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What's new:

* You can now customise the colour of of the different styles. You can even have different colours for each instance!
* Reply markers are now used on the main timelines too, to more easily see which toots have replies, or are replies.
* There are now link preview on the main timelines, too.
* You can pick the type of keyboard to use. The default social media style keyboard is also slightly more clever and will often insert two new lines when you press return.
* Bugfixes!

Another + API bug has been reported and Google will now shut down G+ in April. All APIs will die in the next 90 days.

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Hello everyone. I'm a 4th year medical student applying into Family Medicine residencies. I used to work in Information Technology before I went to college. I have a Bachelor's in Philosophy, for which I focused on Ethics. I'm always happy to chat about anything interesting or help out when I'm needed. Feel free to follow or PM me for whatever.

Hoping this note finds you well,

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Just noticed I never did my toot! Here goes

Hello, I’m @plasticScript! I recently got into FOSS and internet privacy and am very interested in it. I’ve replaced most of my services with FOSS alternatives. Happy to be here!

Been getting a lot of spam recently after an old email account was on a dump. So I wrote another thing...

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Hi all, I'm a software engineer, and I'm happy to join the Fediverse! I do a good bit of DevOps work; FOSS makes my life easier.

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I'm going to start more aggressively unfollowing/muting people who participate and/or fuel drama. Life's to short for that kind of thing.

El poocho has been feeling really quite sorry for herself recently.

I suppose that will teach her to think twice the next time she attempts to run through a tennis net!

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I have been interested in FOSS software since I learned about OpenOffice. From there it went onto LInux, and blossomed into getting as much FOSS software into my life. I have been an advocate for getting more people into this community, and have switched a few minds. I am not a developer, but I am definitely a supporter and news spreader.

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#linuxrocks #fosstodon

@kev pointed out how close linuxrocks and fosstodon are in users and toots and I been getting such a kick out of watching us both grow together.

Linuxrocks 1,708 users and 70,125 toots

fosstodon 1,767 users and 69,609 toots.

In October 11 we had the exact same amount of users.

Glad to see our Mastodon Family grow and with great instances like ours with awesome users.

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Hi! I'm an Australian high school student and I participate in open-source programming. I contribute various little bits and pieces towards the development of Homebrew software for the Wii U.

I usually enjoy anything related to programming or computer security, and do a little Wii U and Xbox gaming every now and then.

In addition to Fosstodon you can find me on Twitter (CreeperMario258), Discord (CreeperMario#6152) and GitHub (CreeperMario).

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Haven’t done one of these in ages, and the instance is much bigger now. So here is my post...

I’m Kev and I’m a cyber security guy working in the financial industry for a very large bank. I live in the North West of England in a fairly large town called The Wirral with my fiancé, dog, cat and god knows how many fish.

I’m into walking, motorbikes, tattoos, reading, weight lifting (when time permits), oh yeah, and this thing called . I’ve also de-googled where possible.

Hey @tootapp is there a way to change the keyboard to a standard keyboard when creating a Toot? Looks like the app uses the social layout, but would personally prefer to have my return key back. Thanks.

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How about mixing activitypub + email? We could finally replace email once and for all with something with threads, encryption by default.. Not.the.mess we have right now.

@tootdon any idea why notifications aren’t working on my phone? I have then turned on, but I get zero notifications, not even the red bubble on the app icon.

I replaced with on my laptop a few days ago and Goddam it feels like home. Sorry :elementary: folks, but I’ll be replacing my desktop with :ubuntumate: too.

I love that we have so much choice though!

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Today I came across my old password...

Who was walking down the streets with her husband and her baby.

Really shitty week this week, so had to get out for some autumnal therapy in Wales.

The mountain behind is actually Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales.

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"People are still more worried that a third-party company like #CambridgeAnalytica used facebook's data instead of what they should actually be worried about: that #Facebook had that data to begin with"
"If Cambridge Analytica can sway elections and referenda with a relatively small subset of facebook's data, imagine what facebook can and does do with the full set." - @aral

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