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So, I have this domain that I dont need and want anymore:

Here is the AUTH-code:

Have fun!

#dotorg #domain #free #internet

Lots of people asked, I finally bowed to pressure. My site now has a dark mode. 🙂

There's a little toggle up by the menu button. Please let me know if you have issues.

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are back!

Not only that, but we also have new designs. If you want to get some cool swag for your laptop, while supporting Fosstodon, check out our new Sticker Shop:

Do we have any Singaporeans on Fosstodon? I’ll be in town this weekend. 😊

Want to and stop using their fonts on your website? This post shows you how:

Question: how do you keep up to date with news, consume news and fine new sources to follow?

Specifically tech, as that’s what I’m interested in, but could be anything really.

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The second post in my Making a Light Website series just went live, and we're talking about improving the design.

I don’t get the whole Hub thing. Is it not just normal Nextcloud with certain plugins installed?

What am I missing?

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Short code snippets for all your development needs

Hahaha, I just read @rebutte profile, which says the following:

> Wanna be my friend? Use multifactor authentication & a password manager.

I love this and I’m stealing it! 😁

So I've decided to build an accompanying site to go along with my Making A Website posts.

It kinda works like a wizard that shows the results of each step at the click of a button.

The design of the site itself is how the resulting website from this series will look.

If you're interested, please do check it out:

When reading a blog, I find it really awkward to go through posts when the blog feed displays full content. I prefer an excerpt or title only.

More context here:

What do you prefer?

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I rarely wake up during the night but last night I did and had a couple of emails about a couple of Mastodon instances having trouble federating.

This was at 5am and after 14 hours (it's now 7pm) I found a solution to the problem, just removing 2 's' from the Mastodon code: :blobmindblown:

First post on the Making A Website series has just been published. Check it out if you're following along.

Don't forget to try the challenges!

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