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Hey Fosstodon! I'm Andrew and I'm an Operations Engineer by day (and night, the middle of the night). I've been a FOSS user for about 15 years now and haven't used social media for the last few.

I've rediscovered Mastodon and decided to join you guys. I've already seen a few great posts in 30 minutes, so I'm looking forward to what I'll learn and what I can share!

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Hello, new here. I'm TMO and I write a lot over on @writeas. Not sure what to say as I haven't had any type of "social" media account in close to a year. Mastodon promises better than what The Big Blue Bird is doing, and I hope it's true.

Anyway, into , keeping tabs with friends via e-mail and IRL, sometimes stopping in to, and now trying to write another book.

Hope to meet some of you :)

Remember that new project I was talking about when I was playing with . Well, it's now live...

Something very different than my usual tech stuff, which is why it's on its own site.

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Hello, Zimza here. I'm an open source and privacy enthusiast hoping to find in the Fediverse a good alternative to the other awful social media platforms. Pleasure to be here. :ac_pleased:

So I’ve been playing with recently. I have to say, I like it. I’m considering using it on a new project.

...project is VERY simple and felt like overkill.

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Hey folks! 👋

My name is Kevin and I’m new to fosstodon and mastodon in general. I’m pretty big into all things security and open source so this seemed like the place to be.

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The time has finally arrived my @fosstodon friends. Here is the final day of - Day 100:

Moments of stress, excitement and terror have been experienced. And it's all your fault @kev

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has read, responded and been damn awesome about the crap that has been written. I couldn't have wished to be part of a better community.

Disappointed with

Direct quote from their site:

“When you type in a search, we can show an ad just based on that search term.”

The attached image shows an ad that has nothing to do with my search term, and worse still, is VERY spammy. 👎 DDG.

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Hello all! This is my first toot on Fosstodon. I previously tried hosting my own Mastodon instance about a year ago, but I found federation to be a bit difficult at that time and ended up slinking back to Twitter (go easy on me, please!). I found this instance through one of @kev’s blog posts and immediately knew I would be among like-minded folks here.

I’m Chance, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the community!

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I recently bought a "clever pun" domain fueled by the dream of having some online shop. Cost €10.

Dream has dissipated, domain is still here, accidentally making me of one those domain hoarders that sell with profit.

I got contacted. Someone thought of the same pun and inquired about the availability of the domain.

I just sent them the transfer code. Not every human interaction needs to result in some financial gain. Allowing them to pursue their dream is fulfilling enough for me.

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Finally managed to publish another post!

I'm looking at caching plugins in this post, to see which is the best one.

Thanks to @cooper for setting up a test WP site for me to use.

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Hello everyone, this is my first toot. Just came from Twitter but considering deleting that account since the platform is just too negative for me. Not sure how things will go here. But just from quick glances I feel like at home here. Hoping you all have a great day!

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My second toot . This time with . I'm a software developer/hacker from and interested in open federated protocols such as and . Integrating twitter or ig to anything is pain so perhaps Mastodon would be a better choice. I might start pushing it in .fi community. Currently the only Mastodon user I know from real life seems to be @cybette - any others around yet?

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Hi there
I love Linux and am looking forward to joining the community. Currently using Artix, Arch and Linux Mint.

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@kev I just checked out your blog. I also love and have the exact same takeaways you do after a few months of use. And...I play when ever I find time. It is more fun than games I have purchased on .

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It's interesting when people say "they didn't make money with the open source project, instead created a product and sold that" and mean it in a negative way.

Getting sponsored by a big corporation or funded by donations should not be the only "allowed" ways to fund open source

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After more than a thousand km drive, ferries back and forth the fjords, extra narrow roads, old viking churches, incredible mountains, camps, filtered coffee and engangsgriller (lit. one time grill) with good company, one has to say goodbye to a very unusual summer holiday.

At some point I will, of course, write everything down so that others can have a starting point when visiting Norway! ✊🇳🇴

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