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Turns out you can replace kwin with twm and having KDE looking like this..

Does anyone hugs their tablets/laptops because you love them?

Hugging the making me feels good though.

Because X11 is still the most important thing for a Linux desktop experience, here is the running on .

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♻️ If you love Linux, messing around with smartphones, or just have questions related to Linux, Vietnamese singers and phones, there's a friendly place you can't miss. Just one click away from here ⚓


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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post: pine64.org/2019/08/19/its-time

@PINE64 If you're curious what am I doing inside the tablet, just wanted to correct the misaligned front-facing camera.

Tried to see if I'm good at photography even if I'm a amateur with this image of the motherboard. @PINE64

Fact: I took it apart without a plastic pry tool, only with fingernails, soul and determination. :D

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Well I can't entirely say the response to that last toot was entirely unexpected... I guess a poll may be in order. 😀

No promises though, there's viability testing to be done, price concerns, etc...

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Okay so just got two new SD cards.. I got the Sandisk for free because of the warranty service for the dead card yesterday. As for the Toshiba, I got it for 200k VND.
I've ran "deadblocks" on the Toshiba because I didn't really trust that 32 GB mark, but it did finish without a bad block! :D
Time to revive the !

I've posted this on Twitter yesterday, but forgot to post it here as well:
Anyway, the picture shows that Bluetooth is now working on the @PINE64's

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