The sixty-second edition of my weekly collection of news about (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

support landing in , 1.4.0, needs translators and more!

@linmob @PINE64 @purism

That is my branch of Chatty by the looks of it. While they are welcome to package and ship it (It is free software after all!), I just caution that MMS support in Chatty is very much experimental, and many things do not work yet.

I just I don't want folks to be disappointed when things do not work as expected.

@kop316 @linmob @PINE64 @purism Manjaro does that often without making this explicit, and we then get plenty of invalid bug reports upstream :( There's usually a good reason why stuff that isn't merged yet isn't merged yet. It's fine to have a distro that includes experimental stuff around for those bravest, but I'd like to see Manjaro clearly state which things they pull in are still unfinished so users are well aware of what to expect.

@dos @kop316 @linmob @PINE64 @purism They do the same with some stuff developed by postmarketOS devs and then our devs get invalid bug reports as well. It's fine doing it in dev builds where they ship all kinds of nightly stuff, but it really shouldn't happen in "stable" builds without explicitly warning the user about it.


@bart @dos @kop316 @PINE64 @purism With regard to this MMS feature, it's only in Manjaro Phosh dev (I thought about making this more clear in my headline, but didn't). Maybe, to avoid invalid bugreports, they could put in a First Run note (like a simple webview) that links the repos they are using so that bugs get reported there (and then get cherrypicked for upstream if that's where they belong)?

@linmob @bart @dos @PINE64 @purism

I guess that's their beta branch?

My point is more, I don't want folks thinking its a complete feature set, as it is not. They are welcome to package whatever they like!

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