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I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

We have redesigned the Fosstodon Hub in - we're pretty happy with it, but let us know what you think, guys!

Hello all, I'm new to Mastodon! I'm a JS and C developer, contribute to a few node.js packages as well as jansson and Asterisk PBX. Anyone know of good JS accounts to follow?

Working on a new section of the elementary OS website. I generally like the left two animations, but am struggling with a graphic/animation for Do Not Disturb. Ideas? :D

Re: ^^^ I should note that is written in Lisp (which I've never learned/read before today) and is written in C (which I *kind of* know at a well-I've-worked-through-K&R level).

So the fact that the stumpwm code is easier for me to read (compared even to the clean dwm code) says something about … something. The expressiveness of the languages, I guess?

I've been messing around with more ( and really like it.

I've got to say, this is the first time I've genuinely had the "read the source, Luke" feeling. Maybe it's a sign of the documentation having a few holes, but the source code is so clean and readable that I'm ending up understanding how it works from the code more than the docs. Cf.

(And that's even true comparing it to dwm/other Suckless projects, which have very clean code)

Here on mastodon what's relevant in pop culture does not matter at all.

What's on Netflix? Who cares because apparently DS9 is the only relevant show now.

Current events!? Ha! Try obscure mideval history on for size!

You can't even throw out an indie music song with less than 93 views here without it hitting one of their fans chilling out here on the fedi.

The so-far unanimous consensus is that

x | y

is a vertical split and



is a horizontal split.

FWIW, that's how vim uses the terminology, but it's *not* how tmux uses it. I also agree with the consensus, but I wanted to check if my view just came from being used to vim.

Which of these is a "horizontal split" and which is a "vertical split"? And why?

(I've noticed that different programs flip the terminology—what do *you* think?)

This place is blowing my mind. It reminds me of the internet before it was popular: full of hope, wonder and complete sentences.

The Fediverse feels so much more like an actual community than Twitter does. Like, here, I can post something and have a bunch of people boost it and reply to it and a conversation happens. And the people I'm interacting with interact back. On Twitter, I post something and 1-2 people like it. Reply to something and 5-10 people like it. There's very little actual interaction.

Anyone using on ? I'm wondering if that will make a huge difference to buy hifiberry DAC pro, connect it to amplifier and listen tunein - will it make a deifference on such poor source as internet radio?

Maybe some recomendations on high quality music stream source? Now I'm using + .

^^^ is getting at a bigger-picture question: Is it simpler to have multiple small tools that work together (the ), at the cost of grafting together tools written in different languages, operating with different abstractions, that weren't designed to work together?

Or is it simpler to have a single, coherent abstraction, at the cost of code bloat and sacrificing some on the one-job-per tool front?

(Related to debates I've had with @emsenn in one direction and @sir in the other)

I'm trying to decide between two window manager setups:

, manage windows
, launch programs
, access passwords
, set alarm
, manage panes
-or-raise, run program or focus it if already running

, all of the above + more with extensive lisp config,

Which of these is simpler? Better?

Have any of y'all ever used ? I didn't think there was a window manager out there that could lure me away from my beloved , but stump just *might* be the one to do it

(still in the testing phase, though)

So apparently, @Purism is developing a Mastodon client for the ?? That's cool.

Have any of y'all ever used ? I didn't think there was a window manager out there that could lure me away from my beloved , but stump just *might* be the one to do it

(still in the testing phase, though)

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