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I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

YAY! #QOTO just passed 10,000 users today! So awesome. Thank you to all our users and friends it has been an amazing journey so far!


#mastodon #fediverse #mastoadmin #science #STEM
QT: []

I wanna create a Java programming social group and call it "The Garbage Collective"

#Java #Programming

I'm looking for a free, open source and self hosting friendly project management tool. I'm thinking something flexible like Trello. To be used by a group of loosely connected queers to organize tasks.

Got some tips? How do you organize tasks within volunteer groups?

Wrote my own FOSS license terms just so I can stuff them in a drawer and never use them. Never use your own licensing terms without an attorney's advice, and try to avoid ever doing it, because people are familiar with licenses like GPL, MIT, Apache, MPL, etc. and a "custom" license can cause confusion and uncertainty.

@codesections @aral They've revised the announcement in response to criticism:

A Note On Web Applications Added to the Home Screen

As mentioned, the seven-day cap on script-writable storage is gated on “after seven days of Safari use without user interaction on the site.” That is the case in Safari. Web applications added to the home screen are not part of Safari and thus have their own counter of days of use. Their days of use will match actual use of the web application which resets the timer. We do not expect the first-party in such a web application to have its website data deleted.

If your web application does experience website data deletion, please let us know since we would consider it a serious bug. It is not the intention of Intelligent Tracking Prevention to delete website data for first parties in web applications.

So Apple just threw the baby out with the bathwater and killed offline web apps (unless you’re cool with all your data being deleted if you don’t use an app for a week). You’d almost think they had an App Store to promote or something.


You know, the other day, I was complaining about the difficulty of cache invalidation and naming things.

... figures that, today, I'd run into an off-by-one-error.

FOSS for the win. We switched to Jitsi Meet: no issue at all for 4 people in 3 locations (2 at home, 2 at the office).

The office people want to do a remote gettogether (a "5 à 7") next Friday, I'll suggest we do it with Jitsi. 🍺🍷🍸

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When something is so obviously true that you don't have or need reasons, that's exactly when you should search for some.

I was writing the date in a filename just now. And I typed or copied the same date three or four times … all with the year as "2014"

*no* idea where that came from!

Can anyone recommend any Mastodon bots that post just *obnoxiously* often?

(I'm testing and am looking to have more toots flowing in to my test instance)

corona (+?) 

A COVID-19 statistics PSA from your local health data scientist 

Solving the problem I'm working on now involves *both* cache invalidation and naming things.

And, yeah, the naming is definitely the bigger problem!

(…in fairness, a library is handling the hard part of cache invalidation, so it's not a fair comparison)

I have tried many different pieces of software and now settled done on the optimal config for me. This is my first . The picture shows , , , , and . The color theme is , the fonts are and .

Or, inspired by phrases like "attorneys general", I guess I could go with "I own two Raspberries Pi"

(I realize a couple of y'all suggested "two raspberry pi", but that one isn't as much fun :D )

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I currently own one Raspberry Pi. If I buy another, which of the following statements would be correct?

A) I would own two pi's
B) I would own two pis

I strongly recommend having arguments about things you disagree about, and especially double-cruxing them. <> Up until today, this was all just a theoretical recommendation, but… wow does it help.

I think I'm finally starting to see the meaning of “what do you think you know, and how do you think you know it?". I'm probably right about this thing I'm arguing about, but my reasons for believing it right now are stupid (and are the same reason I didn't believe it earlier).

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I'm having an actual proper productive argument, where we're following an actual truth-seeking procedure.

On the internet.


I love the Fediverse.

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