This is what it looked like while I still had QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=breeze set, BTW:

@linmob @danqok @danct12 exactly my experience as well, though nothing happens when I attempt to open a video (v.reddit or youtube alike) - was that your experience too? I dont mind that behavior but wanted to ask.

@cyr @danqok @danct12 Works for me, but with all the crap I have installed on this aging Arch install I can't really tell what you are missing.

@linmob @danqok @danct12 perfect! That was my assumption (that I was missing/messed to something elsewhere), thanks for the clarity! I don't use reddit that much so not a big deal at all :)

@danct12 @linmob @danqok Oh my... I was about to start to rewrite Silica from scratch¹ just to have quickditt on pinephone, now I find it could already work!

¹ : just kidding...

@fabrixxm @danct12 @danqok Well.. this is the Ubuntu Touch version, not the Sailfish one. It would be really awesome to have a FOSS silica replacement.

@linmob @danqok @danct12

How much better is this then gira reddit? You should make a video about the reddit clients on the pinephone

@Jason123santa @danqok @danct12 I might do that, but I won’t get to it soon as there is so much more important stuff I need to get to first. Just try it. It feels a bit foreign on Phosh, but other than that, with the integrated QtWebEngine browser I‘d say it‘s overall better.

@linmob @danqok @danct12
I don't have a pinephone only an ubuntu touch phone but I can try it out on my pc. Yeah it has the UT design that is not on phosh.

@linmob @danqok @danct12
Yeah I am saying how it compares to gira reddit and what the best reddit client would be. I can try gira on my pc to see how that compares to quickddit.

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