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Do you love #Bitwarden password manager? Do you love the idea of #linux #mobile #phones (like #PinePhone and #Librem5)?

Then vote for bitwarden to support #ARM archtectures for a mobile client on Linux!!!

Bitwarden team just told me to get votes for the devs consider it in the future.

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PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at RK3566 SBC
- keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- back in March
- part of our ecosystem
- progress
- much more!

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Librem 5 battery life on
(5.9.16-librem5.2), day 1:

Unplugged and switched on at 8:45am. Now (4:30pm) it's at 4%.
I used it quite a bit for social media browsing, email and XMPP (@dino) + Matrix () in the beginning and during lunch break (which took about ~1h); mobile data worked fine. Even watched a video for a few minutes. Wifi was turned off when not needed.

While this is not super impressive, as I did not use the phone a ton, it's definitely a good start.

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#fluffychat has been approved for the iOS AppStore! Thanks to benpa and @matrix for the help with this! You guys are awesome!

If anyone wants some brief thoughts from a new user read on - it's solid hardware with a purchasing process that makes you feel like a valued customer.

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Today marks the end of Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!


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@PINE64 announced the end of the community editions. Turns out the @mobian edition was the grand finale that could simply not be topped :-).

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Re the "missing onscreen keyboard"
It turns out that the keyboard was included but phosh always thought it was docked to a phsyical keyboard, hiding the onscreen one. Nightlies should be safe to use again.

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A number of have once again been rejected by DHL Hong Kong branch. Explanation given: battery warning sticker they requested leaves no space for their battery warning sticker.

We are reaching out to DHL for further explanation.

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Still using on your @PINE64 without any kind of disk encryption?

This install script installs Arch to your SD/MMC with disk encryption:

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@kvuj The back cover is plastic, the sides are metal. It‘s a hefty beast (I mean that in a good way). I will post an unboxing and first impressions tonight.

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If you have not yet ordered your branded , why not? You know they are a limited batch, did you not know? A few of them are left, so get yours and support us with 10$ and get on your mobile phone! How cool is that?

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continues to impress, the battery drain *feels* faster but Ive found myself doing more so not sure how much is just in my head. So far charging twice gets me through a day, crashes have been rare with primarily using Chatty, Firefox and Telegram. I wish web apps were easier to do in Firefox-esr, Gnome Web scrolling is too slow for me to be ok setting them up there.

With the latest @PINE64 community edition update ( edition) thought it was time to give the distro a shot. Liking the experience and the wake from sleep time (both for calls and normal usage) so far!

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