Hello world. Bio says the important things. I'm a PhD student using biophysical techniques and computational simulation of molecular systems to understand various aspects of protein behavior and regulation. I always choose FOSS tools where possible in my work. Now lets talk *nix and science!

@cbrambley Sounds like a fascinating PhD; is that simulation the type of thing where you figure out the physical way they interact and fit into 'keys' on other proteins and how they fold?

Protein folding studies are definitely a common focus of molecular simulation. My work though is more geared towards how a protein of interest responds structurally to different treatments. Typically we focus on the protein's preferred substrate so we might be able to better understand the biophysical nature of enzyme-substrate interaction.

@cbrambley Welcome to mastodon! 👋 May you always find something interesting new.... 🙌

I'm a non biologist, but one of my favorite project is #OpenSourceInsulin

quite difficult it is.

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