Just installed OS 6.1.

This thing looks gorgeous. Oozing so much finish compared to 1-2 years ago.

Hmm, so I can't seem to configure my PrintScreen key to .

The key is indeed detected if I try to configure it for the built-in screenshot commands, but not for any custom command.

Couple more issues...

* The night light *intensity* does not change. It's a very subtle difference between it not being enabled and being disabled.

* Firefox doesn't pick up system dark mode. :(

On the other hand, so impressive it's able to pick up the battery life for my mouse. :)

Out working from a cafe today. Used system76-power to switch to battery saver. eOS now says 8 hours of battery left. Dope. :)


Dino notifications are doing something weird where they switch my focus from one workspace to another and then to VSCode/Mattermost.

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