Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a port for the .. not sure how well the result will be, but let's see.

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We now have an easy way to flash new images to the eMMC on your ! Say hello to Jumpdrive!


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Folks with mailing lists...
If I unsubscribe and you keep sending me emails, I report you as spam.
If I try to unsubscribe and you make me fill a mandatory form to do so, I report you as spam.
If the "unsubscribe" link 404s, oh yes I report you as spam.

Someone just sent me a phishing email.. pretending to be Microsoft.

Well, it was a philantrophies email.. came from not by Microsoft email address...

No company, even Microsoft is gonna reach out to you without using their address.

They also attached a PDF file, which probably is going to be some security exploit in it and try to take away the system.

Turns out I could completely turn off the big cores on my phone by running echo 0 on them.

And then kernel auditor was like "nah you can't".

It's like 4 AM and someone called me at the middle of the night, turns out they got the wrong number..

What a great way to ruin your beautiful night.

I'll write a blog post on how to cross-compile arch linux packages.

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Guzuta is a repository manager for .


I use this to build packages with a clean chroot, feels good.

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Holy fucking shit, this YouTube video just said straight up that Poland would have stopped the German advance in WWII if they had FUCKING NORDVPN

Yes, this toot was scheduled by using Tusky.

Good feature? I think so, you could make it to toot on your birthday and get some gifts!

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I'm thinking of a Content ID like system, this system identifies unknown free/non-copyrighted music, because not everyone puts the song title in description of the video.

And some of us might also want to know the artist, so that they can check out their other works, or tip them some money.

Sadly, I've sold the device because many new programs now depends on NEON instruction set.

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I made this video (almost) 2 years ago and this video started my journey on messing with smartphones.


Yes, I've heard of , but this phone can't run it because the SoC doesn't support hard float.

The most thing I hate from my desktop is the hard drive.

When I do hard work on the drive, it turns the computer from a productivity machine into unusable monster until the work finished.

Maybe I should seek for a SSD after COVID-19 thing got sorted out, as right now the economy isn't really stable here.

Time to run pacman -Syu, I only upgrade my desktop each month.

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