i just bought this energy drink from the convenience store today because it looks a bit off.

powerbank manufacturer: please do not use this to charge your laptop k thx


Touchscreen working on mainline kernel!

I had a bit difficulty moving the window as it's way too small!!

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Megapixels v1.0.1 has now released!

And we got it on for @PINE64 / . Your turn, @ManjaroARM . :)

A day with @PINE64 again..

So far it's been doing well for me which I'm really happy about! :ablobcatfloofpat:

Does anyone know why in some dialog window, Yes/No buttons are swapped?

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Episode 007 is out!

Shaken, not stirred: An interview with @danct12 , creator of a the Arch Linux ARM Spin for and , Feedback, two aspects of the latest Community Update, and four listener questions. Listen Now!

Full show notes: pine64.org/podcast/007-my-name

Seems like you can't read Debian wiki if you're behind a VPN.

I know they should block VPNs from editing the pages but block them from reading the page is kind of a weird restriction.

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This triggers cryptomining jobs in GitHub Actions that will appear under your repo

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Please check your #GitHub repos for suspicious "Upload Files" PRs ... And report them to GitHub

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for @PINE64 / (2021/04/18) has released.

Release Notes + Download: github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/

For existing users, you can get the latest version by simply running `pacman -Syu`.

Twitter link ahead 

This is interesting.

An application while looks like a harmless game could indeed be a online casino when launched in some other countries.


My @PINE64 battery after 7 hours of using non-stop!

Looks like you can get more than 10hrs (what they advertised) if your system is configured properly.

BTW, I did not use the prebuilt @ManjaroARM KDE image.

I downloaded the minimal image and install KDE by myself.

Might be offensive to some people. 

This SD card is named "Le cun".

Sounds like a bad word if you say it quickly.

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