says the US government can look at pretty much any info stored by US companies).

@chrispanag I use Pixelfed, Lemmy and Friendica as well, but none of them as active as Mastodon.

@chrispanag I'm on pixelfed for photo sharing . I have a few videos on a peertube instance and I'd like to get some events up on Mobilizon when I get some time (and have events to promote)

@chrispanag I'm really interested if there's something that doesn't try to copy the broadcast-oriented aspect of twitter. More focus on interconnection within a small community (eg FB groups)


More focus on interconnection within a small community (eg FB groups)

This is doable (and being done) with #Zap (either with a Group or Access List).
@chrispanag Hi, I'm using #Friendica on my single-user node. Beyond Mastodon and Pleroma, #PeerTube (video) and #FunkWhale (music) are also built atop #ActivityPub.

@hypolite Is this a thing to run single-user nodes? Seems an interesting choice.

@chrispanag It definitely is! It's the next logical step after "leaving a closed-source platform for an open-source one". When it comes to data and moderation control, a single-user node is the best you can do. It isn't accessible to everybody though, I can do it because I'm benefitting from years of experience in my profession.

> haven't seen great value on other Fediverse offerings... Am I missing something?

I suppose it depends on what features you may personally consider of value. If Mastodon meets your needs/wants then you're not missing anything.

From #Zap (on the ZotSide of the fediverse), I enjoy being able to create posts of whatever length with a range of formatting option and include whatever media I want within the post. (I'm aware some masto-forks and instances can do some of that as well)

Mostly I enjoy having the ability to fine-tune who has access to see what (posts, media, events, etc.) through a pretty robust permission system.

Being able to fine-tune what I see in my stream through various filtering options and permissions is also nice.

There's also little things like being able to preview a post before actually posting it and editing a post after-the-fact (although mastodon doesn't support receiving the edits).

It's more of a facebook alternative so there's also stuff like public and private groups and events.  There's a lot more but those are just some off the top of my head.

@chrispanag I like Friendica because it can be a social network combined with RSS following of blogs/substacks. If you want to test out a Friendica node we have one with open registration at

@chrispanag I use Diaspora* a lot. It has a nice community.


> but haven't seen great value on other Fediverse offerings. Am I missing something? 😅

Yes, I would say so. Mastodon is the biggest platform in the Fediverse, but not the only one and there's a lot more to experience.

For example, Pleroma is similar to Mastodon, but has a much more modern design - from the engine up to the front end user interface.

Things like Markdown text formatting, larger maximum toot sizes which are almost non-existant in mastodon instances... (cont)

@chrispanag ... except in Glitch-Social ones, are common in Pleroma instances.

A much lighter system. Easier to install and run, requiring less hardware. With more choices, and advanced features for the users.

Yes, there's a lot to see in Fediverse.

@chrispanag Yes, you're missing quite a big deal. There's also Friendica, Pixelfed, Misskey, Pleroma, PeerTube, Hubzilla, Diaspora, Funkwhale and many more. Search for and you'll have a better understanding of the Fediverse. Enjoy!
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