There's a special weather bulletin saying we might get 15 cm (6 in) of snow between tomorrow and Monday.

Today was a gorgeous sunny day with temperature up to 5 degree C (41F). As an act of defiance against winter 😄 I went out to my garden shed with a shovel, cleared space to open the door and took out my bike. It was a little chilly and messy, But I was dressed for the weather.

First ride of the season. Never started this early! 🚴

Looks like it's time for the "Im gunna rub my nose real hard on your knuckles then settle on your lap and start purring" break.

@Gina my intern is trying to redeem himself for yesterday. 😄

And of course the classic move: run away to finish the job somewhere else in the house! 🙃

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This crisis sure needs one thing, a proper Title song. I would like to suggest Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers

FOSS for the win. We switched to Jitsi Meet: no issue at all for 4 people in 3 locations (2 at home, 2 at the office).

The office people want to do a remote gettogether (a "5 à 7") next Friday, I'll suggest we do it with Jitsi. 🍺🍷🍸

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Trying to have a video call meetin. with 2 coworkers. Skype is currently unmanageable (that's what we use at work)

Was really disappointed with Jitsi Meet since I've heard nothing but good things about it. It would have been my first choice since it's FOSS.

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I spent 1h30 tonight testing 3 videoconferencing apps for a group of elderly people who want to keep in touch in these confinement times. The most important feature was simplicity.

- Jitsi Meet: simple and straightforward, no registration required and no software needed on PC. Unfortunately, performance was abysmal. Impossibly long lag between audio and video.
- Skype: works relatively good but requires registration
- Google Hangouts: best audio video sync, near impossible to start convo!!!


Doing 3D CAD work over VPN and Internet is simply not workable. I told my supervisor I would need to buy and install Windows 10 on my home PC, then I'd have to install the CAD program we use which overall would take at least half a day. He told me to take my workstation home.

Yes! I won't have to sully my home PC with Windows. 😜

One hour in on my first day of remote work at home (most of the day was spent at the office assembling all necessary files and equipment including my workstation), and this is what I have to contend with.

COVID-19, work 

Received an email from the veterinary clinic about... COVID-19.

It says animals are not affected by the virus, but if somebody's catched the virus, they should not have direct contact with their animals. 🤔

I understand this would be a very minor inconvenience compared to the potential consequences of catching the virus, but it would still bum me out.

We got freezing rain instead. There was 4 to 5 mm (5/32" to 3/16") of ice on my car windshield. It's ongoing through the day. What fun! Would have preferred the snow.

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LOL, Weather Canada says we might get between 15 and 25 cm (6 to 10 in) of snow here starting tomorrow morning. Or it might be rain. Right now it's 3 degrees above freezing.

Apparently I'm not getting to my garden shed (where my is stored) anytime soon!

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