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Late night blues 

I’ve never loved someone more than I loved myself

I like this service, but I wish it could also block email trackers as well...

Me: Why don’t I have time to do anything??
Also me: *checks screen time and realize I spend 2+ hours on HN/Mastodon*

I think my favorite gifts are small things/trinkets that aren’t flashy and I can bring around w me

For example: keychain, hoodie, face mask, water bottle, bracelet

If I don’t get Billie Eilish merch for my birthday, I’m going to buy it myself

My friend told me I need to stop talking about my internship offers while at his house bc now his parents are on his case about it now

When somebody is venting to you about somebody but you don’t want to criticize anybody too much 😬

I have one friend I text that I like to mess around with

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In a meeting of a group of 6 random people, I learned that half of us use DuckDuckGo... wow!

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You better bet I’m watching Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry as soon as I get my hands on it

Ever listen to a song that would be perfect if not for that *one* part?

Thought I did ok on my midterm... until I realized I forgot to do some problems

I'm freaking out... like, a ton

1. I'm very unprepared for 2 midterms coming up
2. A group project is due soon and we have yet to pass a single test case
3. I realize my understanding of content is much less than I previously thought

Just did a practice midterm and only got 2/20 problems right 🙃

Why are there no good self-hosted captchas?

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