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Kev Quirk

Looking for some advice - I've installed Synology Drive on my machine, and the system tray icon is HUGE (screen shot below). Anyone come across this before, and know how to fix it? Basically, I want to reduce the size of the icon so it fits the panel.

Tried again with , but I just couldn't do it - way too buggy on my setup. , I'm coming home. 😁

So I tried today, after hearing so much about it, like everywhere. Had nothing but problems with it - can't search for installed apps using the menu, Kontact is crashing all the time, and Discovery crashes if I even look at it. Nope, back to for me...

Linux podcast recommendations. GO....

Real pet hate of mine is when podcasters put their titles as "<podcast-name> Episode XXX".

It gives zero context as to the contents of the episode, so we then have to hunt through the show notes (assuming there are any). If you own a podcast, please don't do this. Pretty please.

So this weekend I will be attempting to patch my server against Meltdown & Spectre (Digital Ocean have a process for it). However, I'm very likely to brick my server, I imagine. 😂😂😂

@ChrisWere Just watched your latest video on the REALLY minimal website design. I haven’t gone as far as you on my website, but I’m very much with you - a site should be about its content, not its pictures and JavaScript. if you’re interested.

Folks, I have a small motorbike YouTube channel with around 3k subscribers. However, I’m pretty disenfranchised with YT and I’m thinking about swapping it to a podcast. Can anyone recommend any good podcast hosting sites? I could host myself, but I’d rather save the storage space.

Whoever the genius is that did this, you're awesome.

Just discovered the (follow Friday) has tag. I kept thinking people were talking about the colour white and getting it wrong!

Found some awesome people in that hash, thanks all.

Instance now running on v2.1.3. Release notes below for anyone who is interested (apologies if you experienced any downtime).

This instance is growing so well, that I'm finding myself looking at the local timeline most of the time, rather than the federated or my own timeline.

Thanks to everyone for helping go from strength to strength.

To follow on from my recent post about , here's another post about why your password is probably crap.

So the Oneplus 3T that I got a few weeks ago is no more, as it was given to me by my brother in law, who works for O2. He's resigned, so the phone had to go back.

I bought a Huawei P10 to replace it, and I'm so happy I did! It's my first Huawei device, but it's awesome! So happy with it. Plus, it's not gigantic, like most flagship Android devices.

I decided to write a little something about why I think Managers are important.

Merry Christmas to everyone in the

So Thunderbird is getting a new look in order to make it match the new Firefox look. It looks very...outlook to me.

Just adding some additional NAT rules to my router, and I get an error saying my router (a TP-Link AC750) has a limit 16 entries. 16 NAT rules on an upgraded router that cost $100!

Can anyone recommend some open source firmware I can blow on to the device to replace the shitty stock OS and resolve the issue? Thank!

Just been reading a very interesting thread by @brandon about what people dislike about Win 10. I’m flipping that on its head...what do you dislike about ?

Always awesome when you receive an email from @hugo informing you that your instance is taking up too many resources and needs to be upgraded. Thanks to everyone who is helping go from strength to strength!