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I'm starting a series of videos about the excellent TechDraw workbench. Here's episode number 1 covering the basics

You can even set a custom view as default.

Two small but nice additions to source code over the past weekend: 1) new dimetric and trimetric views; accordingly the existing "Axonometric" view was renamed isometric, because that's what it was. All three view modes are grouped under the View --> Standard views --> Axonometric menu
2) Setting the default view orientation for new document (Preferences/Display). I've always felt that default top view (XY) is not logical for a 3D program...

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0.18's Part workbench gets new "Explode compound" and "Slice apart" commands.

We know, we're supposed to be in feature freeze, but we couldn't stop ourselves! Thanks to DeepSOIC for these additions!

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I posted part three of my short end-to-end tutorial making a multi-part acrylic finger-joint box:

What. The. Hell. Spam in the local timeline. 🤬

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I recently switched to from google+ and had a lot of questions while investigating the platform. I wrote an introductory blog post (primarily aimed at the large + community), while recommending a few instances. Corrections and constructive feedback welcome.

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Hello :). I've been meaning to make an for a while, but have fallen into old lurking ways.

I'm a backend software developer. Stuff wot I'm interested in includes open source software, running, Zen, minimalism, and cats.

Hoping I can find a bit of a community here and do less mindlessly passive social media reading :).

Trying deskop app on Linux right now. I like the compact UI.

The freecad-daily package (based on 0.18-dev) for Ubuntu 18.04 & 18.10 was just updated to Qt 5. So far so good! And it comes with a new libcoin80c that no longer embeds an old expat library that conflicted with the system libexpat1 - which meant a hard crash when trying to import an SVG file in . This libcoin80c library is currently in testing and unstable. Thanks Debian Science Team & thx to kkremitzki for porting this work to the PPA!

So it's 2019 here, and what's the first thing I'm doing? Why, updating of course.

Looking at my first week on Mastodon -
Considering the time I spent here, I'm starting to think it wasn't such a good idea! 😜
Through the global timeline I've been exposed to stuff (good and bad) I didn't even know existed. Quite often baffled, but trying to keep an open mind. Got plenty of useful info, links I wouldn't have found otherwise and some food for thought. Overall pleased with the experience so far.
Oh and, Happy New Year everybody.🎆

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From to real life

FreeCAD used to reverse-engineer a centrifugal fan's rotor/impeller and build its replacement.

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