Due to much wireless interference where I live, wi-fi is very low compared to what my Internet service can give me. Out of 100/20 Mbps, I get 2.6 Mbps download at most on my . The kicker is I can upload up to 6 Mbps. (I had the same issue on Ubuntu Touch on a OnePlus One)

But after a couple of days, wireless degrades to ridiculously slow speeds (below 0.5 Mbps). Needless to say it becomes impossible to browse. Rebooting appears to temporarily fix the issue.

It seems I've stopped receiving SMS texts for days on . Rather bummed out about it, not sure how to fix this. It may have started after a contact said they sent me an image. I still haven't managed to complete the hack to get mms... 😳

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Is there a way to clear notifications on phosh vs having to open them to clear?
#pinephone #phosh #mobian

I got 40 this morning from the unstable repo.

Unfortunately it isn't there yet on the . The whole UI sometimes resizes unexpectedly, and all fonts reduce to 50% of their original size...

Preferences windows still don't fit the screen and the on/off toggles are inaccessible in either portrait/landscape modes.

Sound notifications don't work... LED notifications don't work reliably. I'm a little disappointed...

Last night I checked 's feature/handy branch, a pull request made hours before fixed my compile issue. Something between Vala and Sqlite.

Running Dino from the build folder works fine. I used checkinstall instead of make install; not sure if it's related, but the Dino install won't launch because it looks for its libs in /usr/lib/ instead of /usr/local/lib/ where they're actually installed. I wish I knew how to fix this apart from making a bunch of symlinks...


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Food for thought

Could someone start a #peertube instance that only allows for User Creation, without uploads, and follows no other instances for the purpose of allowing people to simply hold a list of Subscriptions to the creators they wish to follow?

Essentially, there would be no local content, no federated content, only Subscriptions.

This would solve the "shit-show" problem of current large instances including moderation since users would curate their own experience.

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I tried to compile the client feature/handy branch (for mobile) on , but the build failed pretty quick. Oh well. I asked for help on Github, hoping to get pointers on how to solve this. (Build log below)


BTW I used to compile FreeCAD, a beast which requires nearly 20 minutes to build on my old i5-3570K with the -j4 option. In comparison, the two apps I've compiled so far on my have taken a ridiculously short time, considering!

Finding an client for

I was recently reminded that (which my own server runs on) comes with an XMPP server. I'm looking for a client. I tested gajim. While it works - sort of, with OMEMO encryption, it's not mobile-friendly. Closing it and opening it again, my account seems disabled, and I can't get it to enable it.

So I will look at something else.

While the Chatty app does support XMPP, it only supports text. I want to be able to send/receive attachments.

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It's time! InfiniTime, the fully firmware for the , has reached version 1.0. With this first end-user release, the PineTime is now considered an enthusiast-grade daily usage device.


My boss made the news in the local newspaper. He announced that he would pay a full day's work to all employees who go take a vaccine shot. That's right: go take your shot, get a paid (full) day off.

He's encouraging other business owners to do the same.

Rant about Phosh's squeekboard 

It has an emoji keyboard, but so few emojis are there, and the selection seems random. The plain old winking emoji isn't even there. 🤷‍♀️

When using Mastodon's web UI on my , using the emoji menu at the right corner of the toot input window is near impossible.

Guess I'll have to memorize the emoji codes for those I use most! 🙄

Working on Windows 10 (day job), when all of a sudden my two screens turn black for 3 seconds. When they come back, the 3D CAD software I was using with multiple opened documents has exited.

And a Windows Store notification tells me NVIDIA Control Panel was just installed. Without my ever knowing about it, *while I was working*.

To say that I hate Microsoft with a seething passion would be a gross understatement. 😡🤬😠

Apparently toy mouse throwing is part of my job description now, along with hourly belly rubs.

After carrying my everywhere with me in my pants' front pocket for the past two weeks, the plastic protector on the screen now has a lot of scratches. I did get the glass protector along with my replacement mainboard in March, but I have yet to install it.

The issue: with a shedding cat with mid-length hair in the house, I don't see how I can apply that glass protector without trapping some cat hair between the screen and the glass!!! 😬

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The forty-second edition of my weekly collection of news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!


and , @manjarolinux, @danctnix and @opensuse see new releases, show more PinePhone accessories and more!

0.20 Development

The Part Design workbench's Hole feature can now model a true thread. Both metric and UTS thread profiles are available, with detailed options. Very cool!

Beware that this makes the feature heavier and much longer to compute.

* Sketcher Trim tool now doubles as a delete tool, if the geometry clicked on isn't intersected by other geometry. This is actually a request I had made to Abdullah, the Sketcher developer, a couple of years ago! 😀



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I just fired up daily (based on current 0.20 development) for the first time in weeks. There are already notable improvements that will make it hard for me to stick with the recently released 0.19.1! 😁

* The navigation cube now has visible edges. Previously it didn't, and it made it impossible to distinguish over a white or light background (my preference).
* Sketcher Trim tool now works on all sketch elements, including B-splines.


I forgot to add, the offer is also "as long as supply lasts" - so don't wait too long!

Last October, I waited one week and it was too late when I was ready to throw my money at them. They had another batch available back in February that didn't last long either.

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