I am not a programmer, but I was able to fix a small but annoying, long-standing @libreoffice UI bug. bugs.documentfoundation.org/sh

Evidently I stand on the shoulders of giants. Thanks to the amazing Caolán McNamara, who made the dialogs easy to edit, compared to the old, static OpenOffice format they all were written in.

We pay to Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. But not to Wikipedia, Archive.org, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, for our favourite Linux distro.

The huge asymmetry between corporate and community has not emerged naturally. It is a product of our choices of not supporting community oriented projects.

The short conveniences vs the long-term good. We always chose the former.

In face of surveillance capitalism, we must and must change.

O enorme seguimento nos medios de comunicación de aquí da morte de Isabel II, máis que Pola sua condición de xefa de estado é pola sua importancia como perxoaxe da prensa do corazón.

#OH: "Honestly, if being #gay was a choice, I’d do it all over again." (and yes same)

I’m going out on a limb here but the cute little animation they added on the file selections in Nautilus GTK4 is annoying, distracting and slows down rendering performance, and each time I see it I want to pull my hair out. Keep copycatting Apple on their bad decisions, dickheads

choice quote from this article that pretty much sums up everything:

"If you had to make a rat depressed, how do you think you’d go about it? ... To test your new antidepressant, you need an efficient method of making a lot of rats exhibit anhedonia — that is, making them lose interest in things they used to enjoy, like sugar.

It turns out you don’t need to traumatize them. The most reliable protocol is “chronic mild stress.” There are many methods of making the lives of experimental animals mildly but chronically miserable ... But they’re all variations on the same theme: remove all predictability and control from the animal’s life. Then take notes as they gradually lose interest in being alive."

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MEMO to all developers

Locking format customization to locales was a BAD mistake, has existed for years in many applications and OS's, and needs to be fixed.

The idea assumes that no person from the US uses metric. That NL wants to be tied to "DD/MM/YYYY', and to using a comma for decimal separator, that everyone in Sweden can speak Swedish.

Formats must be customizable.

Please boost.

#KDE #Fedora #ubuntu #thunderbird

Parece mentira que la Iglesia católica mexicana ocupe espacios pertenecientes al izquierdismo. Es el clero quien encabeza la resistencia contra la militarización impuesta por la izquierda en el poder. También guía la vida de las comunidades indígenas con su "teología india". Incluso el obrerismo independiente está bajo su órbita (pienso en el sindicalismo cristiano del FAT, al que se considera anarquista). Ni hablar del activismo a favor de los derechos humanos, le es casi exclusivo.

¿Qué sería del EZLN sin la Iglesia?

Parece que para el izquierdismo es indispensable aliarse con los cristeros.

Fuck the Supreme Court of the United Banana States of America.

My new friend is

git rev-parse --short <long SHA>

It’ll ask Git to compute the shortest unambiguous SHA for your commit.

Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

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Huh, just realized Linux Mint redesigned their logo and typeset it using the UBUNTU typeface.

Talk about them being a bunch of fucking hypocrites, accussing Canonical of “misappropriating their brand” because they also use the font that they created. Great move by them removing mentions of LM from their websites; good riddance to an ever dishonest project. I hope they become irrelevant. I’m sorry that at one point I translated their software—they don’t deserve anyone’s unpaid contributions.

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Normalise saying "I don't think I know enough to have a good opinion".

Press release from @EDPS providing the rationale about their investment on #OpenSource #fediverse platforms which include @Mastodon and @peertube

Excellent news for all of us as we really need our institutions to lead by example.

Then if @EU_Commission would start looking at adopting #ODF as the standard file format and @libreoffice as their office suite it would make it a lot easier to reduce the dependence from a handful of US corporations.


Please do theme our apps 

We are developers and designers making user-friendly apps. We take pride in our craft and work hard to make sure our applications are a great experience for people.

Unfortunately, there are increasing efforts on the current market to disallow or discourage customization. This worsens user experience for a lot of software.

Kirigami colour sets allow developers to easily make their UI work with any colour schemes.

Icon Themes allow users to have a unified view across different applications.

Application styles allows users to decide how a button is represented, how wide a scroll bar should be, etc.

All these not only give users the freedom to decide how the applications should behave, but also make room for accessibility considerations like larger buttons, more visible focus indication, and more contrastive colours and shades.

This is why we believe application developers should be aware of the possibility to customize its appearance.

If you are an application developer, we kindly ask that you do not hard-code any colour or size, but rather follow the system styles.

On a platform level, we should implement a colour set editor that informs users about what colours might be put where, and advises about how contrastive the foreground and the background are in different places.

If you are a user or distribution maintainer that ships our apps, and you are having issues with our apps on your customized colour set or application style, please do tell us, and we can figure out the cause of the problem.

Signed, tusooa, maintainer of kazv.

This document is inspired by https://stopthemingmy.app/ .

Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

Musk‘ Vorstellung von Freiheit ist die Powerfantasie, die ein unreifer, mental Pubertierender halt so haben kann, wenn er als beinahe unkontrollierbarer, da reichster Mensch der Welt unterm Strich dennoch keine Steuern zahlen muss. Es jene gelebte “Dann kauf ich halt den Puff“-Vorstellung, wie sie alle sich zu kurz gekommen Fühlenden als alltagspraktischen Eskapismus kennen und pflegen, nur eben in real umgesetzt. Was dann wahrscheinlich auch schon seine Bewunderer und Verteidiger treffend beschreiben dürfte: Eben sich zu kurz gekommen fühlende Menschen die das auch gerne täten und sich daher als dienstbare Claqeure einer mächtigen aber emotionalen Armut auf ein ähnliches Schicksal hoffend andienen.
Und den Besserwissern, die mir nun naseweis vorhalten möchte , dies ausgerechnet auf Facebook, der Speilwiese des nächsten ewigen, da ebenfalls völlig entgrenzten Pubertiers zu schreiben sei gesagt: Ich schreibe meine Meinung im Bedarfsfall auch noch auf jede Toilettentüre, ohne dass dies als ein Testat meiner Zufriedenheit mit dem Zustand der Örtlichkeit wahrgenommen wird. Beherzigt diese Einschätzung bitte auch im Bezug auf die Bewertung meiner Beiträge auf Facebook.

Whose fault it is (xdg-desktop-portal, apparmor, Edge, GTK 4?), that I can no longer save a downloaded file in a subfolder of Downloads, but can in that specific folder?

Yet another pathetic downgrade in the name of “sEcUrItY.”

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