Okay folks. Big confession time.

I am seriously considering moving to Win10 with a PopOS VM.


Because everything is literally faster. Boot. Wake from sleep. Acess to full HD Prime Video (the only subscription I have). Faster app startups.

Yes, somehow, even a bloated OS runs pretty fast. Maybe the hardware is tweaked for Windows - or the other way around, and we can blame the vendors all day long... but it runs fast. Simple.

I'm totally conflicted about this because I *love* FOSS.

Me: *spends days perfecting a resume. Readable, clear, concise, and complete*

Recruiters: Hmm. Let me just invite them to my company's job opening without even reading their profile and figuring out if they fit. Haha, who has 5 minutes?

Me: Oooo. New notification! *gets excited*
*checks job description and promptly closes tab*

Hmm, wanted to revoke my old keys - created 3 years ago - at least one of which exists on a .

Cannot remember the passphrase to even one! I know I have very elaborate hints written on a piece of paper, but I also don't have the physical paper with me, because reasons.

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If you're thinking of paying for email, go for @protonmail instead.

It's cheaper, more private, and hosted outside US.

Oh, it's just not enabled, but is available as an option in the system settings.

And unlike , I can set the first day of the week through a UI, no need to rebuild locales or log out, then back in!

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No two finger horizontal scroll out of the box on Cinnamon. What?!

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Hmm... just installed Linux Mint in search for a *very* fast desktop. Will see how it fares over a few days and if it's worth the switch from GNOME based Pop OS.

I love GNOME's workflow, just not a huge fan of the speed it offers, even on very good hardware like mine.

In the end, I may still choose Pop just for the sake of stability.

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thinking about self driving cars, but the cars are longer, with capacity for about 90 people per car. and maybe we could simplify the decision-making of the AI by providing a set path and schedule that they would adhere to. perhaps a physical mechanism on which the self-driving car could always be on, something like a rail to minimize them going off path and being a danger to cyclists or pedestrians. anyone in Silicon Valley want to fund this? we could even chain the cars together to maximize efficiency.

This is why I am often second guessing my usage of what would be considered... obscure services in my country. They can be taken down any time.

This is easy to bypass - what happens when it's something critical that I need but there's no chance of access?


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Loading change.org with JavaScript disabled makes petitions default to zero signatures. If only that data could be server-side rendered.

One day we'll be able to overcome these challenging technical hurdles.

@vicorva Hi, I stumbled upon you via @tuturto 's toots. I wanted to check your website out, but it appears to be down. Could you please take a look?

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We shouldn't discriminate between Linux distros, but rather celebrate that you are using Linux. In the end, we are all using the same kernel.

When viewing personal websites, do you enjoy elaborate home pages or prefer succinct ones?

Yay! I have added support for mention-of on my site! :D

It was so simple to extend it from how I handle a webmention reply. Structured data from an API + structured development = win. :)

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« A record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of – discarded products with a battery or plug such as computers and mobile phones – is reported generated worldwide in 2019, up 21% in 5 years » globalewaste.org/news/surge-gl

I am not officially participating in as I was sure from the get go I didn't want to put the pressure of putting something out every day, or every few days, on myself.

However, seeing other people publish posts and respond to mine definitely keeps me going too! 😄

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So many draft posts!

For July, I have decided to focus on getting 2 to 3 of these drafts ready and published.

Three months ago, I had thought I would quickly reach a point where I wouldn't have anything to write about.

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It would be really great if computers didn't suck so much

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