Dammit, I made a friend with somebody I probably didn’t want to be friends with

Should I have a blueberry emoji in my display name?

Some people look cuter with their masks on…

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

It’s almost as if I like talking to new people more than I like developing better relationships with people I already know

Late Night Blues 

Why can’t I just stop caring

Opened Fosstodon right in front of my roommate; almost exposed myself right then and there 😰

Late Night Blues 

I hope next week is better

I easily get annoyed by the phrases people say repeatedly

Making my bed just in case… 😉😉😉

… anybody comes over so they won’t think I’m a complete slob

Late Night Blues 

It doesn’t seem like anybody cares about all these adventures I go on

Late Night Blues 

My grandparents think I have all the girls flocking to me… I wish there was even 1

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