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In no particular order, web sites like OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, Archive.Org, Sci-Hub, tools like I2P, Tor, IRC, GPG, OMEMO, OTR, and open and federated protocols like Jabber, Email, Diaspora and ActivityPub are the most important projects on the internet and should be protected and exalted.

#openstreetmap #osm #android #wikipedia #archive #scihub #sci-hub #diaspora #email #jabber #xmpp #activitypub #mastodon #email #freesoftware #internet #thefederation #irc #gpg #omemo #otr

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New release with better symbols layout "western-additional"

New release with fdroid compatibility hopefully

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A fresh Arcticons release is here after some internal struggle to get the F-Droid build to work again.

🔮 A new date widget (thanks Aman9Das)
🎉 70 new icons (thanks JoelChrono12, Eninkey, Quantenzitrone & Aman9Das)
🔥 2252 icons in total!

Out now on GitHub
F-Droid 🔜

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My setup (Inspired by @ademalsasa)

🌍 Mull: Web browser.

▶️ NewPipe: YouTube app & downloader.

📘Librera: Documents reader.

📧 K-9 Mail: Mail client.

:xmpp: Fnord ( XMPP client.

:mastodon: Husky ( Mastodon client

🎶 Vinyl: Audio player

⌨️ FlorisBoard : Keyboard app

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In the past week, I've made the decision to make Arcticons available for a bigger audience on Google Play for €1.50

But don't worry, Arcticons will always be Free on F-Droid & GitHub.

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I Use These #FDroid Apps

Sharing is very appreciated.

📁 Open Explorer Beta: my file manager.

🧡 Icecat: my web browser.

📹 NewPipe: my YouTube app & downloader.

📰 Document Viewer: my PDF reader.

❤️ DiskUsage: ranking of phone storage usage.

📫 K-9 Mail: email client.

🎵 Shuttle+: audio player.

:telegram: Telegram FOSS: communication for family, work and teaching.

💚 Element: my Matrix app.

:xmpp: Conversations: my XMPP app.

📺 VLC: multimedia player.

#Android #FreeSoftware

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Inspired by @ademalsasa - I Use These Apps

Sharing is very appreciated.

📁 Material Files: my file manager.

🌏 Fennec: my web browser.

▶️ NewPipe: my YouTube app & downloader.

📘 Document Viewer: my PDF reader.

📫 FairEmail: email client.

:xmpp: my XMPP app.

📺 VLC: multimedia player.

📰 Feeder: RSS feed

⌨️ : keyboard app

🚀 lawnchair : launcher

✨ Arcticons : icon pack

📔 Aard : dictionary

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:verified: Six days, 600 people participated (and still increasing!), and just one day left for this #XMPP poll.

🤝 Would you mind sharing your XMPP account so we can chat and be friends?

:xmpp: Mine is

❤️ You can register at to get an XMPP account for free and start chatting.

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Bespoke Synth is an brand-new open-source nonlinear audio processing environment for Linux/Mac/WIndows. It's also free (as in free beer) but will gladly accept donations (check the feature matrix).

Listen to theofficial trailer and get hyped!

#BespokeSynth #Audio #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #LinuxAudio #FreeSoftware #Libre #MusicProduction

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Do you have a non-technical iPhone user in your circle of family or friends? Do you wish that one day they will use to communicate with you?

We're still looking for more non-technical people to participate in usability studies of Snikket to help us identify areas for improvement. It will be a short online session with a UX researcher, you just need a computer and browser. No experience of Snikket is required. Last available slots are **tomorrow**!

More info at:

With everyone talking about ..

Wanted to shout out to the android client.. a fork of conversations except more secure and feature-rich and better UI. 😊

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Updated to recent version of #Florisboard from @fdroidorg recently. I was surprised!! 😲 Glide typing has improved significantly. 👍

I can easily forget that Google's proprietary keyboard exists and enjoy swipe typing even on custom #Android #ROMs with Florisboard. 🎉 No #rooting or hacking necessary.


To enable glide typing, open up Florisboard and check Gestures tab.

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Forget posting your astrology signs. Post what Florida man did on your birthday: search Florida man <month> <day>

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It would be very nice that people shared more ENG/SPA tutorials for graphic designers to break down the monopoly of privative vendors of closed design technologies

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