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I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

i wasn't at mozilla (so i won't use that hashtag) but i am unemployed and looking for software work

i have a strong understanding of rust, and an intense curiosity for figuring out new systems. i've written up a long-form technical background here:

Hey Mastodon, I need your input: I want to make another Video this week. But what should it be about? ? ? or more GTK apps? Or something completely different?

Is there a difference between describing a language as "sell hosting" versus describing it as "bootstrapped"?

I was just using those terms in a different toot, and realized I wasn't sure if there's a distinction.

Programming language designers: [noun] – a group of people obsessed with ergonomics, yet who oddly all seem to end up with RSI

A fun¹ with with modern web UX is when you have something like "⭐ 10" and you don't know if when you click it you'll get a list of the 10 people who've given this a star, or if clicking it will make you give it a star.

¹ (not fun)

If you're defining an alias for your crate's Result type, instead of:

type Result<T> = std::result::Result<T, MyError>;


type Result<T, E = MyError> = std::result::Result<T, E>;

This still works as `Result<()>`, but doesn't cause errors when someone accidentally shadows std's Result with it. It also makes Rustdoc display the error type explicitly in the documentation.


What is it about the letter R?

, and are all incredibly interesting languages. No other letter is as well represented! :D

etiquette question:

What's the best way to mention someone on IRC without pinging them? On Mastodon, I'd just leave off the @

Might as well add some

No matter how useless it is, $thing has been done. [ACME](

You could do $thing with macros. Once you give up looking at define-syntax-rule's documentation you'll find $thing in the standard library, but it's called $->not-unthinglet*

Response to asking "Why can't I do $thing" by programming language:

You can't do it for very good reasons. Here's a link to a 47-page RFC where someone proposed letting you do $thing, with discussions of all the reasons why it's bad.

Oh, you can't do $thing? I hadn't noticed – I've never wanted to do that. Well, if you *want* to, here's a few lines of meta programming that would let you do it. Oh, and if you want to do $thing a lot, here's how you'd add it as a new operator.

When writing software, I strive to write a series of extremely practical jokes

(cf. Alan Kay, _The Early History of Smalltalk_)

Perhaps a silly question: are there any decent clients for Android devices?

I came across an interesting article on the HackerNews front page this morning:

This "Mike Stone" guy sure seems to have good understanding of Mastodon and !

( @mike, I hope your server is holding up ok :D )

Just after a few days on Mastodon I already feel better than on any other social media in my life. The FOSS community is great, everyone is so nice.

Aight folks I had to migrate from to

I'm @brandon now

Please boost :)

Tooting from :emacs: :o This is so cool! works perfectly, one line setup.
Once again, wins!

tired: running wayland because it's better than x

wired: running wayland so i have an excuse for not doing screen share in work calls

Here's a (somewhat) old fashioned way of building software that should make a comeback:

A long running daemon server that runs a full language interpreter and responds to user commands – without constantly shutting itself off.

It's not the right fit for *every* situation, but it kills me to see how many python/node/ruby/etc scripts fire up and entire runtime just to run a few commands – only to kill that runtime off even though they'll predictably need it again a few seconds later.

Good to remember:

> Let’s face it. You are not Google scale and you never will be. Stop cargo-culting technology just because “Google uses it” and therefore “it’s an industry best-practice.”

@codesections Sure, why not just insert printer control codes in your text, like we did back in the '70s? ;-)

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