Just installed OS 6.1.

This thing looks gorgeous. Oozing so much finish compared to 1-2 years ago.

Hmm, so I can't seem to configure my PrintScreen key to .

The key is indeed detected if I try to configure it for the built-in screenshot commands, but not for any custom command.

Couple more issues...

* The night light *intensity* does not change. It's a very subtle difference between it not being enabled and being disabled.

* Firefox doesn't pick up system dark mode. :(

On the other hand, so impressive it's able to pick up the battery life for my mouse. :)

Out working from a cafe today. Used system76-power to switch to battery saver. eOS now says 8 hours of battery left. Dope. :)


Dino notifications are doing something weird where they switch my focus from one workspace to another and then to VSCode/Mattermost.

@celia And how do you find the dock? I tried it sometime back, but couldn’t get past not being able to move it to the left hand side. Or is that now configurable?

Though 6.1 does look intriguing and beautiful enough to make me think about switching anyway.

@robert You *can* move it to the left side.

Anywhere on the dock, hold Ctrl and right click, then reach for Preferences, and you'll find some options that aren't available through System Settings.

I personally prefer a pinned dock.

@celia What OS is that? It’s not macOS right?

@celia Very nice!

One of the main things I don’t like about :fedora: is my laptop seems to have poor power consumption. The battery even drains down slightly when the system is suspended. :popos: however was amazing!

@robert Concur! Pop!_OS has given me the best battery life too. :)

you should map it to flameshot gui instead of flameshot

@Zelvatica That is what I am trying to do. The key picker does not pick up my PrintScreen key.

@celia maybe its already running on the background. Can you check it pidof flameshot?

@Zelvatica No, I literally can't set the key combination for this.

@celia I think its system screenshot tool that you are editing. My guess is flameshot is already running in background. I don't use any DE so looking at the github issues would be great
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