Got somebody supervising my work today.

He's even helping me type emailsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 😄

If I had been in an arrogant mood I could have passed him in a turn 😄, he was slower than me. But then the construction works ended, we were back on asphalt. He had a rearview mirror so I waved at him for the cool run, fully expecting him to leave me in a cloud of dust, but he didn't see me.

Later, another cyclist on a road bike joined us, I was surprised to be able to keep up with them for a few kilometres. I guess I was expanding more energy than them though.


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On the way back from my afternoon ride, I was on an asphalt trail that runs along the St. Lawrence River. I was passed by a cyclist on a carbon frame road bike, skinny tires (700C x 23 I'd guess). I fell behind quite a lot, but then he came to a segment where the trail was under construction. The trail turned to bumpy gravel with tight turns for a few kilometers. Perfect conditions for my 650B x 47 tires. 😈 He couldn't get speed and I was in his rear wheel the whole time. 😄


Went for a little ride, chose to go back on the trail that follows the St. Lawrence River.

Trying to move my Cateye Padrone analog computer from my old to my new bike. Had to cut the zip ties that attached the speed sensor to the front fork. They're just zip ties, right!

Except I can't find zip ties with the right width. 4" long (101mm) fit through the eyelets, but they're too short. 7 1/2" are long enough, but too wide and won't fit the speed sensor's eyelets. 🙄

I've been back to using my Android phone full time for a week now...

While the overall user experience is so much more polished than (the core system as well as apps), I miss, and try to make UT's swipe moves.

But, it being fully googled, I feel... unclean. 😉 (And surveilled...)

My mind has mostly been on my new for the past week, but this weekend I need to make a real effort at making my my new daily driver. At least, giving it a shot.

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It's the first time I purchase a #bike that comes with a user's manual. It contains 44 pages of generalities... It's a single manual for the manufacturer's whole line.

It's in English only... 🙁 Big shock when reading the manufacturer's address in the back cover: USA! I always thought Kona was a Canadian company from BC.

Well, that explains the English-only manual. A Canadian company would have provided the manual in the country's two official languages (English & French); a European company would have provided a manual in multiple languages. And IKEA would have provided a manual with pictograms only. 😝
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For my lunch hour today, I had the choice between the following. Guess which one won. 😄🚴

#bike #MastoBikes #workingfromhome

I had to come in to the office this morning so I took the opportunity to make the commute with my new . It was brisk this morning, 8 °C / 46 °F but it was warm enough by end of day to do the return trip in short sleeves. The handlebar and saddle bags were useful.

This bike was set up for and to ride on gravel trails and roads, but I find it very useful on poor condition asphalt city roads.

I know, my desk would welcome a little clean-up! 😟

And I need a new air pump and a new tire pressure gauge, the ones I have barely register such a low pressure!

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I need to unlearn how to inflate a tire. I had 700C x 28 tires on my old bike, I used to inflate them to 100 psi (an article I read recently shows that was a mistake).

I went to WTB's website to check out the recommended tire pressure for the Venture 47 (650B). Min/max is 25/50 psi! They recommend inflating to minimum for people in the 160-180 lbs. range (73-82 kg). I couldn't bring myself to leave them at 25 so I inflated them to 30 psi.

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Sunday afternoon #cycling ride with my new bike / Randonnée cycliste du dimanche avec mon nouveau #vélo

Despite cool weather (12 °C/53.6F), I had to take out my new #gravel #bikepacking bike for a first ride.

I ended up doing 60 km (37 mi). The huge 650B x 47 tires are awesome! I was looking for more comfort, and I got it. By the end of the ride I was purposely aiming for bumps and cracks on pavement. 😄 And I think I was slightly faster than with my hybrid which is mounted on 700C x 28 tires.

Malgré le temps frais (12 °C), je tenais à faire ma première sortie avec mon nouveau vélo de #cyclotourisme.

J'ai fait une randonnée de 60 km. Les énormes pneus 650B x 47 sont supers. Je cherchais plus de confort, j'en si pour mon argent. À la fin de la ballade, je faisais exprès pour viser les bosses, dépressions et fissures dans la chaussée. 😄 En prime, je crois que j'étais légèrement plus rapide qu'avec mon vélo hybride chaussé sur du 700C x 28.

Back on Android, day 3

Last Thursday, I used (Another Activity Tracker, available on F-Droid) to record my commute. When you put aside its odd UI, it's a very nice gpx recording app (for a FOSS project). There's nothing comparable in .

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Back on Android, day 3

I've been using OSMAnd again... Boy I didn't remember how cluttered its UI is, with its gazillion of options. And route compute is so slow!

I had gotten the OSMAnd+ (paid) version from Google Play store. Had I known it would push ads I would have installed the free version from F-Droid. 🙄

I feel renewed appreciation for , and how well it's designed. The only thing I find missing in it is the ability to get navigation for multiple destinations.

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Back on Android, day 3

It's been 3 days since I've had to put aside my phone (due to faulty touch screen) and go back to my Android phone.

After a year of daily use, funny how I've come to be addicted to UT's heavily used swipe gestures. Even though Android feels a lot more polished and streamlined in general, and not clunky, I still miss UT.

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About my #gravel #bicycle search, heart won over reason. I brought the Kona Swift Rove (which I had tested last Thursday) home this afternoon. A purchase that some would consider irrational and bad (what? A steel bike at that price point?). Plus the fact I already own pannier and handlebar bags. But I figure with the 23% discount and the Shimano GRX group, I'm getting high end bags (and racks) as a bonus.

It's not a pure gravel bike though, more like a #touring and #bikepacking bike.

I tested it yet again this afternoon before confirming purchase. I was looking for comfort at this point, and I think I found it. Those are big @ss tires 😄 (650B x 47), there's a Brooks B17 Imperial genuine leather seat that apparently helps cushion shocks too. It will take time though to break it in. Looks very vintage!

I hope we get nice autumn days so I can ride it a few times before winter!


It's a lot of money to make a mistake on. But boy, does that Swift Rove bike look nice! It's a contest between the heart and the head.


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The Kona Swift Rove comes with a front low rider rack and 20L pannier bags, but wouldn't they be better on the rear wheel for stability?

Wouldn't a lighter aluminum gravel bike with smaller tire sections (35mm) be more suitable for my use than this heavier bike with 650b x 47 tires? I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be able to find third-party fenders/mud guards as nice as those that come with the Swift Rove.


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Went to 2 bike shops tonight in my search for a new . Now I'm confused. There's the "reasonable" option, what I objectively need: a bike that mainly does road, which can also ride on rougher terrain, gravel; and which can be fitted for light touring for 1 to 2 trips a year. Giant Revolt 1 or 2, or Specialized Diverge would probably be good choices.

Then there's the emotional option. A bike all set up for (Kona Swift Rove) which has really catched my eye...


Very happy with my commute today. I first went to my hospital appointment, then to work. At the end of the day I made a detour for the bike shop before heading back home. I made 30 km/19 mi in all.

I wasn't dressed warm enough for the weather. My Goretex "wind stopper" jacket doesn't stop sh*t. 🙄 But I managed.

I hope I keep motivated to continue riding my bicycle in cold weather. 🚴

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