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Hello everyone. I've been an user and enthusiast for nearly ten years. I don't work in tech so unfortunately I have no real life friends who share my interest in .

I'm currently trying to get better at and as I transition away from using Excel/VBA for data analysis at work.

My other interests include .

I'm inspired by @ChrisWere video from yesterday (link below) about ditching the smartphone. I tried and failed. Gonna do some real research and give this another go.

Main things I need to access are:
- 2FA codes
- My motorcycle tracker

Chris' video:

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Some #Ubuntu User Statistics.

"This report is generated from basic, non-identifiable system data that was provided by users when installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS."

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Hello to all
I am new to mastodon. Until now I've shunned social networks because of their closed source nature.
I am a linux and foss enthusiast. I'm furter interested in music, teaching, database devellpmnet, python and baha'i religion.
I hope to make intersting acquaintances with some of you sooun

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Holy crap. I didn't know I had this in me. I just coded the most aesthetically pleasing new tab page I've ever seen. The search bar even works and searches .

All that's left is hosting it locally so I get blazing speeds.

I’d love to get so,e sleep, but both the dog and my Mrs are snoring. FML. 😴

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I think this year the ultimate Haloween costume is dressing up as a giant blue "F" that asks people to fill in a survey and show them all their texts.

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When interacting with bots, please mark your posts as Unlisted or Direct. That way it will not appear in the public timeline, and the bot will still hear you just fine.

Thank you.

Does have a system wide dark theme? If so, how do I enable it? I can see it per app, but nothing system wide.

Ooops @elementary site is down. Magnet link for the torrent below (please remember to loop back & donate):


Boom! @elementary Juno is downloading. Will leave the torrent seeding for a few days to help with bandwidth too.

Tick tock, tick tock. Waiting for the @elementary countdown to drop to zero so I can start playing with the image. (18 minutes to go!)

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The first Hub community post by @daeh has just gone live. He's de-Googling his phone! Take a look at the post here:

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TLS is everywhere around us and the modern Internet impossible without.

If you are interested in how it works in detail, here is an awesome explanation:

"The Illustrated TLS Connection: Every Byte Explained"

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When trying to make sense of all the federated social networks or I came across this. It reads like a who is who in the fediverse.

I thought I'd talk some about why I use . Feel free to tell my why you do too!

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