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Out of transparency and a reminder:

There is not yet a clear definition on how Tails likes to have its fediverse account managed.

At least until then, bear in mind that this account is not run by its core project members, but by a happy user and contributor of Tails. Nothing of what you read here, is an official statement.

Once you feel any discomfort how this account is managed, or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to @syster (that's me) or this account.


7. In the *Welcome Screen*, set an Administration Password.
8. Run these commands in a Terminal:
sudo dmidecode -s system-manufacturer
sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
sudo dmidecode -s system-version
lspci -nn

9. Copy the output of these commands and send it to us. Also describe the symptoms you observed at step 5.
Send via fediverse or our Tails tester email list:
(email list is preferred)

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1. Take a computer that works with current Tails.
2. Download a USB image from (that's the file whose name ends with `.img`).
3. Install that USB image to a USB stick, with GNOME Disks or Etcher.
4. Start the computer from that USB stick.
5. If you see the graphical *Welcome Screen* appear, you can stop here. Else, please follow the next steps.
6. Restart on another Linux system that works on this computer. For example, the current Tails release.

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Call for testing:

"A future version of Tails will use Wayland instead of X.Org for graphics.
This will fix bugs and allow us to implement accessibility and security improvements.
We need you to help us discover which computers don't work with Wayland."

To do so:


Tails 5.1.1 is out

This release fixes a high severity security issue in tor, that affects performance and possibly anonymity.

Tails 5.1 is out

This release fixes the security vulnerability in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser announced on May 24.

It was delayed from May 31 to June 5 because of a delay in the release of Tor Browser.

this is also new:
- automatically fixing the clock when connecting to Tor
- new homepage for the "Unsafe Browser" to make it easier for users to understand how to sign into a captive portal
- better Kleopatra integration
...and more.

Full report:

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The SecureDrop Client, part of the new SecureDrop Workstation based on Qubes OS, is now officially ready for translation.

Thanks to Localization Lab and the volunteer translation community for all their help making SecureDrop accessible in many languages!

As some of you may noticed, the 5.1 release got delayed.
Reason: Tor Browser was not ready yet, but it is now

Release is very likely to take place over the weekend.

For updates and the corresponding conversation concerning the delayed release:

Other applications in Tails are not vulnerable. Thunderbird in Tails is not vulnerable because is disabled.

The Safest security level of Tor Browser is not affected because JavaScript is disabled at this security level.

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Serious security vulnerability in Tails 5.0 due to security vulnerability in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser.

how it is affecting Tails:

This vulnerability will be fixed in Tails 5.1 (May 31), but our team doesn't have the capacity to publish an emergency release earlier.

A warning about this security vulnerability is displayed during system start.
By that we make sure all Tails user are well informed.

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Congratulations to the @tails project for the release of Tails 5.0, the first version based on Debian Bullseye:

If you use Tails for SecureDrop, please do not upgrade those USBs just yet. We will issue a SecureDrop update later this week to add support for Tails 5.0.

We are especially proud to present you Tails 5.0, the first version of Tails based on Debian 11 (Bullseye).

It brings new versions of a lot of the software included in Tails and new OpenPGP tools.

For the reason many new users joined the fediverse that might like to learn about:

is is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.

It is designed to be easy to use.
It runs from a USB stick that you can plug into almost any computer.

Obtain and learn more about Tails here:

Tails 5.0 release scheduled for May 3 (unless a last minute blocker comes up to delay it for May 31)

Tails 5.0 will be the first version of Tails based on Debian 11 (Bullseye). It brings new versions of most of the software included in Tails and some important usability improvements.

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We want to shine more light on how we detect and remove malicious relays on the Tor network, how we've developed and use our strategies and tools, and what we're doing to make it harder for bad operators to run attacks.

Call for tester.

We plan to release Tails 5.0 on May 3 or May 31. It will be the first version of Tails based on Debian 11 (Bullseye). It brings new versions of most of the software included in Tails and some important usability improvements.

You can help Tails by testing the beta for Tails 5.0 before the end of April.

taking down c. abuse content, interview 

We interviewed Daniel Moßbrucker, who used Tails to investigate pedocriminal forums on the Darknet and took down 13.5 terabytes of photos and videos of child abuse.

Tails 4.27 is scheduled for February 8.

A bit late, but better late then never:

Tails report for December 2021

we worked on a backup utility, hiring a Project Manager, automatic time synchronization, and usability tests of first-time use:

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