I'm now on my 9th day of isolation. Even though I could have ended it after 5 days per public health guidelines, I decided to do the full 10 days.

Symptoms were very mild. Early on I mistook them for allergies...

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Haven't had the heart to post much lately.

Last week I was on a 9-day group cycling & camping trip. It was going well until on the 5th day I tested positive for COVID. Relatives drove 250km in two cars (one being mine) so I could drive back home and not infect them (I was well enough to drive).

The trip was ended one day early, nearly half of the 32 participants have tested positive so far. I have no idea how I caught it, we were outdoors all the time... I had been covid-free since 2020!

Been procrastinating all day about doing indoors and outdoors chores.

And now my little decides she wants to continue her nap next to me on the couch! 😍 Yep, a productive afternoon is definitely shot now. 😅

I think I needed the rest anyway.

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edge --> v22.06 downgrade successful! 😅

No more living on the edge for me, at least on my phone. 😜

285/1022 packages downgraded so far. Yeah, I installed a lot of stuff, including dev packages to build stuff I never did. 😳

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Living dangerously : I'm currently using new upgrade script on my to _downgrade_ from edge to v22.06.

Sound has been broken in edge for the past 2 days, and well, this is my main phone, I need sound to make calls. A PR to fix this is in the pipeline, but I can't wait anymore.

I was thinking of downgrading for a while now, but this bug forced my hand, and I don't want to flash anew for now...

At least I made a backup, I'm running the upgrade from SSH through USB. 🤞

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Guess it's time for those that ignored all previous warnings and dark forebodings to finally ? No, still not?

Feels like people/projects have either already left it or never will.

I have this contract with a company to maintain my lawn. Mixed feelings. Lawn looks better than it used to, but. They made a treatment this morning, I shouldn't walk on the grass until tomorrow morning. This can't be good for the environment. 🤦‍♀️

Nor for my little outgoing cat either. I've been ignoring her indignant calls to go outside for the past 2 hours.

Something tells me I won't be getting much sleep tonight. 😢

Little is trying her best to destroy one of my wool socks right now (thankfully not currently on my foot 😅).

Just getting updates to install from Google Play Store on the has been hit and miss. The HW is still not too shabby compared to the 's, so I'm guessing this is the OS getting bogged down by cruft.

I wouldn't mind getting rid of one more Android spy device in the house... 🤔

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My old Nexus 7 (2013?) tablet (bought back when I trusted Google 🙄) has mostly become unusable. It's too slow to browse the net, or to run the local news app I've been keeping it for. Storage is nowhere near capacity.

Seriously, it's smoother consuming content on my OG ! 😅

I was waiting for the to get back in production, still no news from PINE64, sigh...

Pondering whether flashing or (if at all possible) on it would be worth the effort.

I've had a look at FacilMap.org for privacy-friendly collaborative map and route editing. It's pretty nice!

But I kid you not, with the average age of members being pretty high (a majority are enjoying retirement), some are still printing cue sheets for routes. On dead trees. 🤦‍♀️

FacilMap is supposedly able to export a route to a table, but I haven't managed to make it work.

A web service that generates cuesheets is maps.openrouteservice.org.

Do you know of any other?

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In my club, there's one person on the board who's responsible to create and maintain routes for the weekly rides and the cycling trips. AFAIK she's the only one doing it, as nobody else wants the job. She's been doing it for 8 years. She was training a replacement this year, but I heard this person resigned.

I've been thinking about offering my help... Might be an opportunity to steer them toward tools. They're using RideWithGPS and the usual big corp services.

Today was the first day of my first vacation of the summer (I'm taking only a week, keeping more vacation days later in the summer).

And this was a glorious day indeed, as I did absolutely nothing. 😁

I grew a year older last week (not saying the exact date because reasons), and later had this disturbing thought:

I'm older by a couple years than Danny Glover's Roger "I'm getting too old for this shit" Murtaugh was in the first Lethal Weapon movie.

Ouch. 😢

uspol, SCOTUS, future of democracy 

I'm not a US citizen nor do I live there, but as a Canadian I keep up with the news on the South side of the border. And quite bluntly, they are chilling.

What are the Democrats in power waiting for? Can't Clarence Thomas be impeached for blatant counsel with a known Big Lie nut (his wife)? "Packing" (LOL) the SCOTUS to counteract the conservative retrograde agenda?

The house is burning, Democrats, wake the f*** up!!!


Last night I texted my sister about this new docuseries "The Hidden Lives of Pets" on Netflix, showing amazing feats of pets.

This morning, while outside the house, I was witness to a prowess by my little : she was on my neighbor's side of the fence, started meowing when she saw me; then she climbed the wire fence as one would a ladder, came up the top rail, and jumped on the patio.

Clever girl! 😍 🐈️

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