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It's #caturday!
"Leave me alone", #MasterOfTheHouse says, "I'm trying to nap."
C'est #chatmedi !
« Laisses-moi tranquille », me dit le #MaitredelaMaison, « j'essaie de faire un p'tit somme ».

#cats #chat

The people in solar, wind, geothermal power have it all wrong. They need to stop what they're doing and figure out how to produce energy out of... cat hair.

Limitless ernergy, here we go!

Hi! I've been trying to add titles/captions/descriptions to JPEG images with without success. I stumbled on this 7-year old thread you replied to. I'm guessing it's still valid?

I'm admittedly using an old version (2.8.22 from Ubuntu 18.04 deb repositories).


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#cat #cats

Caption: black and gray cat with green eyes lies on a chair, a fore paw extended; the photographer's hand on its head.
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#cat #cats

Caption: Black and gray tabby cat lying sideways on a chair, eyes closed and yawning with mouth opened wide.
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I've been having fun with my old #RebelXS #DSLR today. #MasterOfTheHouse stoically obliged.

caption #1
CLose-up on head of black and gray tabby cat with green eyes, lying on a chair cushion and looking at the camera

caption #2
Same cat, close-up on its fore paw with claws partly showing.

#cat #cats #photography

Yesterday I went for my longest ride this year, 74 km (46 mi). My knee pain is finally gone: I ended up raising my seat by almost 4 cm (1.5 in).

But I had another issue appear: by the time I came home I had slight pain bending my right arm (back pain too). A few hours later the pain in my elbow when bending it was excruciating. It continued the whole night and morning.

I am now fine. But maybe I should raise the height of the handlebar as well?

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I wonder if that may have some interest for you... I met this old lady during my bicycle ride yesterday.

Front license plate indicates this car is from 1950. It's traditional for classic car owners around here to find an old license plate of the car's year of manufacture. The real license plate is at the rear.

My dad's first car was a DeSoto, but of a more recent model. I'd have to ask him again what year.

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it turns out an old digital SLR without a pivoting LCD screen is not all that great at making selfies.

Just found about the front end for . Looks interesting, but there's a dearth of screenshots showing it. I'm specifically interested in its mobile UI.

Anyone knows an instance I could freely browse the global timeline on without registering, so I could get a glimpse of it, before trying to install it on my Pleroma instance?

So I've dusted off my old digital SLR camera for all of 4 days, and I'm already struggling to reason myself on whether I really _need_ a 55-250mm zoom lens. 🙄

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It looks like #Pleroma doesn't give the possibility of adding a caption/description (for the visually impaired) to an uploaded picture, as Mastodon web UI does. I tried adding a description in #Gimp (from File → Properties) to the picture prior to upload, but it's not being used. Any idea how to do this? Some other metadata field to fill prior to uploading the picture, and which would be used by Pleroma?


It looks like it's back to normal, I can see those posts now. 🤔

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I've been getting acquainted again with my old (2008) Canon EOS digital #RebelXS camera. It had been 5 years since I last used it. And what to use as subject for experimenting with settings? Why, my unwitting #cat of course! 😃
Je me familiarise à nouveau avec mon vieil (2008) appareil photo reflex Canon EOS Rebel XS, que je n'avais pas utilisé depuis 5 ans. Et quel sujet prendre pour expérimenter avec les différents réglages ? Et bien mon #chat, pardi! 😃


I took over 9,000 pictures with that camera!

Say that again, Vegeta? 😜

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