Searching for & routes online instead of sleeping. Knowing fully well that with my little feline friend, I can't sleep in to compensate and will have to get up in about 4 and a half hours! 🤦‍♂️

So many interesting finds. 🚴‍♂️

Over the weekend I finally stopped procrastinating and joined a club, hoping to meet new people who share my interest for cycling. Since starting cycling in 2014, I've mostly ridden alone.

Last night I receive a welcome email with details on how to register to their activities, and reach other members.

Services used:
* Google Groups
* Google Drive
* Doodle
* RideWithGPS
* Facebook


I want my money back.

At least they have a regularly updated website.


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I just setup a raspberry pi with a 256gb sd card, and I'm looking for suggestions for what to host

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Is there a chance that a watch similar to the could ever exist with a GNSS receiver instead of the heart rate monitor? Would be nice for sports (using a chest strap over Bluetooth). I personally want a standalone watch for sports (i.e. working without a phone). I would love to play with such an open source watch, but I don't know if the GNSS would be much more expensive than a heart rate monitor...

I should mention that I still haven't updated the InfiniTime firmware from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0.

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With the caveat that I fully know the firmware and ecosystem is nowhere near mature, after a week using one, I have three minor disappointments:

* Notifications don't work at all, paired with on a
*The music control app doesn't work either
* More importantly for me, the heart rate monitor is unreliable. It goes from zero to more than 200 (!) and any value in between, no matter the level of activity (or lack thereof) I'm doing.

Hoping for future improvements.

I'm pretty sure the main factor in battery drain was the raise wrist setting. Yesterday I changed the display timeout to 15 seconds, because I can switch the display off manually by pressing the button again.

So yesterday I gave my Fitbit Lite to my sister (who had mentioned interest for it), purged the Fitbit app from my Android device, and deleted my Fitbit account! I did warn my sister Fitbit is now owned by Google.

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Five days ago I posted that my new smartwatch's battery drained in a day and a half. After charging it again, I changed my settings:

* Switched clock face back to digital
* Reduced display timeout from 15 to 5 sec
* Set wake up from "raise wrist" to "none" so that only pressing the side button wakes up the display

The improvement in battery life is impressive. It's been 5 days now, and the battery is still at 58%. I never got as much battery life with my Fitbit Lite.

I didn't update from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0 yet. First time I tried nothing happened (my home wi-fi sucks). I'm using compiled on my .

I'm using the analog clock face (yeah, I'm old school 😄). I wonder if it requires more power than the basic digital one, what with the seconds hand moving? Very cool clock face BTW!

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The "raise wrist" wake up setting seems sensitive. My bike has a dropped bar, I'm always changing where I place my hands. Also noticed that the display timeout was set to 15 seconds. I changed it to 5 sec.

Apart from that: notifications aren't working, the music controls either. The heart rate monitor (which I wanted to use while cycling) takes long to get a HR, and numbers vary wildly.

So it has really bare minimum usability at this time. Well, I know it's a work in progress.


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I don't know what happened with my , but its battery apparently died in the middle of my 82 km bicycle ride today. I charged it upon getting it at the end of the afternoon Monday, and I didn't sleep with it since. It was down to 48% before I left for my ride. Yikes. Not a great battery life, considering the box it came in talks about 6 - 8 days...

It's difficult to read under the sun, even with highest brightness setting. I set it to display when twisting my wrist.

@PINE64 was right when they told me the looks surprisingly good quality regarding its low price (without the shipping 😅). And with the low price point, I was subconsciously expecting a plastic weightless thing. Not so, I should have remembered the wiki mentioned a zinc alloy body. It has a nice weight. Finish is a nice satin black that photos online don't do justice.

Charging station is magnetic, that's a nice touch! Watch being charged right now, can't wait to put it on my wrist.

is now in the house. Annoyed at having had to pay UPS' brokerage fees (I would have preferred China Post & Canada Post), but hey, I'll get over it. 😄

If I disable mobile data and data roaming, then the GPS fix is mostly accurate. But it means I have to use OSM Scout Server for offline maps along with Pure Maps. And together they kill my Pinephone's battery in record time. 🙄

On my long cycling ride last Saturday, I plugged my Pinephone to a power bank. But they both got so hot at some point I unplugged them for fear they'd catch fire. 😬

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GPS location on the

There's this really weird thing on . I can't get a proper GPS fix on my phone if I keep mobile data and data roaming on. No matter how long I wait for the fix. Furthermore, the fix jumps between two different locations: the Montreal area, or Baie-Trinité, which is in Côte-Nord, a remote area in the North East! But I'm in the Quebec City area. Mtl is about 300 km away, and Baie-Trinité 500 km in the opposite direction! 🤨

I also got a 10,000mAh power bank to recharge my since it's sure not to last a day on a full charge (not even 1/3 of a day!), not if I'm going to use it for maps/navigation.

Power bank and USB-C cables & adapters were not purchased from Amazon, but from a Canadian online store. I'm not financing Jeff Bezos' space trips if I can help it. 😜


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Starting my summer vacation. 😎

No set plans yet, but I aim to do a lot of , hoping to find cool paths. Probably many single or two-day outings, with a drive to get there and back, and a multi-day cycling trip if I can book B&B's last minute. I'll be bringing my with me, and regrettably my Android device as backup and for GPX recording. Also bringing my old entry-level DSLR. I got a big microSD card in the phone, and a cable to transfer photos from the camera.

Thanks to @linmob's mobile apps list, I found and installed , a GTK app for light image editing. It's the only mobile app I found so far that supports resizing. Unfortunately, the crop tool is difficult to use on a touch screen. It has no precision, you swipe blindlessly with your fat finger with no visual feedback and let go. Which means never getting what you expected or wanted. By comparison, shows a rectangle over the image that you can easily resize before applying.

Got my hopes up for getting my today just before the start of my vacation. Only to have them crushed by UPS' excellently efficient tracking system. /s

For the whole day it said scheduled for delivery today, then after 4PM it changed to "check back tomorrow for an updated estimated delivery"...

Oh well, First World problem right.

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