Well I finally got out of that situation. Now need to recharge the battery, which seems to be completely depleted!


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misadventures - the comeback 😅

Well, I was able to boot 0.6 flashed on a fresh SD card, but I had to plug the phone into a wall charger to do it. I then switched the USB cable to a port on my desktop, Jumpdrive stayed alive - and I was able to access the rootfs and reverse the change to my /etc/fstab (I had made a backup of the original fstab).

now boots again, but the battery is completely depleted. Again. And when it is, it takes ages to recharge it. 🙄

At this time it looks like new cards work at first, then after some time they no longer do.

So I'm now on the screen telling me to flash the procedure from my PC or to connect over telnet. I don't know if the battery is really out of charge, not sure how to connect over telnet - or what to actually do. Do I flash anew, or attempt to salvage my current install, and if so, how?

With all the hit and misses, I don't think I can trust this SD card slot anymore. 2/2

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> But anyway, not all hope is lost. You need a serial connection if you're sure your phone does not boot from another sdcard anymore.

I just tried my 5th microSD card, a brand new SDHC 32GB Samsung EVO Plus I purchased last week. All my other cards, including the brand new SDXC SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB my /home partition is installed on, won't be recognized.

I flashed JumpDrive 0.6 over the new card. The phone would only boot if charging. 1/2

...Aaaaand of course I jinxed it 🙄

After a reboot, won't boot anymore. After 2-3 minutes on the boot screen, the screen turns black but with the backlight on.

I strongly suspect it's not able to read the SD card, where my home partition is.

With all the trouble I've been having with reading SD cards, it's difficult not to conclude that the card reader is faulty. ☹️

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Not to say the and don't have issues. They have tons of them. 😜

crashes quite frequently. At least that's what I think is happening, the screen goes black, and the lockscreen reappears after a few seconds. Since the whole OS doesn't crash, I don't know if reducing RAM frequency would help.

I like how most apps work and look: terminal, Files manager, even if the latter is not fully responsive to the screen, the file properties window does not scale back properly.

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Will I jinx it if I say I had no major hurdles with my phone today? 😅 Of course I'm only playing with it a couple hours a day.

I briefly tested , the music app that comes with . When I installed Mobian 11 days ago, Rhythmbox was also installed, but it was later removed. It makes sense, Lollypop is nicely configured for mobile. While in the lockscreen, there's a widget at the top to pause the song, skip backward or forward. No need to unlock the PP.

So rather than go to bed like I should have done, I went and mounted my SD card as /home on my . I followed the instructions from the wiki to the letter.

It works... Except I don't have read/write permissions on any file. I get asked my password for any action, including opening a music file from the Files manager. 🤦‍♀️

Managing permissions from the terminal is my Achilles' heel. Any advice anybody? 😢

Thanks. Will go to bed now...

I plugged my to a wall charger and rebooted. The card is now detected again by , and mounted automatically.

The battery indicator was at 50% before charging. I wonder if the indicator is reliable, it might actually be much lower? Last Sunday my battery drained completely, and for the next 2 days I had a hard time recharging it to full. It drained again twice during that time.

It's unfortunate @PINE64 is out of batteries.

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microSD card woes, continued

Last weekend I purchased two new SD cards: a SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB microSDXC U3 and a Samsung Evo Plus microSDHC U1 32GB. I intended the 128GB for a separate /home partition on . As I was going to copy files to the card, I had a system crash. Now the card isn't detected anymore. I rebooted Mobian a few times, even reformated the card again (ext4), no use. 😢

I've complained frequently on how slow the wi-fi was on my . I'm getting at most 2.5MBps in download, and oddly >10MBps in upload. My connection is 100/30.

Well today I had to go to the office and I brought my Pinephone with me to test the office's wi-fi speed. Annnnnd I got a speed of ...30MBps!

I checked my other wireless devices at home, and while they're all faster than the Pinephone, they're not that fast either.

Seems like my 802.11n router may be the issue. 🤔

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It's odd though, before shutting the phone down to insert the PMOS card, reported the battery was at 89%. 🤔

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I had quite a scare trying to test PostmarketOS on my . I've been having trouble with all the microSD cards in my hands, but decided to give another go at one of them.

The PMOS image booted, but it wanted to install. I went through the setup, pressed Install, and at no time did it ask where to install - SD card or eMMC. Anyway it failed with a mount error. Then the screen went black. It would not turn on again.

I thought I bricked my device! 😱 But the battery was just drained. 😅

Bit of info that will be interesting only to CAD jocks: the STEP file was generated in Pro/Engineer. Not sure what version, it reads "PRO/ENGINEER BY PARAMETRIC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, 2010280".

Did you know? A STEP file is a plain text file. 🤓

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With the 's current short battery life, and no major improvement in sight (that I know of), it seems like a good idea to purchase a backup battery. Having to take out the whole back cover is a hassle though.

I just found that @PINE64 supplies the CAD file for the back cover in STEP format! I would like to have a cover with an integrated door, think TV remote.

But is there any current 3D printer that can print such fine details?!? Mine circa-2013 sure can't.


RIP Jules the cat 

Jules the Siamese cat was adopted from an animal rescue years ago by my sister and lived with her and his adoptive brother Ulysse, a grey tabby. Jules, French for Julius (Caesar!), could be sweet, annoying, dominant, very expressive and loud, and always up for attention. He would go out and meow at a stranger's door to be let in. 😂

I loved both cats, they're now both gone, a few months apart. Hoping they're happy in the cat afterlife!

On is there a weight tracker app? I'm looking for something basic to keep track of weight, put up a graph, maybe calculate BMI... I can't seem to find anything in the Debian repos.

Something like this app on :



Tonight I tried to move my /home partition on my to an SD card. The card isn't even detected.

It's the same card that wouldn't boot with OSes installed. I guess it confirms my suspicion that this card is defective. I'm building a collection of them. 🙄

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