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Fun fact, I don't agree with every single one of your opinions (🤯). And I respect each of you.

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Hi, 👋
I'm a student & web developer from Maryland (US). I enjoy contributing to (see my github), ( or ), and playing with my family's new Wilson. I'm also looking for interesting people to follow!

Get off the hamster wheel, just for a second. Take the day off - my treat 😉.

First step in my journey to finding better social media :D

I'm wrapping up a US history course. It's funny how "American" history always starts with the *Native* Americans being invaded. The lifestyles and history of American Indian tribes must be too trivial to teach. 😔

What's the difference between an OS, distro and flavor? Why are some distros named "Blank OS"?

Reading a book from cover to cover doesn’t mean you’ve finished it.

It means you read it.

A book is only completed after you’ve applied the lessons you’ve learned.



Please be nice to people. Don't call my ideas *** or !#@&. If someone suggests that <big-company> is ethical and moral, you can believe they're insane, but don't start an argument. What do you stand to gain? I thought you wanted to grow the fediverse, not shrink it.

an unhappy fedizen

Hi. I'm Steve / @interfluidity, a sometimes developer, sometimes writer. I enjoyed @garritfra's post, and thought I'd give this world a try.

I can't stand it when projects don't use to track issues.

Let me get this straight: You're requiring me to sign-up for an external service, just so that I can report a bug?

message to free software folks: user hostile != good

"You must push yourself until your nose starts bleeding. And see what you create. Most people can’t do it."
— Hayao Miyazaki

I don't know who needs to hear this, but I don't care what you've done wrong. You're fine.

(This toot brought to you by personal experience)

For those who don't know yet. This is the proper way to link to a Matrix user or group

There has been a lot of new users on Fosstodon lately. Where are you all coming from? :)

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