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This is a new account for me, I wanted to try another instance, and fosstodon seemed like a great place. I feel that my no agenda account was being blocked. I am hoping to get a little more reach for my free/open source software interests, as well as other stuff. If you care to follow me here, I'd appreciate it.

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robot at the grocery store last night. definitely creeped out watching it wander the store on its own. those googly eyes don’t fool anyone. customers around me were all pretty unnerved too.

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Ken Thompson and Brian Kernighan talk about the creation of Unix. #vcfeast

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This weekend, May 3-5 come to Vintage Computer Fest East in Wall, NJ. Ken Thompson will be speaking.
VCF East is for everyone! Computer geeks, families/children, students, collectors, IT professionals, curious onlookers…

Got through fixing my and getting the latest image on it. Now to make it do something more useful.

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by endorsing WSL for your free software distribution, you help Microsoft harm FOSS by repackaging "Linux" as an "app" you download from the Windows Store
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How much does Morpheus have to pay Oracle for a meeting?

Now that Google has discontinued plus and now no longer has a social network, how long before they buy Twitter?

Subsequently, how long will it take them to discontinue it after that?

I remembered today. Just climbed a bit of a hill.

Nice quick ride home. was great, glad the trip home was smooth. @deejoe

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