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In the eighth episode of , @Ezra and @linmob discuss news on the keyboard accessory, InfiniTime 1.0, progress, 1.0 and answer three community questions. They also share their minty-fresh first impressions of Pine-y wrist-wear.
Give it a listen:

Still liking the experience, but am looking forward to battery life improvements on the default os. Powered up at 80%, loaded 3 PWAs while on wifi only and screen brightness at/under 50%.

Most of the drain is idle, Im confident it can be improved. I expect to see mote drain when using my SIM card and mobile data.

Third day using the and really liking the experience. Coming from a heavier watch the size and weight are a nice change.

Raise to wake works better than the price poiny would suggest, and with battery life at 59% I really dont feel like I need to charge it soon.

Wishlist for the next InfiniTime release: alarm "app" and timer, and if we're going big I'd like the digital face to be able to exclude the heart rate if the app isnt enabled/in use.

package arrived today - and softcase!

Quick first impressions: band quality on my Pebble Time is nicer to the touch, and the softcase doesnt offer screen protection if placed face down on something. Still excited all the same, the utility provided matters more.

Shot on pinephone, posted from pinephone.

Beginner question here but can anyone help direct me and/or explain WHERE feedback/issues for should go or be?

Taking a look I see various places from, the manjaro forum and the manjaro gitlab and dont really know which items should go where. I dont have a need for this knowledge asap but would like to learn for when I do

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Really liking @linmob list of mobile apps, used it to find PineBattery to help see more than the settings on my currently shows. It's great to have a list like this, and seachable too!

I only have 4 user installed "apps" so far on the device, everything else is a PWA.

Speaking of, sad that this upstream bug is still around - all hail the king of oversized volume change notification windows!

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shipment notification came today, looking forward to seeing what it's like! Like many I used and still have a Pebble kicking around, switched to “dumb“ watches full time though so this will be a change of pace.

Got an update on my this morning too, and so far so good. Using it for all my forum and fosstodon needs to get used to things until I can move my SIM over.

So far it seems to be a 2 charges per day device, which is pretty workable atm

For any new owners running - if you run into a dim display or the screen locking on its own checkout the following thread. While a fix is in the works upstream editing the options for DimDisplay and the Auto Brightness (depending on whats going on) gets things back to working as expected.

Edit: that and this bug (setting the screen options once causes the device to lock automatically when off the charger when in use)

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Biggest initial usage hurdle - getting over that there's no "hide/show keyboard" button (yet). Per the below this is coming in Plasma 5.22, it'll be a most welcome change!

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🤣. This is on point @bbbhltz

The Privacy-Security Rabbit Hole: A Tale Absent of Advice, Facts, Research, and Best Practices

"...part of the grant is work on communication integration in via the Telepathy framework. More concretely, in the scope of DAPSI, we will work on supporting various interfaces in the Telepathy framework: XMPP, GNU Jami, Matrix, and Signal messenger."

Looking forward to seeing where this leads, especially with the keyboard case coming is a perfect fit.

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It's time! InfiniTime, the fully firmware for the , has reached version 1.0. With this first end-user release, the PineTime is now considered an enthusiast-grade daily usage device.

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Many of you will receive your BE in the next few days. Step #1- read the attached documentation, including the READ ME. Step #2 - update the installation via the UI updater or terminal. Have fun.

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Get ready for the #PinePhone. #Production went good so far. We are proud to be the #StockOS featuring #PlasmaMobile on @ManjaroLinuxARM. Read up at the #Community forums of @thepine64 what the shipping date for you will be:

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I just felt the urge to confirm that is now actually working fine like the , and guess what, it is!

Will be added to soon!

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Some pretty new hardware to look at. :) Excited to play with this to explore more radio communication fun. Short video clip taking a look. Next: Linuxing up the Gateway!

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