Out of my last 23 working days, I've used my to commute to work 15 days. Pretty happy with myself! Hoping the weather continues to cooperate, although we'll be seeing rain this week...

trail Day 1 (yesterday)
Started from km 200 at Mont-Laurier, a small town 236 km north-west of Montreal, and 180 km north of Ottawa. It was very remote, I didn't meet other cyclists apart from the dozen who were shuttled by bus with me. Lots of lakes, rivers and streams along the trail. Destination was Nomingue, on the shore of the huge lake of the same name.

Wildlife encountered: 2 deers

In the shuttle bringing me and my to Mont-Laurier for my 200 km journey on the (Little Train of the North) bike trail (it's North of Montreal). Weather Canada issued a storm warning for this afternoon... Hoping that it won't pan out!!! Might still catch rain. 🙄

Sunday ride
Did a 63 km (39mi) ride today, one of my favorites - mostly on two bike paths, the "Corridor des Cheminots" (Railwaymen's Corridor) which merges into the Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf bike path. It crosses 2 rivers, the St. Charles river and the Jacques-Cartier.

Ballade de 63 km à vélo en ce beau dimanche sur le Corridor des Cheminots puis la vélopiste Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf qui traversent 2 rivières, la Saint-Charles et la Jacques-Cartier.

The choice was obvious. The ride was nice!

It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, should I
- mow the lawn
- clean my chain (saying it's long overdue would be a ridiculous understatement)
- go for a ride!


Today I did a 45 km ride around Quebec City. At one point I went down a very steep descent (Côte de Cap-Rouge) without braking, my bike computer indicated a max speed of 61.3 kph (38 mph) which means I went over the 50 kph speed limit. 😳 Never went that fast on a bike! I was glad I had disc brakes.

In 2 weeks I'm doing Le P'tit Train du Nord (Li'l Train of the North), a 200 km bike trail built on an old railway track (like many others in Quebec and possibly Canada at large). Doing it in 3 days with 2 nights in B&Bs. That'll be the greatest distance I've ever biked in such a short time. I'm pretty excited!


Okay, tomorrow morning will be sunny, but there's 80% probability of rain later in the day. Do I do my by bike, or do I use my car? I'm 10 km short of reaching my goal of 500 km before my first week of vacation which is in 2 weeks, but the weather will be lousy for the next week...

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(Re)discovered the Arch Reference tool in tonight (introduced in v0.18). I had read about it on @yorik 's blog last October but I don't use the Arch/BIM workbench. It creates an object linked to an external file (another FC document). It can be very useful, and not only for Arch/BIM users!

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Jenny i3 Revamp : Why I'm designing my own X-carriage 

I forgot to add, Arch AUR has already had 0.18 for two days, although some users seem to have trouble building the package.


Stay tuned guys, 0.18 release is imminent! The 0.18 tag has been created, all that is needed now is for packagers to prepare binaries (installers) for Windows, Linux (AppImage) and macOS. That last one may be delayed, from what I gather the Mac guys have been having trouble building the whole dependency stack (and it's huge).

Of course, for Ubuntu the freecad-stable PPA repository will be updated, for these users it's the best and effortless way to get it.

I've seen a lot of bug fixing in the Git repo in the past week. Slowly we're getting toward the 0.18 release!

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Back from about 1h30 of shovelling snow, about 90% of it over my shoulders and even head because the snowbanks are so high.

So now the main devs have vowed to show more discipline and hold off on merging new stuff until 0.18 finally is out the door! I hope this happens soon! 😀

Following that exchange, I counted 11 commits for new features to the Github repo since January 10th. All goodies.


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