I missed this post when it came out in December: In Defense of Blub Studies,

Some really excellent points:

> Blub studies is a never-ending treadmill of engineering know-how. It’s the fiddly technical details of how Git stores data, or how Postgres locking semantics [work], or why pip install failed this time.…Blub studies is more generalizable than it seems, and has its own way of compounding over time, too. That makes it a lot more useful than you’d expect

@codesections It's not just programming. This is how you learn to understand computers in general.

It's also the approach I've taken with physics and, to a lesser extent, mathematics. Doesn't work as well, though, because you're not reverse-engineering the result of human minds.

@codesections I think the reason this works is because you learn the principles from the mistakes from the details

the downside is that you now know the details and the stupid path-dependent reasons they're like that and are still powerless to fix design flaws that have been embedded in a thousand consumers and in many cases lauded as revolutionary benefits by people who don't understand how things work or why

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