When you leave stuff from the project you're working on in the conference room, go back to your office next door to pick up something, and through closed doors you hear your boss exclaim "Wow! That's very nice!"

That was the effect I was going for. 😎

So yeah, it was a good day at work!

I have not seen it mentioned by @PINE64 or anybody else here, but a few days ago the Brave Heart edition of the sold out. Three thousand units were made available. Now it took a little more time than I would have thought, on the other hand, the PINE64 people were pretty clear that it didn't come with an OS, and that it wasn't intended for end users yet.

I think this is great news, 3,000 people were ready to get one anyway. This bodes well for the next phase!

Well I started my spinning classes this week (indoor stationary with music and a coach who sets the pace). The regular gym kind on Monday and the aquatic kind in the shallow end of a pool on Thursday. Of course the pool is indoor, outside weather was around -12 degrees C (10F)!

I was concerned about the music, and my fears proved true: dance music which I can barely tolerate. At least the sound level was not deafening.

Aquatic spinning was a lot easier than I expected, and fun.

@pla hey, have you (and any other enthusiasts) seen this? Looks pretty cool.


Well, that was fun while it lasted. Back to work tomorrow! And first spinning class at the end of the day. Something tells me I won't have trouble getting to sleep tomorrow night...

It's still here. 😽

gets a treat, but not before working for it! The finger licking is part of the process, nothing should go to waste! 😄

He's such a patient cat. Any other cat would have shred my hand (he has all his claws).

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Another year, another orbit. Not sure how many more of these I have remaining as an tea-quaffing ape descendant inhabiting the pale blue dot, but I'll try to make it count.

In the 2020s re-decentralizing the internet ought to be a priority. If we don't succeed then many other possibilities for organizing will shut down. Something that's painfully obvious is that we don't just need communications systems for casual banter or observing interesting feline photography but also systems for organizing and sharing in a coherent way, but without layers of management or benevolent dictators.

Capitalism is in long term decline. Unlike Mastodon, it's crumbling and looking shabby. Fascism is a symptom of capitalism in decay. We need to do better than this. Not just as a political aesthetic but as a matter of survival.

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End-of-the-month (and year!) Pine64 update over on our forum. It's not as long-form or polished as the normal 5th-of-the-month blog posts, but there's still lot of info here!


Back from the movie. I enjoyed it! I was able to find a "normal" non-3D showing (having 3D glasses over my regular glasses for 2 hours plus is such a PITA, all the more so since I stop noticing the 3D effects after 5 minutes 🙄).

I've come full circle, 42 years after I watched the first movie in a theater when I was a child. A little sad it is over, but glad this last trilogy washes away the disappointment that was the second trilogy. 🙂

Ulysses wishes a Merry Catmas, I mean Christmas to all cat lovers on the Fediverse. 😺

(picture circa Christmas 2008 - Ulysses is my sister's cat, 's sibling, and still alive and well for a 15 years old cat.)

I'm really stoked about the upcoming , all the more so since @PINE64 announced in their December blog update that they would provide a physical keyboard accessory, possibly inspired by the Psion series 5 from the 1990's.

In the past few months I've mostly done my light computing on my phone and hardly ever used my home desktop PC. Typing on a virtual keyboard is a real bore, I never got the hang of it.


I'm really commited to using a Linux phone, in particular, but it doesn't prevent me from keeping my objectivity and seeing things as they are, not as I wish they were. There are some serious shortcomings on this platform.

One is email clients. The OS doesn't provide a client, and there is only one
available in the OpenStore, Dekko2. I understand that there are very few people working on the Ubuntu Touch ecosystem, still it is quite baffling that Dekko2 is in such a sorry state.😟

Every people who meet my , including vetenary physicians and technicians can't believe he's 15 year-old, going on 16 next spring. He's still a big kitten. 😄

I hope we can keep his kidney disease in check as long as possible. For now he seems none the worse for wear.

Vet clinic blues

For the past couple of months, and I have made regular visits to the vet clinic to get rid of a persistent acne infection under his chin. Since switching from antibiotic pills to injections every two weeks, treatment has been effective. I'm hoping this week's shot will be the last.

I'm talking in (canadian) French in the video, just reassuring my . (the technician had left to renew his prescription for another health issue.)

I got that perfect shot for but 's camera app decided to freeze. I took a screen capture to salvage it.

Excited for the last film of the triple trilogy. I know some people have been critical of either of the last two films, others are critical of Disney. But I've loved them. Loved the fact that the main character is a woman. Maybe I'm biased because A New Hope was the very first film I watched in a theater when I was a child. Such amazement! It started my love story with science fiction. Seeing the 9th film in a theater will close the loop for me. 😎

P.S. No spoilers please!!! 😉

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Nice little write up about the status of PinePhone from a developer, working to make it a reality.


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Hows it going? Started using mastodon yesterday. Excited to use an alternative from of social media. Very intimidating at first. Hoping to get more intimate with the innerworkings as use grows.

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