New release for on
@PINE64 (20200715) is out:

(it also contains the latest crust firmware for advanced power management)

On existing installations, you can pacman -Syu or update via the store.

Quectel EG25 modem can do TTS.

This is the command being run in the video:

echo 'AT+QTTS=2,"Huong Tram is my favorite singer"' | atinout - /dev/EG25.AT -

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A little bug I found in Extreme Tux Racer..

Jokingly speaking, I wonder how "-20" LoD looks like?

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@bart @PINE64 the fun things about a cluster is that multiple rockpro64s can be used for the workers :D

I got a phishing email yesterday, time to finally do a write up on my discovery.

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How I install on my tablet

1. Boot the USB drive
2. Get internet access on it
3. Enable sshd and get on a computer that you're comfortable on
4. ssh into it and install Linux

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I had to upload this because this is what just really happened to me.

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Slick! New #pinephone multi bootloader ! This will be an awesome addition for test/debugging.

More awesome work from @danct12 🥂

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Why I -

Do you blog? If so, please leave a link to your personal blog below. If not, why not?

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There's some fun stuff over on r/commandline like "Order Dominos pizza from the command line"

Call me crazy, but on is kinda interesting..

BONUS: with es2gears running

The was the best selling phone of 2019.

So here is that device running and .

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