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Question for any folk out there..what is the setting we need to use in order to omit translated pages from our wiki search results?

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Been practicing a single song on for the past 3 weeks because it's in alternate tuning (open E) and tuning the guitar back and forth all the time is a hassle. 😄

It's pretty simple to play, mostly strumming apart from a fingerpicked intro which requires practice for my sluggish hands. At some point I was wondering if I was past being able to play it regular speed. Been relearning it on and off for almost 30 years. 🙄

What? No more Mike Wazowski avatar? 😢 😄
I made a Monsters Inc. joke yesterday and nobody noticed it (except the person I replied to). 😭

I guess the movie is getting old...

Hi, just wanted to say I just gave another try on my after 2 months, and boy has it improved! Scrolling is so much smooter and fast, there's barely any lag, and there is no more unexpected direction reversal.

There is still an issue with cropped window on the right side in some conversations or checking someone's profile. But the improvements are great!

Nice job, thanks for your work! 😀

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We have disappeared way too long from this amazing network.. Hang tight, we're coming back!

Cat mourning, positive 

A few days ago, I received mail from the veterinary clinic where my cat was euthanized 2 weeks ago. I only opened it this afternoon.

It was a card with a handwritten, thoughtful and supportive note from the veterinary doctor who did the procedure. Such a kind gesture from her. Brought a tear to my eye.

"PinePhones purchase on clearance over the CNY period destined for all other destinations will ship out Thursday (Feb 25) and Friday (Feb 26) from Hong Kong."

Woohoo! :homersimpsonwithfistshigh:

* 0.19 official release is approaching, after 23 months of development
* Ubuntu daily PPA is soon to get updated OCCT libraries (from 7.3.0 to 7.5.1) which should prevent some crashes, a benefit from a FreeCAD contributor who patched the OCCT source code. The packages are already uploaded, last night's builds of FreeCAD failed because of unmet dependencies with netgen, a separate issue. Up to now netgen support had been disabled...

There are a few missing edges on the front view, notably for the pillow block bushings. This is something that also happens on the $$$ proprietary CAD software we use at work! The pillow blocks are an imported part from IGUS website, I'd have to check if there are interfering faces that could cause that... But all in all, pretty good for such a complex model.


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I didn't bother with scale and correct placement of views, the isometric view goes over the title block. Oh and, there's an option to apply a perspective projection, and define a view focus distance (second screenshot). Really cool!

Glossary: HLR = hidden line removal. Software algorithm to compute which edges on the model to display on a flattened view. It's handled by the geometric modeling kernel, Open CasCade Technology (OCC/OCCT).


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In a recent toot I posted my 3D model of my old (but still functional) Lulzbot AO-100 3D printer with mods I plan on doing.

The model actually links most of the parts from 75 external files. I was wondering whether the TechDraw workbench could generate views from it.

Apparently it can 😄 but it is extremely slow! It's no doubt partly due to extruder's herringbone gears (such complex surfaces are murder to compute), but the used HLR algo from OCC is also not very efficient.


So if all goes well, I should get my KDE Plasma Mobile Convergence Edition (ordered 2 weeks ago) in early March, then a little later the mainboard to upgrade my UBports CE. I'll be able to test and compare (or other based distros) and KDE Plasma Mobile side by side, from eMMC, choose one and sell (or donate?) one of the phones. 🤓

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* Getting out of bed at 2AM and booting up your desktop PC because you just checked @PINE64's online store on your phone and the 3GB/32GB mainboard special offer for BH and UBports CE owners is BACK IN STOCK 🎉 🙌 🎆
* Placing your order stat because very limited quantities
* While you're at it, ordering plenty of other gizmos (soft case, charger, glass protector...)
* Gonna be severely sleep deprived for the last workday of the week :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

Totally worth it!!! 😄

The script should have been reviewed before having the voice over done... 🙄

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Why do people who are pathetically bad in English never ask for help with their translations from French? Currently reviewing an instructional video and my ears bleed. I'm stopping every 5 seconds to write "that's not how you say it in English". My English level is nowhere near perfect, but it's leagues better than the person who made the translation. 🤦‍♂️

Been at it for more than one hour, and I've only watched 5:30 of a 9:30 video. There are two more videos. 😭 @ericbuijs
Oh and I need to design a new spool holder, mounted on the upper aluminum extrusion.

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Most of the parts and sub-assemblies are external files linked into the main assembly file. The whole assembly loads in 15 seconds on my old i5-3570K 4-core desktop PC. But I haven't added all the hardware. I'd like to model the GT2 belts too.

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It will require many 3D printed parts, but I don't mind, I've got an ample supply of plastic.

As for raising the build height, it might not be warranted until I fix the Z-banding issue. And I'll have to flash the Marlin firmware, which I have never done...

I haven't designed the PSU holding bracket yet. If I ever build an enclosure, I'm guessing I'll have to put the PSU outside.


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