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It turns out that if you give a Stripe Checkout your email, Stripe saves the email with your credit card info and uses it every time. There apparently is also no easy way to fix it.

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If apt dist-upgrade wants to remove "gnome-todo" don't be scared. gnome-todo is replaced by "endeavour" which is the same app, but renamed. (thanks @awai for highlighting that one)

My is surpsingly 1 yr old proof. I am postong from it after a rough session with my nephew

TIL that you can use VLC to stream a youtube video.

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Remaining problems on mobian staging: 1) the "geary" email client has been (temporarily) dropped from the Debian bookworm repository,
2) and if you had "chatty" accidentally removed earlier, you might need to manually install it again (for now).

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Just installed #phosh-plugins on the #librem5: really cool!

After enabling it through the phosh-mobile-settings app I now can #swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right to get a calendar or a an overview of my upcoming events.

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10,000 followers here on Mastodon/Fosstodon! Thanks to everyone who supports us 😊

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Fresh pmOS shirt after wearing my last one since fosdem 2019 :P

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Since people kept asking: we have a merch site up now, where you can get sustainable, stylish piece of clothing featuring the postmarketOS logo in quite a few variations.

Also we put a link to the @pine64eu homepage there, the place to go if you want to buy a brand new with postmarketOS pre-installed.

This morning I tried making Æbleskivers. It actually isn't as hard as I thought it would be! I found the pan at an antique store, it just needed a bit of cleaning and it worked as if it was new!

I made Sandwich bread yesterday! It has a different taste than sourdough, and takes a lot less time.

The recipe is from Paul Hollywood's newest book "Bake":

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Do you like @kicad and want to help with its development? The library-team is looking for more library maintainers.
Give me a ping if you want to join!
You should be reasonable experienced with #KiCad and #Electronics. I will take care of the on-boarding.

On the Wiki page for the class I am TAing:

"[If you have Linux], you already have a perfectly functional Unix terminal"

That was fixed very quickly.

To be pedantic, I also replaced all references to "Linux" to "GNU/Linux"

I should also note that it's possible to self-host the Matrix server and Slack bridge, but I (admittedly) got lazy on that part.

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One of the classes I am a teaching assistant for uses Slack for their primary communication, so I decided to give Element Home a try to bridge Slack and Matrix:

The Slack Bridge works incredibly well, pricing is for all active users (not just Matrix users), which can get very expensive if you bridge a large active room. You can limit # of users to keep costs down.

(Yes, I will pay Element money before I install a proprietary app on my laptop).

My favorite RSS reader for my and has ended up being newsboat:

It is incredibly lightweight, and it fits very well on the smaller screen!

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The unfortunate apt dist-upgrade breaking your install should be resolved now (perhaps with the exception of evince).
In case you destroyed your install, "apt install mobian-phosh mobian-phosh-phone" should bring back all missing packages.


I made sweet and savory scones this morning! The recipe is from Paul Hollywood's newest book "Bake":

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