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Hello Fosstodon! This is my first foray Mastodon! I hope to have lots of fun discussions about foss with all of you!

As I was walking to my shed last morning through 10 cm of snow to get my shovel, I found a silver lining: I won't have to mow the lawn for the next 6 months! 😆

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#peertube has worked twice as hard to emancipate your videos from YouTube.

For this v2 release, we look back on the last year of development.

: why are you snapping your fingers above my head, human?

Me: so that I can take a picture of you looking pretty!

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These two have been visiting my back lawn the whole summer. To my chagrin, they are both too shy/distrustful to let me approach them.

Battle of wills

territorial dispute going on in the neighbour's driveway. Situation is tense. Some elaborate negociations at play. Had to prevent a third party () butting in and making the whole situation unpredictable.

The suspense!!!

Went for a second ride today. I think I may be able to bike commute a couple times this week, and possibly ride again the next weekend, if the weather forecast doesn't change - which it totally will of course. 🙄

Oh and I finally passed the 2500 km (1554 mi) mark for this year! 😄 🚴

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I ended up doing a 50 km (31 mi) ride. Probably one of the last rides of the year, with the cold season well on the way. Still I commuted by bike twice this week, pretty happy with myself. 🚴

Tomorrow is Canada's Thanksgiving, if there's nice weather I may go out again!

Fall season in Eastern Canada can be miserably cold and rainy, but what it's got going is its colours. For today, a nice sunny afternoon.

Once again, going for a ride wins over mowing the lawn.

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I wonder what it would be like to go through life not covered in cat hair

For detail-oriented people, the t-shirt graphics says "Lâcher prise", which is French for "letting go". Got it at the Pointe-Taillon National Park during my tour this past August.

Now if I could succeed in heeding these words in all parts of my life... 🙄

Sequels are never as good as the originals, they say.

Also, is it ugly or what! (the sofa 😂)

About the weird issue: when I launch uMastonauts, sometimes I'm greeted by this white screen with unlabeled buttons. Pressing them does nothing. I have to exit and launch again for the app to load properly. Sometimes I need to launch it 2 or 3 times. I deleted the cache last night with UT Tweak Tool and it seemed to fix it, but the problem came back a few minutes ago.

Thanks for your work! 2/2

Yep, the bug is repeatable, I can't attach a file and get stuck on the App chooser. I run 16.04/rc on a OnePlus One.

LOL I was typing the second part and tried to attach a screenshot; the Select app screen didn't allow me to select an app nor allowed me to go back, I had no choice but to close uMastonauts.

(Mastodon client for ) was updated 2 days ago to 1.6.3. I'm giving it another go since I've had issues with my self-made webapp lately. The big change is a switch to QtWebEngine (from oxide I think?). So far it's incomparably better than the previous update! It is finally usable for me. It used to freeze, it was slow, text entry was a struggle. It now feels much smoother.

Thanks @krille ! 😀

I've had a weird issue... 1/2

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