My 6th gen i7 system is 6 years old now, and it's struggling trying to keep up as time went by.

So, it's time for an upgrade! Went with 5950x and 64GB of RAM feels like a very huge upgrade.

Upstream Arch Linux just split qemu into a bunch of packages, so now I can remove all of the architecture that I'll never use.

So I just ordered 4 Delta fans (AFB1212SH), now I have to look for a fan controller that can power these.

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for those don't know, IE6 has a similar sidebar (image from

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Hello new followers, I know why you came here but anyway.

A quiick , I'm a Linux mobile developer working on some projects like Arch for , and stuff.

Windows XP on @PINE64

While it can be your Linux e-reader, it can't be your Windows emulator. 😛

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Repeat after me, distributions should not be patching things at downstream level unless upstream releases it or recommends patching.

Especially when it introduces freaking new API(!!!!) This ensures that no sane developer can make use of your platform/distribution to develop.


Today I just saw someone with a blue switch mechanical keyboard in the same place (different seat) where I took one of the pic a few days ago.

I think they have seen me doing the same yesterday and decided to get on.

For those wondering, the keyboard looks to be a 60% one.

I've ported @postmarketOS to Fxtec Pro1 (QX1000).

Work was initially started by NotKit back in 2019, but didn't get merged because of hybris support got dropped.

This port is based on mainline kernel. If anyone wants to test it:

I decided to attach a keyboard and mouse to my @PINE64 .

It's surprisingly usable or perhaps too well, I didn't need to look closely to the screen at all.


I'm a bit unlucky today.

Wordle 256 X/6


UI at 125% scaling should provide a welcoming experience with @PINE64 keyboard.

"@postmarketOS has also created one of the most helpful and welcoming open source community I've come across" as said by @calebccff.

I can confirm that, postmarketOS was one of the first distribution I came across when I first started getting involved in Linux mobile.

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