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Can we break 4K followers before the end of 2019? CAN WE?! You decide! Spread the good word of #Linux gaming.

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So.. MGM is holding a contest demanding artists to make a poster for free despite being a movie studio worth probably billion dollars.

Well, guess what? If you submit your work to the contest, it's their property even if you don't win (see attached image)

I'm not an artist, but I believe that doing artwork isn't easy, it takes alot of time and you must have an interest in it.


Forgot to brought the phone stand today, but this workaround also works..

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I've been on the network for a few weeks, does anyone have any interesting .onion sites so I can go on?

has arrived, how cool is that? 🤗 @PINE64

But I have to say that the back panel is a collection of my fingerprints. 👀

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Okay fellow Fosstodonians, a question. Do you have other interests, hobbies, passions; whatever you call it, other than FOSS and computers, etc?

For me it's food/cooking, fly fishing, and pottery. Sometimes it feels a little odd, they're all so disparate, but I really like them all.

My partner and I have almost 450 cookbooks (I know, it's a problem) & use them all. I've been fly fishing for 35 years. And pottery is something I've been interested in since university, which is 24 years ago.

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@PINE64 Good to note that it's not just Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS with Plasma Mobile is also at this state! 😀

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I feel really sad because everyone already got a and mine is still hold by customs. When will is next week???

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