This is the latest iteration of the new app icons based on your feedback. It's still subject to tweaks, in particular the start center icon. What do you think?

Fill the start center with a little squares the color of each app ?
I always found this icon too empty, but that's personnal.

I'm not a professional but icons are great nonetheless.

@Zekovski @libodesign i like the coloured squares idea actually. Ties it all together nicely. The grey border needs to go though.

Agree on the start center logo being not informative enough. Both suggestions appeal to me. The other logos look great and intuitive!

@Zekovski @libodesign Yep. One of the main issues with the old icon set was that it doesn’t really encompass a real logo for the whole suite (a sheet actually represents files, not apps) and that’s why it was confused for a “missing icon” placeholder on


Hi. Is the top triangle what people identify as libreoffice product ? I'm not sure and i dont find that a good design choice.

The color blend is a bit old school (not bad just not trendy currently)


I like the plain color background. It's very explicit.

I would maybe add a white border so that it fits on any background well

Maybe just keep the page cut in the corner but not keep the small triangle.

@tuxicoman LibreOffice (and TDF) is identified with the paper clip having a donkey ear at top right. This was the premise for the redesign along with the brand colors.

@libodesign Modern but not too much minimalism. Sooooo awesome! :blobcatsweat:

I think the start center icon actually needs colours; diagonal lines, parallel to the fold at the top right, with a narrower grey border?
I know it looks like a rainbow, but it might at least be worth a draft.
I can still remember my installation of Libre Office, when I first looked for the writer icon etc. before I clicked on the grey start center icon for fun ;-)

@libodesign They look great, but if I only saw the Impress icon, I'd assume it was for Writer.

The black stripe is a bit reminiscent of pictures that have a black band on the top right at funerals. 🧐 But otherwise the design looks more modern.

@lars @libodesign Err.. that’s what I thought at first sight too, black ribbon. Or something that’s broken at the corner.
What’s it supposed to symbolise?

Anyway, I won’t mind. As I’m already used to half bitten apples ;)

@libodesign @libreoffice the start centre icon doesn’t feel like it’s part of the same set of icons to me.

I feel like you should lose the dark grey border and just have it either dark or light grey with a gradient, like the others. Maybe with the LibreOffice logo in the middle to fill the white space?

@libodesign sorry, but I think they are plain ugly. Too much detail here. No way to identify quickly what type of document it contains. No bold brqnd identity.

I know this means long, hard work, and I don't have the time ans skills to propose an alternative. But this is yet another poor LibreOffice icon set.

Only startcenter icon make sense. The diagonal line and grey triangle is meant to be a fold angle.

I'd rather go for the same grey folded angle, every icon, just changing pictogram and different paper color.
Pictogram can be white for better contrast

@libodesign ok ngl, it’s not the aethereal feel of the eliminated candidate, but it feels fresh! I wonder if the LibreOffice logo itself needs and manages to communicate it’s a paper sheet, and how all the icons overall fit in each environment (they’ll probably do fine in Windows, KDE and probably GNOME, not so sure about macOS)

@libodesign They're pretty good, although I'd tend towards making the detailed parts in the body of the icons slightly larger (so they're better visible on small icons) and perhaps slightly less detailed (e.g. only one line for the title on Impress). I also don't know what the dotted line on Math is supposed to symbolise.

@libodesign The dark colored lines on the bottom of the icons clash with the darker lines around the donkey ears: it's not normal 3D, because then only the upper *or* the lower part could throw a shadow that the dark line would represend. Everyone is moving to flat logos (for better and worse) and the previous icons were rather flat as well, so it's just a bit too much imo.

@libodesign Oh, also and more important: while the white center in the previous icons was a bit to big to always comfortably recognise the color around it and there by the program, it allowed (together with the donkey ears) to ALWAYS distinguish LibreOffice from other office suites, as they're always filled with bold colors – is it worth to loose this additional distinction of the brand's icons?

@libodesign I think they look great! The fact that the icons have a full color background instead of just a border means they’ll be much more recognizable for me at a glance.

@libodesign at a first glance it looked like upper right does bot render correctly.
and startcenter icon does not blends well with rest maybe more lighter colour strips to white type of gradient will make that nicer.

@libodesign Très belles icônes, mais trop nombreuses. Math est de trop (j'adore les maths). Trop de couleurs tuent la couleur. Aura-t-on demain une icône Chimie, une icône Diagramme ? Toutes les fonctions de "dessins", actuelles ou futures (formes géométriques, équations mathématiques, formules chimiques, circuits électriques, ...), pourraient rejoindre le module Draw. On se limiterait ainsi à 5 + 1 icônes / codes couleurs.

@libodesign Looks great but the Startcenter icon needs adjustments to match the appearance of all others.

@libodesign Startcenter ought to be an exploding sun into write, chart and present

@libodesign What‘s with the Mourning Band on the top right of the icons?

Pretty pretty!
The start centre icon seems to fall out of line quite a bit though, with no colours and the thick frame. Is that intentional?
Also, Calc and Draw have colourful patches that overlap with other elements ( personally like), while the other icons don't.

@libodesign Still would have preferred the glassy ones but these also turned out nice

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