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My cat’s nose gets so wet when he’s purring and wants to sleep that it’ll drip down


I’m deathly afraid of stepping on a wall charger after seeing it happen in an episode of Black Mirror

I want to stand in the rain just to feel something

I have to wait a whole ‘nother year
I have to wait a whole year
I have to wait a whole year more
I have to wait another year

Why does the first one sound right to me??

Too bad I missed that deadline; now, I’ll have to wait another year

Mastodon: What’s on your mind?
Me: Either absolutely everything or absolutely nothing

I have a lot of love to give out in the world and I want to give it to you. If you feel the same way cool let’s share the love. If you don’t feel the same that’s fine too just tell me when you lose the spark

I want to remake my personal website using React just for the sake of learning it, but I also really like how my website already looks.

Anything else I could do to learn React?

Sometimes, it feels like too many people are texting me. Such a different problem than a couple months ago

Probably the only thing I’ll miss from MacOS is the seamless AirDrop integration

I don't understand how I'm getting random phone calls on my laptop (MacOS), but not on my iPhone

Why did LinkedIn add stories?? When would you ever want to post something there? The only thing I ever see people post are stories about them persevering through rejection emails

TIL about iOS 14’s private address feature. Essentially, it randomizes your MAC address for different networks.

Settings > Wi-Fi > {network name} (i)

It takes me so long to get in the shower, and just as long to get out

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