While is closing down their service (thank you for hosting us so long!),
we're looking for a new home.

@syster is experimenting to make better use of knowledge and possible offered resources from the wider community.
As part of that, using this account, to communicate the following:


Which friendly floss collective can you advice, that could offer to Tails 2 public rooms, that are bridged with and .

Our resources are spare, and if we don't need to self-host this ourselves, there'll be more resources left to focus on development.

btw Thanks for the support! You're great! 🙂

@tails Disroot has bridges with Matrix and IRC (, maybe that'd be a good solution for you.

@ayiniho just known this. Thanks for sharing. And thanks @disroot for hosting it.


@tommy @tails systemli will do (don't know about the bridging aspect unless you want to set that up yourself)

Please join! Dunno if we'd host that on this infra or separately but we can have a chat! :)

@tails hello, Tails. May I suggest #Movim? I think if it is Movim, everyone can join you just easily. What do you think?

And you may be interested in this discussion too where XMPP was mentioned so many times including Movim.

@ademalsasa @tails
Just to make sure we understand each other correctly:
Do you mean movim the client or the xmpp server that the dev of movim is hosting?

@ademalsasa @tails
Then this is likly not what I'm looking for or I'm missing something.

The situation:
- People have xmpp/irc/matrix accounts on what ever server they chosen
- we want you have a room/channel that they can join to chat

btw: I'm happy to read ideas I haven't thought about.

@tails and both offers xmpp (I'm part of both communities/admin teams). All xmpp rooms are bridged to matrix by default. For IRC, the admin can setup the bridge easily.

@tails @syster, you can check out the already existing and active Tails channel there :)

Ping @jonah

@fatboy @tails

Reason they discontinue:

"We have have not enabled any additional jabber functionality that would store more information. However, for basic service, we have some details in the database of users, and probably their ‘buddy lists’. This service is not very well used, and we are considering discontinuing it because we’d rather not have any of this data." - Quote from an interview with

The full interview is here:

@tails @syster What are the exact requirements? I am assuming, at least the following:
- Reputable service (& known admins)
- Near-perfect uptime
- No chatroom logs

What kind of bridging is expected? (i.e. matterbridge, or something more complex?)

And is it one room, one set of rooms, or a dedicated tails subdomain?

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