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I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

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I posted over at the Birdsite that I think its "operational metaphor is Reality TV Set. It looks like a house, but nothing is private; everything is recorded & commodified. Its mantra is 'I'm not here to make friends.'"

Other people have been talking about how mastodon feels like many other "early" internet spaces. I hope that means (modulo instance) it's a place that's amenable to make friends.

TL;DR: I AM HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS (even though am bad at making friends)

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@dashie @thegibson @pagrus @raucao @CountZero It's - attached screenshots of the CPU before/after opening the instance and the WebAssembly payload.

Nothing in the ToS or the rules of that instance mention having a cryptominer running in the background.

Also, gives me HTTP 503.

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Do any of y'all have a humans.txt file on your websites? Seems like an interesting/minimalist idea:

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@Modern_Industrial @codesections @fitheach I think has potential, but it's way off the mark. It asks how many users, whether you want NSFW content, and what language, then gives you thousands of results with no simple way to filter by topic.

Join Mastodon works a little better, but is also limited. I think we definitely need a better solution.

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Worried about the dominance of big instances? No, really, this is quite natural.

As an emergent and self-governing system, it could be expected that the size distribution of #Mastodon instances roughly follows Zipf's law.

Does it?

At first you see the top 6 instances, and then the rest. But on a log-log scale the size distribution is close to a straight line, which would be expected from an emergent system.



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Morning all! I wrote up a description of the system at the hospital I work at for replacing aging computers. There's a lot going down there so this is a lengthy post. Hopefully it's not too fluffy! Let me know what you think :)

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using for everything now. Not because I want everything to be done on my keyboard but because it's actually better than regular browsing.

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I'm pretty sure the person in front of me in the 14 Items or Less lane was using Fermi Estimation.

I tried out as a Mastodon client a few weeks ago, and thought it really wasn't to my taste-I liked having all my timelines on one page.

But I just gave it another shot today, and have decided that it's the perfect way to use Mastodon with /keyboard navigation. The regular interface is great, but it's very hard to scroll multiple columns using a keyboard; pinafore fixes that issue by putting each timeline in a separate "page".

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on LineageOS 15.1, Google free and everything but 3 apps is open source.

I'm trying to understand how works. (Yes, I know it's electron, inefficient, and non-FOSS, but I have to use it with a new organization.)

I've heard it described as email but less asynchronous, because it pulls in instant messaging features. And I've heard it described as email but *more* asynchronous because it doesn't push notifications unless you @ someone.

So, which is it? Or both/neither?

What do I need to know coming to Slack from email?

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As side project I'm developing a self-hostable Gmail (more like Protonmail actually) alternative.

Main stack is Vue.js + Python3 Aws Lambdas + Aws SES

I'll opensource all I have as soon as I feel like the feature set is enough for considering it a usuable MVP.

Question: what are the features you consider as "must-have" in your email client?

Not sure what to think of this: There's now an even easier way to get started with app development using the just-released Electron Fiddle (think JSfiddle, but for Electron apps).

Mixed feelings might just about sum it up.


*not* having a "show toot" button for filtered toots was a *great* UX choice. Every time I see a filtered toot, I have a momentary flash of curiosity, and I'm sure I'd click on a "show toot" button at least half the time. I'm also sure I'd regret it at least 90% of the time. So thanks for taking away the temptation! (While still giving me the tools to see it if I *really* want to)

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Chat/IM and email used to be 2 separate things

IM was sync/realtime and ephemeral - nobody expected you to read messages from a week ago, or from when you weren't online.

Email was async and persistent. You'd take time to compose a message, and expect a response in the order of hours or days, and if you were offline for a week, you'd go through those old emails and reply.

Now, in the wake of Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, and the like, the disctiction became blurred.

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Here it is, the first post from my blog:

So fresh off the press it doesn't even have a domain yet.

cc @kev

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If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior.
Big Data is supercharging this effect.