I replaced my front wheel tube tonight (the valve had snapped off when I pulled out the pump head 2 days ago), it took me less time that I thought it would take, it's only the second time in my life I do this! 😄

I'm ready to commute by bike tomorrow, there are not many nice days left before cold sets in. Forecast says it will be 10 deg C (50F) at 8AM, 17C (63F) at 6PM.

I was all prepped to commute by this morning, clothed for the weather (sunny but 6 deg C / 43F) then I decided to inflate my tires. When I pulled the pump head from the first tire the tire valve pin or whatever it's called flew away. I f***ing hate Presto valves. 😡

No time to replace the tube, no biking today. 😠

Well it was fun while it lasted, but vacation is over — it's back to work tomorrow!

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Yes! I just created my first successful webapp on (to access my Desjardins credit union account) using the webapp creator from the OpenStore. The simple webapp option didn't work, I used the Ogra alternative and that worked. What helps is that the website is in responsive design and is phone-friendly. Maybe I'll upload it to the OpenStore, although there are probably not many Desjardins members using UT.

Well, it's my last day of vacation tomorrow. That's right, I'm going back to work on a Friday. At least it will be a short work week. 😄

Forecast for tomorrow is sunny until late afternoon (but no more than 17 deg C/63F), will see if I go for a last ride before going back to work.

I rode 2200 km (1367 mi) this year! 🚴

The gentleman had come to Quebec City with his wife to see his daughter compete in the 2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships that took place in Mont-Sainte-Anne over the weekend. How cool is that. This was her first race after a serious injury early this season, a doctor had told her she might not be able to compete again. That she did (and completed the race) was quite an accomplishment. Nice ride, nice encounter and an inspiring story. 🚴

Yesterday afternoon I had a nice 73 km (45 mi) ride. I crossed to the south shore by the old Quebec bridge, went west on route 132 towards the St. Nicolas village, went south to get to Route 1 of the Route verte (Greenway) bike trail, then back east. Near the old bridge a nice fellow from Colorado asked me for directions (he was relieved I spoke English 😄) and we ended up together to the Québec-Lévis ferry to cross the St. Lawrence river again. 1/2

I switched my SIM card from my Moto G5+/Android 8 to my OnePlus One running yesterday. Still carrying both phones around for now. I have 16GB of pictures to transfer 😄Will see how it goes!

Canadian politics, US media view 

O ye , I appreciate that one of the ways for you to display affection toward me is to put your paws over my face. I just wish you didn't right after exiting the litter box. Thank you.

Some pictures I meant to post from my trail of 9 days ago. Near my completion of the loop around the Lac Saint-Jean (which has an area of 1041 square km or 407 sq mi), the small road ended and I had to cross a catwalk over a spillway. Pretty cool.

I just quickly tested Mailfence (email service provider). I'm rather disappointed with the webmail UI. It doesn't scale at all on , unless I rotate the phone to landscape. In portrait mode, the side pane takes most of the available space. The UI feels dated, with very small text and icons. Not at all like the pictures on their site that says "For all screens".

Interesting blog article from last month that reviews many of the email providers mentioned in this thread.


I had a gmail address I created for communications with a customer when I was doing freelance work. I hadn't used it for 9 years so I figured it was time to delete the account. But I wanted to download a zip archive of messages first. Well, Google produced the zip file but I was never able to download it for some security issue. Of course Google wanted more personal info from me before I could download. 🙄

So f... the archive, I deleted the account. Oddly that was not a security issue. 🙄

In my attempt to free myself from Google, I've been having a 30-day trial email account with . I've got no criticism so far, it works very well — but then I happened on that blog and now I'm conflicted.


I want IMAP functionality which means no Tutanota nor ProtonMail (added compatibility issue: ).

The same blog author did not seem to recommend Mailbox.org because it's not easy to configure...

I never got as many faves as my last toot. Then I noticed it was reposted by @Gargron which explains it 😄

I kid a lot about my cat's aloofness because it's the common stereotype, but my not so little critter has stuck to me like glue since my return from my 4-day trip. 🐈

Day 4 (At Val-Jalbert)
I went quickly over the rest of the site. At this point I noticed my phone's battery was pretty low, good thing I had brought my OPO with , but that meant no network. Many houses fell down over the decades due to the accumulation of snow on the roofs in the winter. Some houses were restored or rebuilt.

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