This is why browsing extensions is fun. I will install it and I will be happy with it.

Ive started to meditate and things have been great so far. A good way to reliev stress.

Even though I dont like Microsofts buissness practices, I gotta say Bill Gates is Impressive.

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It's an election year in Germany, and I thought there could also be a hype about German politics :-) (because US politics is of course always in the spotlight). But Germany is also a major country and since I live here, I have decided to write about German politics in English, in small opinionated pieces. So here is the first one about today's election of the new chairman of Merkel's party , who now for better or worse has a good shot at the Chancellery in September 2021

Found this ten year old Ipod. Anything fun I could do with it?

Whatsapp delays the new Agreements in an attempt to stop the migrations to other messengers. May 15 is the new Deadline.
German article:

A Reddit viewer app that uses teddit instead of reddit api?

I published a small and simple app for ubPorts that keeps track of the amount of water you drink per day. Https:// . I will probably start to develope a bit more for it because the qml was actually quite fun to learn.
Prepare for more(then usual) right wing Trump idiots on the fediverse. At least they probably wont flood fosstodon...

I dont like mechanical keyboards. Change my mind.

Atom as Code editor is awsome. It increased my im way more productive.

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Birthdaygift to me from me: Surface Go 2

But I had to replace most of the original software, it came with a strange and buggy os that wanted me to create an online account in order to use it...

Strange stuff...

qml + python is a great expierience. Currently using this combi to develope an app for ubPorts.

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