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Me: yarn add xyz
yarn: 244 new dependencies added
Me: yarn remove xyz

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Someone on Fosstodon got in touch with me eventually, and we've closed a deal today. I'm starting next month and absolutely stoked to grow into my role and become even better for the next time around! πŸŽ‰

I had absolutely no idea what would happen or any expectation with this toot. Almost out of desperation, this was me shouting into the fediverse -- yet 76 boosts and dozens of replies and DMs later, here I am, incredibly taken aback by the response and the help extended. Thank you EVERY ONE! β™₯

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May be very ambitious, but I want to run a small, personal instance and have 5 real-life friends migrate to it.

I want to see people being again like they were on when it was new to them.

P.s. This might not load for a lot of folks as the DNS changes propagate over the next day or so.

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scary, *gasp* 


Has anyone gone from a static site *to* a WordPress site? If you have, thoughts?

ruby, software dev, help 

I'm writing code to build a one-way sync tool for and my budgeting app.

I want to use to store expenses before they are sent out to the budgeting app.

Should I be using a gem to interface with SQLite?

I learned a quick, cool thing today: how to correctly make an HTTP PATCH request for a JSON resource.:

I struggle with deep work. I think many of us do. There are so many buzz-buzz happening. Today, I tried to fight back, and work went well! I'm going to try and cultivate this "focus" more.:

Why night mode so difficult to read. That text contrast = mind blown. 🀯

I struggle with deep work. I think many of us do. There are so many buzz-buzz happening. Today, I tried to fight back, and work went well! I'm going to try and cultivate this "focus" more.

(This is a note from yesterday, apparently the webmention never came through)

Who is writing this documentation? We need a "simple" subdomain for the RxJS website, like Wikipedia has one for a lot of its articles.

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Hmm, so this Tour of Heroes example app that the docs walk you through is storing it at the module directory level, with the naming convention <feature>.ts.

Is this the recommended way?

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Where do I store interfaces and enumerators such as ones in the picture? They are specific to a component, or more broadly, a module.

Ahh, so you've got to use the component property while loading the children in the Route config. That component becomes the root/layout component, where you then exercise router-outlet!

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Decided to finally give in and make a todo list app in .

Struggling with the concept of "layouts" at the moment. Maybe I'm approaching this all wrong!

You've probably heard of 10x engineer. If you've been interneting a while, you may know it became a meme. Well, Tierney Cyren set up a somewhat satirical page called : I think that's pretty neat.:

...and this section gives a bit more perspective. Looks like providers might be an advanced topic...?

But at least, it seems, you can see it's just one of three ways to provide a service. But in some situations, a service can be "provided" using *something else* other than Angular's service class... and I don't know when you'd do that, and how.

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But there's also this section:

which clearly goes: "By configuring providers, you can make services available to the parts of your application that need them."

And now I'm more confused -- this goes over my head. πŸ™ƒ

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I'm guessing this changed at some point, and either

1. those tutorials are outdated, or,
2. the people writing it for Angular 11 did not keep up?

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Hmm, it seems you *don't* need to update a module to tell Angular that that module will use a particular service.

The @Injectable() decorator with its providedIn flag does this.

...which isn't obvious, and is the wisdom being imparted in every tutorial I have read so far. Even one written specifically for 11!

Am I missing something?

The official tutorial goes:

providers: [
// no need to place any providers due to the `providedIn` flag...

So that's the final word then?

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