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Kev Quirk

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask, given the audience, however I'm gonna try anyway - is anyone here any good with VBA?

I have a project with work, and I'm pretty stuck with it.

Thinking about getting a new phone, but I'm very bad at picking them. I currently have an Xperia Z5, which is OK, but pretty crap in many ways also.

I hate how flagship phones are now on a par with small tablets in terms of size. I don't want a bloody tablet, I have one of those already!

I also don't want to pay close to £1,000 for a phone. That's just plain stupid IMHO.

Short list:

iPhone SE (yes, really)
Moto G5
Huawei P8 Lite, or maybe P10

Any recommendations?

show us your desktop and a little bit on information about what you're running and why.

I'm on my phone, but will do so later. Don't forget the hashtag on your posts!

Anyone having issues with giving DNS errors when you try to connect?

Soooo Jim Zemlin used a Mac for his keynote, ironically stating that "2017 is the year of the Linux desktop" WTF.

Saw my Mrs logging in to her FB last night, and noticed her PW was VERY short, even though I have her on .

Kev-intervention was engaged and we did the LP security challenge. So her FB PW was the same as her LP master password, and there were many duplicates of "kevin<4-numbers>". Whilst flattering, that's pretty rubbish.

2FA turned on everywhere and passwords updated. She's now scoring over 95% on the challenge. Happy. With. That.

Seems to have been an influx of new users/followers here on Fosstodon. Welcome everyone, if you need any help, ping myself or @mike.

The more I use Mastodon, the more I'm really enjoying it. It's probably 80% of my time on social networks now.

@hugo when will sites be upgraded to 1.6 buddy? Thx

Anyone on here using ? I've just signed up for an account. Looks like a great alternative to Whatsapp/Signal (or whatever you use). All depends on the update I suppose though.

Ok, I'm making my way through -GooglingMyLife. Browser, check. Search enging, check.

I'm getting back in to writing on my personal site, and I've decided to start taking some guest writing spots also. First article just went live on

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Google + is the abandoned mall of social media. Some folks still hang around, but the roof is leaking and the trees are dead

Facebook is the working mall. Security kicks you out if you hang around too much and everything is covered with cameras. There are still shoplifters

MySpace and Digg are converted stripmalls. One's got slightly more polish, but the other's just got glass cases of shoes

Twitter is a wasteland of used needles and condoms, but you do find the odd flower trying to survive

Honestly, I'm at the end of my tether. Looking for an alternative to Gmail, I've found a good one on Zoho, but getting mail contacts and calls in Ubuntu is a nightmare! Windows - no issue, ActiveSync. It's enough to make me go back to Windows...

Was thinking about migrating to Solus as it's gorgeous, but there are so many apps that I use that only come in DEB or RPM. :(

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Can anyone help me out and give this toot a boost? I accidentally deleted my Mastodon database, had to rebuild it and lost absolutely everything, including everyone I was following

You know it's been a long day when you want to get in to bed before 9pm! All thanks to Apache Struts.

Working for a global (but mostly American) company really suck on Labour Day. 🙁