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Out of transparency and a reminder:

There is not yet a clear definition on how Tails likes to have its fediverse account managed.

At least until then, bear in mind that this account is not run by its core project members, but by a happy user and contributor of Tails. Nothing of what you read here, is an official statement.

Once you feel any discomfort how this account is managed, or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to @syster (that's me) or this account.

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We are hiring a technical writing consultant to strengthen our Technical Writing team.

find out more here:

"If you are part of a group that is under-represented in Free and Open Source Software communities, we particularly encourage you to apply.

We acknowledge that our community is not as diverse as we would like it to be. We understand that we are part of the problem.

We want to be part of the solution."

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Hello fediverse,
this is an attempt to create a presence of (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) within the your beloved federated network.

read more about it in this post:

(Tails is a live operating system that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.)

馃樅 :tor: 馃槏

Autodefensa Digital: Talleres de Tails en el Rancho Electr贸nico. tercera sesi贸n 4 de Agosto.

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There's no time like the present for v3 onion services. Journalists and admins, if you see this warning when accessing your SecureDrop, it's time to plan the switch:

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Tails 4.9 is out:

It fixes the problems in the Welcome Screen introduced in 4.8 and adds newer firmware for Wi-Fi interfaces and graphics cards.

Sometimes, Wi-Fi doesn't work in Tails because of hardware manufacturers, especially Apply, being unfriendly with Linux.

But you can share the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection of your phone using a USB cable:

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Tails report for June, 2020

- we worked on the security implications of the Unsafe Browser
- created gorgeous leaflets about Tails
- answered questions in a workshop by Honduran activists from @BarraconDigital
- Make the installation of Additional Software more robust.
- Notify always when MAC address spoofing fails and the network interface is disabled.
...and more.

You find the full report here and the leaflets here:

With Tails 4.8, the unsafe browser is disabled by default.

If you need to use the Unsafe Browser for logging in to captive portals, you can still do this.


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Tails 4.8 is out:

It disables the Unsafe Browser by default, adds a beta feature of the Persistent Storage to save the settings from the Welcome Screen, and more.

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Hi folks! 9 years ago (to the day), the late Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, which was then called DeadDrop. Today the project is used by >70 media orgs around the world.

It's an open source whistleblower submission platform that uses the Tor network to protect source anonymity. We're also working on a next-generation integrated workstation for journalists based on Qubes OS:

We're happy to be here!

Tails 4.8 will ship with an persisting option to disable the so called "Unsafe Browser".

The Unsafe Browser exists to access captive portals.

Unfortunately this is also an attack surface.
To everyone who is using public internet access points is the "Unsafe Browser" an essential tool. Just getting rid of that function would be a decision against those needing Tails probably the most.

Tails will instead minimizing more of the attack surface.

Tails 4.8 is scheduled for 2020-06-30.

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52% of you voted for:

"I like to contribute [to Tails], but it is to difficult".

Could you help us to improve this?

What is blocking you from contributing? (this can be anything. Could be even culture wise)

What could be done, so it would be easier for you to contribute?

Questionary to Tails users:

How often do you use the "unsafe browser", to access captive portals?

The "unsafe browser" is a known security risk. For that reason, there are plans to not enable it by default/option to disable it by default.

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Amazon claims to 鈥渟tand in solidarity with the Black community鈥 and with those fighting back against police brutality and injustice.

Then why do they offer a tool that intensifies suspicion and perpetuates the police harassment of Black Americans?

Free software is political, and we're not here to obfuscate this.

We stand in solidarity with Black people around the world. No justice, no peace.

If you need tools to obfuscate your online communication, Tails might be a tool to help you with that.
Learn more about it here:

Tails report for May, 2020:

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Website publishers now can advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding an HTTP header. If you are a developer, learn how to enable Onion-Location in your website:

Making a backup of your Persistent Storage

These instructions explain how to back up your Persistent Storage to another Tails USB stick:

New leaflets available to explain how Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) works.

They are available in in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish:

You can print them out, to distribute them where ever you believe fits.

Thanks to @dileodile for making it, and thanks to @anhdres for the illustrations.

(Tails protects you against surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses with a full digital security toolbox to allow secret communication)

Tails 4.7 is out

It includes a few security fixes and robustness improvements.

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