To our Canadian members, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for Poutine!!!

Question: when you鈥檙e reading a blog, do you prefer it to have a comments section?

Feel free to elaborate by way of reply. 馃檪

A while ago, like 6 months ago, I was talking to a few people on here about trackerball mouses (I think @ChrisWere instigated the conversation).

I since bought myself an ergo mouse, well, 2 actually. I have one at home and one at the office. They鈥檙e weird at first, but really good once you get used to them. I haven鈥檛 had an aching forearm since!

Thanks Chris, I never would have considered an ergo mouse if it wasn鈥檛 for that discussion.

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Been doing more work on the Grav theme, I think I鈥檓 going to migrate over. The performance is WAY quicker than WordPress, I鈥檝e also made some changes to fix the white space.

You guys are right, it was a little too sparse. Beaty of it is, since I鈥檝e made the theme, I can make any changes I want in the future and I know it a lot better than the WP site.

Where have IPS monitors been all my life? These are SOOOOOO much better than my old cheap ones. Here's a before an after...

New screens are the ones that are turned on.

I really like how the new site is working out. It's very similar to my current WordPress site, but I like the addtional cleanness I've added to the theme.

Also, fonts are self-hosted, so no Google badness!

Which do you prefer, or ?

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Unfortunately, we have had to update some of the instances we have blocked.

All Gab instances and been 'upgraded' from Silenced to Suspended. has also been suspended.

This is because we have had a lot of members reporting porn themed follow bots from these instances.

Instance block list has been updated:

Hmmmm I may be able to make this work. The default Grav theme is pretty flexible and I actually have something that looks similar to my current site already.

Playing around with re-doing my website in Grav. Questions is, do I code a light theme, or dark?

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#Firefox #ProTip: right-click on a search box in a website, select "Add a Keyword for this Search", and give it something very short (like an abbreviation) then save it. Open a new tab, type that keyword, enter a query, press enter, and be amazed 馃槒

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LGBTQ stuff. 

Well, I'm not on Pop OS, for the most part it's ok, but getting use to the new workflow will take some time I think.

Can anyone recommend any useful extensions? I'd particularly like one that shows open windows on the top bar.

It has been a very thoughtful morning. Do you think we're cyborgs?

I ended up getting much higher quality Philips screens with FreeSync and a higher refresh rate for the same price. Happy with that. 馃榿

Been weighing up what to do about new monitors. UHD 32鈥+ vs ultra wide vs other options. Currently have 2x 22鈥 HD basic plasma monitors.

After looking around lots, I think I鈥檓 going to go with 2x 24鈥 HD IPS screens with no bezel. Nice upgrade I think, and still gives me the flexibility of having separate monitors.

So I鈥檓 on call this weekend, but I鈥檓 thinking about living dangerously and installing Pop on my laptop.

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