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Fun fact, I don't agree with every single one of your opinions (🀯). And I respect each of you.

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: I'm moving to I love @kev and the fosstodon crowd. It's been a wild ride, and it was a great introduction to . I hope to meet more great people over there. Old toots will stay where they are.

Added to my list of - "cross-platform apps" which don't have any linux download.

Take a deep breath. Don't let my way of thinking ruin your day. Stay focused.

Hey !
I'm Samuel Roland, a student developer and I love free and open-source software ! I'm the kind of person who has too many ideas all the time.

I'm passionate about development (so many crazy tools we can create!), the opensource maintainers, free licenses, community building, and programming best practices.

I need to learn a lot and improve my skills in different areas. Here, I would like to share my side projects, my enjoyments during my learnings, recommendations, ...

In the past 12 hours, I have received 6 separate emails offering jobs or web-design/seo packages.

Someone please tell me it's one jerk, who will get bored soon. I really don't want this to continue endlessly.

Related, don't be surprised if they hit back harder.
An important message does not necessitate a brutal medium.

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It's not your fault if someone else hit first. But it's your fault if you hit back.

LIFE HACK: If you find an excuse to dismiss every fact that challenges your beliefs β€” then 100% percent of the facts will support your belief!

Via Doniel Katz, on Facebook.

comments won't break your program. Confused programmers will.

Please share your favourite Gemini Capsules for personal blogs
(boosts appreciated)

Just for kicks, I installed :cinnamon: cinnamon desktop. It turns out, it's pretty sleek.
- Like :ubuntubudgie: ubuntu budgie, it has a built-in manager for themes, extensions, and more.
- I can switch between budgie and cinnamon by simply logging out.
- It looks like windows :windows: , and feels like linux :tux:. It's awesome.

Should we be concerned that the decisions of AIs are inscrutable?

(article + discussion on lobsters,

I enjoyed writing this piece. It was very enlightening to explore my beliefs about emotional states.

The main reason I created a ProtonMail account, is that my Gmail inbox was overwhelming. As long as I still use Gmail, I should keep a handle on incoming messages.

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There's nothing like the feeling you get after deleting over 900 emails. Speaking from experience.

I did a new thing: a quote-post. I wrote the markup indieweb-style, which was fun.

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