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Out of transparency and a reminder:

There is not yet a clear definition on how Tails likes to have its fediverse account managed.

At least until then, bear in mind that this account is not run by its core project members, but by a happy user and contributor of Tails. Nothing of what you read here, is an official statement.

Once you feel any discomfort how this account is managed, or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to @syster (that's me) or this account.

We documented how to use @dino in Tails.

is being considered as an option to replace Pidgin in Tails.

Please report your findings!

In case you don't mind telling, and it's not bringing you in trouble, for what reasons do you use(d) Tails?

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Excited about the snowflake release and how its already helping hundreds of people around the world to access the internet?

Join the @torproject anti-censorship team and help us to build circumvention tools like snowflake.❄️

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Join monthly Tor Localization Hangouts this Friday, July 16!

From 12 UTC onwards, the Tor Localization Team meets to translate, share tricks, meet fellow translators, have fun, & learn about localization priorities.

At 13 UTC, we will make a call on BBB. More information:

Tails 4.20 is out. 👋

It includes a complete redesign of how a user connects to and makes it now a lot easier to use bridges. With these bridges you can circumvent censorship of @torproject

What else?

updated to 2.2
This major update adds a feature to host a website accessible from a Tor onion service.

Update KeePassXC to 2.6.2
Update Tor Browser to 10.5.2.
Update Thunderbird to 78.11.0.
Update Tor to

Read the full report here:

⚠️ Tails is safe but not magic ⚠️

Tails is safer than any regular operating system, but it cannot protect you from everything.

Check out our new warnings page to stay even safer, especially if you are at high risk:

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Actualizando mis 2 USBs a la versión 4.19 de #Tails @tails usando el #TailsInstaller hace mas fácil actualizar la segunda memoria, acá la docu de eso: #SoftwareLibre #Privacidad

The certificate for expired on 6/13/2021.
Sorry that we missed to renew it in advance. Should be fixed on Monday.

If you're an active Tails user, remember that you have a copy of that page on your stick, and you can read the documentation offline at anytime.
>Applications >Favorites >Tails Documentation

"dear contributors!

We're planning an IP address change for our main server, to be done in
the 2nd week of June (7th-11th) 2021.

Please avoid relying on the server and expect some outage during those

Please contact us (tails-sysadmins at in case you have any
special needs regarding this subject."

You'd like to use a modern chat application, while being under the full protection has to offer? (amnesia, anonymous, censorship resistant, encryption)

You might enjoy @dino then, one of Tails candidates to replace pidgin.
No phone number, anonymous, censorship resistant, e2e encrypted, decentralized/federated, easy to use, based on .

With Tails "additional software" function you don't need to wait. Here's how to install it yourselve:

You might awaited curiously for the 4.19 Tails release, that just came out.

Even so the team worked hard to introduce the new process on how a user connects to Tor, with the aim to be better in circumventing censorship and surveillance, you'll have to wait for the next release scheduled for July 13.

"We made a lot of progress but didn't feel confident enough to release it today." Join as a beta tester:

Read here what's new in Tails 4.19:

Our main server was offline last week-end because of a hardware failure in our datacenter:

There are no signs of malicious activity whatsoever and our infrastructure is fine.

The same failure affected Riseup, our neighbor:

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Also remember:
If you have a running Tails stick, you also have an offline copy of Tails webpage.

Whenever you lack an internet connection or there is a sever outage, just click on "Tails documentation". If you have a working internet connection it will try to reach If you wish to read the offline version, just turn off your internet connection for a moment, or copy the following url into your browser:

Show thread is live again. 🎉
Sorry for the inconvenience. It was offline over the weekend.

"our main server got stuck in a reboot and the monitoring alerts depend on said server to deliver mail, so this went unnoticed over the weekend." is currently down.
Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be up again soon.
More info will follow tomorrow.

Call for beta tester!

In order to make it easier to circumvent censorship and to obscure the usage of Tor, there will be a complete redesign of how Tails user connect to Tor.

Your feedback is needed, to spot as many problems as possible before we release 4.19 to all users.
How to contribute:

You hear the first time about Tails?
Tails is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.

Tails 4.19 is scheduled to be released on June 1.

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Tails 4.18 is out:

It fixes reliability issues with the Additional Software feature, and more.

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